Where Are They Now?

Dennis Baxter is looking for his father’s old hydroplane from Canada. This and other boats people are looking for —  in TVH “Where are They Now? section.

Miss Nehi

Jim Retif’s Miss Nehi (1952 High Point champion) in the 135 cu. in. class. The driver is Bobby Bourcq. The news photographer Bobby is holding on to is unknown.  Phil Kunz obtained the photo from Ennie Argence’s scrapbook. Ennie was the National Champion and kilo straight-a-way record holder in the …

Long Gone

A really neat story posted in the Hydro Racing story section on Les Brown and his Long Gone hydros from crew member, Ray Jackson.

Small Barn find hydro

Ray sends in these photos and he has been trying to estimate the age of this 9′ step hydroplane. If any one has any ideas on this, please contact Ray Robbins @  rjr26pt2@yahoo.com

Miss Laval

Hello Vintage Hydroplanes website, I just came across your site as I was looking up information on older hydroplanes. My father (Réal Lavoie) had one for a couple of years and my sister in law just scanned this old pic of him with his boat, dating from 1968. We lived …

Hebe O-60

We are the new owners of HEBE, purchased at the BJ Auction in Scottsdale, AZ. We are ACBS members and plan on running the boat and showing it. We live in Oakhurst, CA, near Bass Lake. Dick and Sandy Wendt

2015 APBA V&H posted

The 2015 APBA Schedule of Events has been posted. Also minutes from the National Meeting are posted in the APBA V&H section.