Black Lake Regatta 2017

2017 Black Lake Regatta
It was David Kancianich’s last official run as the owner/ driver of Annies Dodge H-25.
Annie’s Dodge is running with Buccaneer, The Gold Streak and The Agitator.
These guys look to be running all out putting on a great show.
Video by: Digital Roostertails by Chris Denslow

Ken Warby

Ken Warby receives from Dan and Debbie Joseph THE HENRY E. LAUTERBACH EXCELLENCE IN POWER BOAT RACING award last September at the Wheeling Vintage Race Boat Regatta.

Ken Warby has held the World Water Speed record since 1978 when he drove his Spirit of Australia boat to 317 mph. That’s 40 years (in 2018) that he has held that record!

Ken Warby brought the World Record Speed trophy. There is some impressive names etched into that trophy.
So great that everyone got to see this historical trophy.

The Spirit of American Boat Racing – The Jersey Speed Skiff

The Spirit of American Boat Racing – The Jersey Speed Skiff is a story of how the returning veterans of WWII, the every day guy, took the boat racing world by storm and away from the rich and famous that held it for many years. There are many old pictures included in the book from the 1920s thru the late 1980s.
The price is $20.
John D Brighton Sr.
720 D High Point Blvd.
Fort Pierce, Florida 34982

The book is also being distributed through
Jack Lowe (732) 576-5015
#1 Ralph St., Sea Chest Condominium
Highlands, New Jersey 07732

Press Release: “Simply The Greatest”

For immediate press release:
William Oliver “Wild Bill” Buntin raced the Miss Peg in the 1960’s.  Bill did not own the Miss Peg (she was owned by Lawrence Farris), but all say Bill was the only one who could really drive her.  He raced out of the Region 9.  In Feb 1968 in St. Pete, he set the world record at 92.308 mph at the Southland Regatta.  The same year in June, he won the National Championship at Tonawanda, NY in the 266 Class.  Bill was and is a legend in Region 9. According to Bennie Matthews of Metairie, LA, Bill was “larger than life, the size of a lumberjack, had nerves of steel, and every time out with Bill, there would always be a surprise.

I have just published a book called “Simply The Greatest” which is a biography of his life, and it is chock full of all sorts of stories including a collage of pictures which go all the way back to his young years  through his racing days.

Miss Peg was restored by Jack and Nancy Hines of Dayton, OH, and is a beautiful boat. Cindy Minoletti of the APBA provided to me authentication for the World Record and National Title, which is now on file with the MS Sports Hall of Fame in Jackson, MS.  Bill is now in nomination and I hope one day he will be inducted.  He so richly deserves induction.

Bill died in 1970 at age 30 of a conductive heart defect.

This book had a limited run so get your copy before they are all gone.
Price is $60 delivered.

Contact the author directly:
Jim Farmer
cell 601-357-0020

Chiro and Chiro Too

My name is Jim Jabczenski. I am the son of Mitch (Doc J) Jabczenski. My father and my Grandfather (Mitch Sr.) were Chiropractors in the Detroit area and where very active with the program in the  late 1940s, up to 1963. They had 3 boats that they campaigned through those years.
I did see a picture of the first boat and I know they burned it in a field because it was so heavy and not competitive, so they purchased the next 2 boats:
F-89 Chiro and driven by Bud James (Bud was my Dad’s Mechanic). Bud James was been mentioned in your Phil Kunz’s book for breaking the 100mph in -F-89 and is the person in the photo being lifted from the crane (F-89).
F-93 Chiro Too was purchased from his friend Bill Muncey (F-222)

If anyone has any other photos or other info to share, please do not hesitate to contact me.   Jim Jabczenski