Scrappy being rebuilt by CSA

April 21, 2013

Here’s a neat video showing the tear down and prep work for the rebirth of Scrappy by members of the California Speedboat Association. After a minute or 2 of the photo slide show that starts off, a time-lapse video takes over as the CSA members kick into gear, tear her apart and get her ready for new lumber.

Joya Mia E-36

The E-36 Joya Mia 280 vintage hydro restoration project is coming along nicely. I spent another 2 days with the Kelson’s working on the hull with Don and Jerry. The bottom is finished, the boat has been turned over and now the current work is primarily on the shaft log and rudder area. Frames and battens will be replaced on the left sponson but for the most part, the hull is solid considering the amount of time she was exposed to the elements. An interesting fact that I was previously not aware of before. Yes, it is a Karelsen hull but it was assembled by Armand Yapachino in his tiny garage back in the early 80’s. Huge thanks go out to Don and Jerry and to John and Stephanie Hucik for allowing me to be apart of this restoration. The big payoff for me will be when I first climb in the cockpit, fire her up and pull away from the dock. What a treat that will be. John Woodward

From – California Speedboat Association’s Facebook page

The “Flying Crutch” owned by Dan and Casey Arena of Petaluma, CA, this 19 ft. hydroplane was built in 1952 by Dan’s father Gene. Designed by Dan’s uncle, Dan Arena, she is a smaller version of his design for the 30 ft. unlimited, MISS US 1 that set the world’s record in 1962 for piston-powered, propeller-driven boats at 200 mph. The Arena brothers’ 7 Liter hydro, equipped with a supercharged 331 cu. in. Chrysler-Hemi was ready for competition when driver Gene Arena was stricken with Polio. FLYING CRUTCH became the boat’s name and she was the inspiration for Gene in his quest to return to the driver’s seat. Although Gene recovered, he did not race again. The hydro, in storage for nearly 60 years, is now undergoing restoration.
The “Flying Crutch will be at Big Wake Weekend.
Skip A Long of California, once owned by CSA member Stanley Dollar is rumored to be attending Big Wake Weekend.
Shanty II, Unlimited hydroplane built in 1958 with owner Steve Wilkie pictured in the cockpit will represent CSA on December 18 in Sacramento at a press conference promoting Big Wake Weekend.

Updates @ PKP website

Jade Dragon F-888

Over at Phil Kunz Photography (in case you haven’t visited the “Updates to the website” section) We have all new photos opening up and scrolling across the home page.

In the Scrapbook section, there is almost 500 new ‘old’ photographs now posted. As you view all the boats in the Scrapbook, wherever possible, one can read the boat name, number, owner, driver, race site the photograph was taken and year. And NEW this year — we added the builder’s name for all the boats you see. Enjoy.

Rudy’s Comet Ron Hearne Saint Petersburg, Florida 1967 Built by Lauterbach

Eight Ball III, A-6 Jim Townsend Port Arthur, Texas 1941 Built by Ventnor

Adding all the boat builder’s name was an interesting delight. In the course of a few evenings, Phil would be telling me who built what boat and I was typing furiously as we went through each boat, one-by-one. Amazing the memory this man has. This all would have gone quicker, but most boats have a story and Phil and I would get sidetracked often as his stories veered us away from the task at hand.

Miss Driftwood Y-20
Danny Walls
Newport, Kentucky 1957
homemade built

I was amazed at the number of boats that were either “Homemade built” or built from “xxxx plans”. Ya know, when I think about it, it is quite interesting (historically speaking), back then – how many inboard hydros were built by their owners and/or friends, jack a motor somewhere, tear it down, hot rod it out….and show up at a boat race ready to kick some ass. Maybe the boat sanctioning organizations, today could take a page from this and try to inject some classes that have this flavor. But on the other hand – maybe there is not enough young folks these days that would take on the challenge of building your own inboard hydro, trips to the junkyard or speedshop, steal a motor from something, build a trailer, find some used tires for it, etc…..then hope to have some cash leftover to drag it to all the races during the summer.

The Nemesis E-640 Phil Kunz Dayton, Ohio 1964 Built by Sooy (experimental hull)