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Pardon me, but many of you regular visitors may be thinking to yourself that “I already saw many of these” as you read through them. Yes, you would be correct. This is when I had the short lived “We get mail” board a few years back. When I was cleaning up the website, I wanted to get these back into our data base of stuff — so I am republishing them on our new Bulletin.

Sorry……forgot to mention this last weekend when I posted all these.

Violator M-5

This is a photo of my father’s first F-service runabout VIOLATOR M-5.
It was a modified 1947 Chris Craft racing runabout with a 392 Hemi and a V-drive.
It raced in Buffalo, NY, St. Petersburg and Miami, FL in the early fifties.
If you have any photos of this boat, please contact me. I am lacking photos for research.
Keith Brayer


Buccaneer E-101 – Picton, Ontario 1979

Buccaneer E-101 – Tonawanda, New York

One of Ron Jones best boats ever. Winning more races then just about any boat ever built by him.
Brent Franklin