Miss Merion Bluegrass

Miss Merion Bluegrass
Kirk Rogers had the famous hull replicated  by Don Kelson. The original hull was designed and constructed by Ken Kimbrough and Dr. Ed Johnston. The original owner was the late Fred Rogers.2016_MMB_2013_picThe photo has both the current crew and most of the original crew, driver and builder.
Stacey Anderson, Paul Miller, Mick Malcolm, Jim Burrill, Kevin Rogers, Kirk Rogers – current owner, driver, *Earl Wham – driver, *Robert Schultz – Uncle & crew, Frank Woods, *Pat Campbell – crew, *Ken Kimbrough – original builder.
* original group from the 1960 & 1970s.

Check out the Miss Merion Bluegrass website.

Lauterbach Unlimited

Lauterbach U-5According to his facebook page, Larry Lauterbach looks to be traveling back to the Lauterbach shop with this gem in tow.
A lot of fans will be glad to see this hydro come back in it’s racing form, if indeed that is it’s future. The word on Facebook is – this was the hull that Bill Sterett had and was reworking and planning on converting to the infamous, Chrysler Crew.
Regardless of whatever configuration is in the future for this hull, let’s just hope it will be — a rare Unlimited class Lauterbach restored.

Photo credit:  Hank Kosciuszko              Miami, Florida

Above photo came from Hank’s photo album posted on Unlimited’s Detroit