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The Vintage Hydroplanes is devoted to the limited-class, inboard antique, vintage and historic hydroplanes and flatbottom race boats. Our website has many pages filled with photographs and boat racing stories. Although we are geared toward the limited-class inboard hydroplane classes, we are much more than just inboard hydroplanes. All vintage race boat owners and fans are encouraged to participate on this website and our sport.

The site navigation menu is full of history. Our little place on the internet is really an accumulation of contributed information from many of our visitors. A big THANK YOU goes out to all the folks who have sent me info. And of course, you would not be reading this without the help of our sponsors who put their money into this endeavor because they thought these racing hulls and all the great folks who designed, built and drove these boats deserved this spot on the internet.
Let’s also not forget folks who made all the great history that have left us. It is our honor to help keep some of their racing memories alive. You will not be forgotten.
We hope you enjoy your stay at The Vintage Hydroplanes
Be prepared to travel back with us in time.

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