Miss Vitamilk H-10

Vitamilk H-10 Photo by Julie SparrowgroveDoug Brow driving his Dad’s Miss Vitamilk H-10 at Black Lake.  Doug found the boat in a warehouse in Seattle and had it restored.
Doug’s father Bill Brow was billed as the “World’s Fastest Milkman” and drove the Miss Burien, Miss Bardahl, Miss Exide and was killed in 1967 driving the Miss Budweiser in Tampa FL. Photo Credit: Julie Sparrowgrove 

Miss Nehi racing team

Jim and Al Retif’s Miss Nehi racing team also based out of New Orleans. All of the Nehi’s were first class and very competitive. The naming of the hydros was not random. The Retif family owned the RC Bottling Company in Baton Rouge and the Nehi brand was one of the sodas bottled at their plant. I’m not sure if there was any sponsorship money involved but the Nehi brand sure got a lot of great exposure. Two great Louisiana race teams, both with a unique soda pop connection.
From Joey Nolan posting on Facebook
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