Bill Pearson

In case anyone hasn’t heard or read, Bill Pearson was tragically killed running his Edelweiss GP-444 last weekend at Rideau Ferry vintage event. Bill was from Minnesota.
Bill had Larry Lauterbach build him the Edelweiss hull a few years back. Click on the Edelweiss name above to see pics as the hull was being built.

The opening pic on the website was taken in 1975 of Bill by Phil Kunz.

Bill also owned 2 different Walter Milosovich built hulls that he campaigned for many years under the name – Bull Of The Woods.

Celina, Ohio 1966

New Martinsville, WV 1969
Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis, MN 1978        (2nd Milosovich hull)
BULL OF THE WOODS  Minneapolis, MN 2004 at the NWPBA member reunion                       photo by phil spruit


RIP Bill Pearson

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