Detroit’s Packard Plant cranked out 70,000 engines during wartime

PT boats! Kittyhawks! Hurricanes with 40mm guns to rip open Nazi tanks! Mosquito bombers! And, of course, the mighty P-51 Mustang! What do all these marvelous manifestations of the Allies’ mechanized might have in common?

Why, they’re all powered by might V12 motors assembled by America’s Master Motor Builder: Packard. The film reel is all about the automaker’s contributions outside the world of luxury automobiles, including motors for flying boats, tanks, zeppelins, speedboats and more. –

Go to Autoweek to read an article and watch a terrific movie

Obscure hydroplane, built in a barn in an out of the way place, never raced, never to fulfill the dreams of her builder.

Wonderful story posted in the new issue, over at Unlimited New Journal, that some of you may not even know much about. The Miss Grays Harbor unlimited hydroplane and it’s history.
The mid-1950’s building boom of championship hulls had subsided somewhat, with only three camps officially giving notice of their intentions. In the east, Les Staudacher was putting the finishing touches on a new, drop sponson sister ship to Sam DuPont’s Nitrogen. Little did we know that eleven years later as Miss Madison, it would record a victory in one of the most famous Gold Cup races of all time!
Out west Peter & Richard Woeck were getting a brand new Miss Burien off of the Ted Jones drawing board to replace their former hull which had been destroyed in the 1959 Diamond Cup. Bob Gilliam had been working tirelessly on another of his home built hydros, the new KOLroy 1, which would go on to be his most successful hull in a career spanning the next 13 years. An interesting read for sure. Use this link to go directly to the September Issue.