Restless 32-H

I’m trying to make sense of this “boat for sale” description, no date (sometime after 1956) in documents associated with boats owned by Henry J. Kaiser.
Your site shows Restless II and III, but how does this boat fit in?

Thanks for any help.
Lincoln Cushing
Archivist, Kaiser Permanente Heritage Resources

Joe Less built boat

2015_Less_Moma_Mink_preludeSeen on John Nebelecky facebook page as a throwback thursday story:
This is a 266 that Joe Less built in his line of Mama’s Mink boats. As I recall, it was designed by engineers from Bell Aerospace, and built from aluminum. The boat ultimately required two rudders to turn well, and APBA put the keebosh on it, so Joe mounted it on the pole of his jib crane, where it remained for many years as sort of a local landmark. It was visible from the old Tonawanda pits back when we ran at Isle View Park. Although the picture of the boat is authentic, I suspect this is a composite with the boat overlaid on a rooster tail from Harold Bucholtz’ 266.
2015_Less_Moma_Mink_prelude_pole 2015_Less_Moma_Mink_prelude_snowJoe Less posted these 2 pics.
Quite an unique design, wouldn’t you say!