Miss Wayne U-50

Miss Wayne U-50Same place as pic below – the Western high rise of the original Mercer Island floating bridge. I found a little “niche” just off the walkway/bike lane, and armed once again with my trusty Argus C-3, I shot this photo or the U-50 Miss Wayne. Powered by twin Allisons mounted side by side, it placed fifth in the 1956 Seafair Trophy race. Miss Wayne was built by Dan Arena , from a Saile/Arena design and driven by Frank Saile in its first couple of years. A large boat, it was 33′ 6” in length and had a 12′ 9” beam. The fuel tanks were mounted on the rear deck next to the tail and rear cowling. It was painted bright yellow, with black & white trim.
Hawaii Kai III pilot Jack Regas drove Miss Wayne in the 1957 Mile Trials achieving a 163 mph mark.. Lee Schoenith and Roy Duby both drove Miss Wayne in 1958.
After its racing career it slowly decayed on the the roof of Lumberman’s in Detroit.
Posted on Facebook’s Hydroplane History page by
Kirk Pagel‎

Miss Skyway U-7

Miss Skyway U-7Posted on Facebook’s Hydroplane History page by Mr. Pagel is the U-7 Miss Skyway which was launched with twin side by side 265 cu.in. Corvette motors. They were hooked up to a v-belt driven gear box and it just never worked. Following the 1957 season, owner Lyle Parks swapped out the Corvette motors for an Allison. Lyle Parks is sitting on the starboard side and driver Frank Taylor on the port side. Hull was a short 25′ 9′ in length, with a 11′ 6″ beam.


Lauterbach Unlimited

Lauterbach U-5According to his facebook page, Larry Lauterbach looks to be traveling back to the Lauterbach shop with this gem in tow.
A lot of fans will be glad to see this hydro come back in it’s racing form, if indeed that is it’s future. The word on Facebook is – this was the hull that Bill Sterett had and was reworking and planning on converting to the infamous, Chrysler Crew.
Regardless of whatever configuration is in the future for this hull, let’s just hope it will be — a rare Unlimited class Lauterbach restored.

Photo credit:  Hank Kosciuszko              Miami, Florida

Above photo came from Hank’s photo album posted on Unlimited’s Detroit