Helter Skelter & Miss Peg appear at race car show

Completely restored from the ground up… Phil Kunz’s vintage 280 hydro, Helter Skelter and Jack Hines’ vintage 266, Miss Peg sparkle and gleam under the lights at the Toys For Kid’s Charity Race Car Show at Lang’s Chevrolet on Sat 16 Mar and Sun 17 Mar 2013.  They drew a lot of attention.  Brings back a lot of good memories seeing these wonderful hydroplanes.  The best of the best is watching them doing an exhibition run on the race course.  The mighty sound of the engines  send chills up your spine and stands the hairs up on the back of the neck.  Yeah!  Too cool!

Phil posted these pictures in Facebook.

Sprint cars, midgets, late models, modifieds, stock cars, legend cars, dwarf cars, go karts, drag cars, compacts, vintage race cars were on display as well.  I especially enjoyed the vintage race cars.   It was a great show.
helter_skelter_miss_peg_01 helter_skelter_miss_peg_02 helter_skelter_miss_peg_03 helter_skelter_miss_peg_04 helter_skelter_miss_peg_05

At The Movies……

My wife is downstairs watching the Academy Awards, which brings up a thought about hydroplanes and movies. Here’s some movies that I know of that had inboard hydroplanes featured in them. If there were any others, let me know.

Racing Fever – The Movie” brings forth the following movie trailer. If you haven’t bought and seen this 1964 movie yet, buy it and get ready to see a really ‘bad movie’ with the most stupidest, love story / bad guy storyline plot. It’s so stupid, you’ll laugh more than anything, but in the 60s, if would have probably been a movie one would typically walk out on, if it were not for the neat action footage of the old limited class hydroplanes doing their thing in Florida.

Magnificent Obsession (1954) trailer
starring Rock Hudson & Jane Wyman
I believe this has the unlimited boat, Hurricane which Rock Hudson’s playboy character owns and uses for one of his play toys.

Madison – Movie Trailer (long version)


Route 66
The famous TV show. This 1963 episode feature the 4-seater Miss Budweiser Unlimited hydro (Bernie Little converted it to drove folks around in) going in a head-to-head “race” with Ray Gassner’s Sunshine Baby IV, H-57 7-litre Lauterbach. Guy Lombardo makes a few appearances and his Port-O-Call Lounge, too.

Thanks to Brent McLean for sending in the video link

……..and Guido Romani send me this about an Italian movie that featured hydroplanes: Violenza sul Lago (about 1952/3) with Mario Verga boat “Laura” and a few passages with driver/owners Verga and Selva as actors!
Guido states video will be available later – but below appears to be the movie poster.