Gay Zephyr

I am part of a small maritime museum down here in Paynesville , Victoria, Australia who are working to record the local maritime heritage before it is all lost. The story is long and interesting as the Gippsland Lakes were well serviced, pre-railways, with a fleet of small ships and steamers and had a flourishing fishing industry – almost all of the ships and boats being of wood construction. Most is gone now but has progressively been replaced by a thriving tourist industry centred on recreational boating.

 The purpose of contacting you is that we have acquired the “frames” used a station moulds by a local boatbuilder in constructing a high performance racing runabout for a customer and in the process of finding more we have tracked down the now 96 year old owner who provided the attached photos. He said it was a USA design from the E-Class but could not remember anything further.

If anyone can you shed any light on the ‘E-Class Runabout” from around 1953 and/or point us in the best direction please?

 The boatbuilder concerned is a focal point of our museum display as we have his workbench, some tools and his drawing board and equipment so it would be nice to wrap it all together with the E-Class story.

Rob Cook
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gay zephyr at speed 2014_gay zephyr bow view 2014_gay zephyr stern view 2014_gay zephyr underwater shape

Pan American Regatta

2014_Pan_American_RegattaOur good friend, Jay Marshall found this picture in his closet of an old boat race to be held on Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans, LA.  The date is in the early 1960s.  The upper right picture is his uncle in his Colcock 48.  Under him is Johnnie Landaiche in the 3-time National Champion 150 Wickens hull, “Belle.”  Under him is the original 225 Siracusa “Country Boy.”  It is a Wickens hull, and was replaced by the Lauterbach hull.

Monthly Calendars

HEATWAVE IIThey are back for 2015. Please note – as soon as I get the 2015 APBA V&H Event Calendar from the APBA VH folks, I will add the dates to these monthly calendars.