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Bel Air III


From New Zealand:
Ben Knight (PG Knight’s son and Peter’s grandson) sends us a few pics of their  restored A class hydro that they finished up on 2 years ago. They have been taking it to a vintage regattas in New Zealand.







The boat raced at Valleyfield in 1967 then won at Red Bank the following week. PR Knight designed and built the boat. It has a 2.5 Liter Ford motor from a Mk4 Zephyr. We believe it set a UIM world record in 1967.
We are also in the process of restoring The Godfather GP boat also.
Ben Knight

BTW – Beautiful spot for a Vintage Race Boat Regatta…don’t you think?




New Year, New Look

I saw this new website look and thought this would be a nice one to freshen up our website with.
If you have a REALLY neat photo and think it is “cover material” for The Vintage Hydroplanes (like the old “Photo From A Moment” we used to do a few years back), please email it to me and if I like it, I will place it on the opening page of the website!

1998 Antique Race Boat Regatta at Clayton, New York

1998 Antique Race Boat Regatta is held at the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, New York. The event is held every 2 years.
Please excuse my poor use of a borrowed camcorder.
Also, I always like to watch YouTube videos on YouTube. After you click on the “play” button, click their icon on the right hand corner – which will take you to YouTube. Then when you get there, hover your mouse over the 3 icons on the bottom right-hand corner until you see “Theatre mode”, then click on that.
You can also watch them in “full screen” but these old 8mm camcorder videos will look worse in full screen mode.
Have fun!

Early Air Boats

Interesting boats and hull designs to say the least…
The Author of the article states, “Information on the airboats was hard to find, but everything I found indicated they were used solely for racing (at that time in Italy)”.
Some of these early Italian design hulls (due to the sponsons) could have been adapted for hydroplane water screw driven….no?

Idroscivolanti and the Raid Pavia-Venezia

2017 Monthly Calendars

Welcome 2017.  The 2017 monthly calendars are, once again, posted. Well, I have posted January & February. If you have a neat vintage-related photo and would like to see it featured, please email it to me. If no pics come in, I will rely on ‘borrowing pics’ from Facebook as well as other sources. When the 2017 Vintage Events Schedule becomes available (hopefully someone at the APBA V&H will email that to me), I will add the event dates to the monthly calendars. I hope everyone has a great 2017!