Who Cares A-104

John Behrens checked in with us. He is the owner of Who Cares A-104.
He still has the Who Cares A-104 boat. It is in storage in my barn in the loft. I have a Ford Flathead V-8 60hp engine for it now. I hope to do some more restoration on the boat in the near future.

Folks is this a very early Rich Hallett built hydro?

Dayton Test & Tune 2017

Thanks to Phil Kunz for the cover photo (posted a couple of weeks ago) and this one above. Nice to see a west coast boat move east this time.
Congrat’s to the new owner of this vintage beauty!

May and June Calendars

May and June Monthly 2017 Calendars are posted. Pics for both months from our good friend, Phil Kunz.

No Vintage Regatta events are listed on these monthly calendars (no vintage schedule given to me). Check the APBA website.