Community Center

If you stopped in to visit the Community Center last week and were wondering “where did the link to it go?” – it was removed.
Long story, but during “routine” maintenance to the Community Center boards, mistakes were made by me and I could not recover some parts of the Community Center from that mistake.

With the help of my daughter, we were able to install the new ‘upgraded’ board.
But 2 things happened along the  way:
Unfortunately, I accidentally overwrote the old database, so that means – the 78 folks who registered, will need to re-register again in order to post. That’s not a big deal.
BUT – the other thing that was lost also — all the posts, posted-to-date  (frown). Anyways — with all stated, the boards are back up.

…updated 2015 Dec 9 –
Well — the boards sat there for a few months and had nothing being posted and only 8 folks even bothering to register (that’s a shame), so I removed ’em. Sign of the Times, I guess. 
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