Chiro and Chiro Too

My name is Jim Jabczenski. I am the son of Mitch (Doc J) Jabczenski. My father and my Grandfather (Mitch Sr.) were Chiropractors in the Detroit area and where very active with the program in the  late 1940s, up to 1963. They had 3 boats that they campaigned through those years.
I did see a picture of the first boat and I know they burned it in a field because it was so heavy and not competitive, so they purchased the next 2 boats:
F-89 Chiro and driven by Bud James (Bud was my Dad’s Mechanic). Bud James was been mentioned in your Phil Kunz’s book for breaking the 100mph in -F-89 and is the person in the photo being lifted from the crane (F-89).
F-93 Chiro Too was purchased from his friend Bill Muncey (F-222)

If anyone has any other photos or other info to share, please do not hesitate to contact me.   Jim Jabczenski


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