Hydro PinUp gals

Buffalo, NY is home to a group of ladies who provide a unique service at local events. The name of the group is “Pin Ups for a Cause”. The ladies dress up in period costumes and attend a variety of events like boat races, boat shows, motoramas, car shows, etc. They circulate among fans, acting as greeters, handing out programs & thanking people for attending the events.  Sometimes they sell fifty-fifty tickets for example. They are flexible in regards to what service they can provide for the events organizers.

These photos were taken at last years Thunder on the Niagara hydroplane race & car show where they were present to circulate among the 100 car vintage car show fans then transitioned to the boat race fans & vintage hydro displays.
The group got its origin from the founder whose grandmother sent letters and photos to her husband while he was overseas in WW II.
Bill DeGlopper

Madison Vintage Thunder

PRESS RELEASE – Upcoming Sports Event
(For Immediate Release)
R. Harsin, 9-5-2016

Announcing the first annual “Madison Vintage Thunder” – hydroplanes in Madison, Indiana.

Dave Johnson wanted to honor two special friends that passed away recently and so he assembled a few vintage hydroplane owners forming a club called “5ToThe5”.  This group will put on the first annual “Madison Vintage Thunder”.  With support of the Madison community as part of the state bicentenial celebration (followed one week later with the Madison Chatauqua of the Arts), the group obtained the A.P.B.A. sanctioning necessary to sponsor vintage hydroplanes on the Ohio River. The event sponsors are expecting between 30 to 50 hydroplanes to provide spectators with hours of hydroplane action on the water.

Honored at this event will be former Vintage Class Owner-Driver Billy Cousins, owner of the “River Rat” hydroplane.  Billy Cousins started his hydroplane racing career in the late 50’s driving a hydroplane owned by Marion Cooper, the first driver of the Miss Madison in 1961.  Billy had a long career in both limited hydroplanes and auto racing before his retirement.  Several years later, Dave Johnson managed to talk Billy to come out of retirement and bring his “River Rat” out onto the water again to the delight of many spectators.  Billy lost his battle recently with cancer but his “River Rat” hydroplane will be on display in Madison.  The other driver honored at this event will be the former unlimited “Miss Madison” driver Jon Peddie, who also recently lost his battle with cancer.  Jon drove two different Miss Madison hulls as well as having a long career in auto racing.

Everyone is invited to Madison, Indiana on both Saturday and Sunday, September 17th and 18th.  Admission is FREE to the public (donations will be accepted). For additional information: http://www.5tothe5.com or https://www.facebook.com/5tothe5vintagehydros/ or by calling 812-571-0330

Dayton 2016

All photos courtesy of our good friend, Phil Kunz.

© 2016 Phil Kunz
Everybody ready to roll
© 2016 Phil Kunz
Gordon Jayne brings out the Chesapeake Lady J-12
© 2016 Phil Kunz
Last minute check list on the White Lightning
© 2016 Phil Kunz
How does Kunz get an all female crew?
© 2016 Phil Kunz
Nice to see the Hire Voltage back on the water
© 2016 Phil Kunz
Looks like a beautiful day and good water conditions to prep the boats for summer fun.
© 2016 Phil Kunz
Lauterbach & Wickens’ hulls shine bright.
The Dayton pits
S-12 & N-116
© 2016 Phil Kunz
White Lightning CE-52
© 2016 Phil Kunz
Very rare Cunningham hull beautifully restored by John Jenkins.
© 2016 Phil Kunz
Fools Gold S-12 We need to see more pics like this of the next generation handling the old boats.
© 2016 Phil Kunz
Helter Skelter & Barracuda
© 2016 Phil Kunz
Sir Ron III, E-4
© 2016 Phil Kunz
Something Special J-322
© 2016 Phil Kunz
Heavy Duty & Barracuda
© 2016 Phil Kunz
Let’s Go

Dayton Testing 2015

Saturday’s weather was cold and rainy and only about 7 or 8 boats plus the APBA school boat getting some laps in before the rain came. Some boats left after Saturday’s testing and more hydros arrived on Sunday. The weather improved Sunday with sunshine and about 15 degrees warmer.
Overall, it was a very good weekend for both testing and a lot of new APBA school students getting their first chance to drive an inboard hydroplane.
These photos were taken as I walked through the pits on Sunday morning.
Phil Kunz

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Monthly Calendars

May through August posted.
Many thanks once again to Phil Kunz for sending in some photos to use for these calendars. I noticed that every photo used for the 2015 is HIS photo (even if I forgot to put a copyright image on them). Remember folks, I am ALWAYS looking for photos to post on these calendars. If it seems like I have been featuring all boats East of the Mississippi, that’s because nobody from the West Coast is sending me any and it sure would be nice to feature some West Coast Vintage hydroplanes.