Belle A-66

Brian Blazer has completed another beautiful reproduction of another famous hydroplanes in stunning detail for Richard Landaiche. Richard told me “You know, my dad has been battling some medical conditions the last few years but when he saw the boat, he lit up. It’s been 3 hrs now and I think he is still smiling”.

Richard Landaiche has been looking to find his father’s original Wickens built hull for years. If your not familiar with it’s history, click here.

Until that day arrives, I would think he’ll certainly enjoy running this Belle from ashore. Click here to visit his webpage which has more photos and a must watch short video clip as they fine tuned & conducted a few more shake down runs of the model since the video clip that was posted on the “Models” board a few weeks back.

Belle A-66


BABY JUNO II in Italy.

Is this the same Juno I saw at Dora years ago? If it is…some hydros really get around! Also, I always wonder about the origin of boat names…….
has many meanings but probably the most well known is the ancient Roman goddess. Anyone know if this was the meaning for this famous Ventnor?

WWII Packard 4M2500

This is the newly rebuilt Packard almost ready to go back in the Antique Boat Museums 48 foot “runabout” Pardon Me.  She simply purrs now at a 400 rpm idle.  About 1650 HP and burns 50 gallons of AVGAS at 2100 rpm.  Look at the camshafts.  Design on this monster engine started in 1934.  She weighs in about 3950 lbs including gearbox

Dave Richardson



Dixie photo from MotorBoating magazine Oct 1909 p4.
Thanks to Dave Richardson for sending in!


Pretty Damn Quick II

1912…Pretty Dam Quick II owned by A. G. Miles testing at speed on the St. Lawrence River just off Alexandria Bay. Winner of the 1912 Gold Cup at 36.8 MPH.
I can see his former summer home from my office window.
Regards, Dave Richardson