Bill Pearson

In case anyone hasn’t heard or read, Bill Pearson was tragically killed running his Edelweiss GP-444 last weekend at Rideau Ferry vintage event. Bill was from Minnesota.
Bill had Larry Lauterbach build him the Edelweiss hull a few years back. Click on the Edelweiss name above to see pics as the hull was being built.

The opening pic on the website was taken in 1975 of Bill by Phil Kunz.

Bill also owned 2 different Walter Milosovich built hulls that he campaigned for many years under the name – Bull Of The Woods.

Celina, Ohio 1966

New Martinsville, WV 1969
Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis, MN 1978        (2nd Milosovich hull)
BULL OF THE WOODS  Minneapolis, MN 2004 at the NWPBA member reunion                       photo by phil spruit


RIP Bill Pearson

Regatta Program Covers

With thanks to David Guetzlaff, 16 more Regatta Program covers have been added to our place on the website that has all the “OFFICIAL RACE PROGRAMS, plus other publications, news reports & articles”  in our database. Stop in, click on some covers and reminisce when you have time.

Wayne Thompson

2017 Vintage – Regates de Valleyfield

Vintage – Régates de Valleyfield

Le temps gris vous rend nostalgique ? Voici un autre souvenir des Régates, cette fois avec ces belles d'autrefois, les embarcations vintage.

Posted by Régates de Valleyfield on Monday, July 24, 2017

79th Valleyfield Regatta

These 2 pics (above and the opening pic) are from photos of the vintage hydros and flatbottoms taken and posted by Ross McCracken on the Vintage Hydroplanes – Skiffs & Outboards – Canada’s Facebook page. The photos are from the 79th running of the Valleyfield Regatta this last weekend. Ross posted he will be posting more as the week progresses. Very cool and worth checking out!


The July issue of the UNLIMITED NewsJournal is now online

https://www. current-issue.html

July Edition of the NewsJournal Is Jam Packed

  1. Start with our exclusive in-depth reports from the Guntersville Testing session and the Tri-Cities session
  2. Chairman’s Comments from H1’s Doug Bernstein
  3. Remembering Chuck Lyford and Jim Hendrick
  4. 2017 H1 Boat Roster – What & Who’s Running and Who’s Not
  5. Watching the Hydros On the Radio by Lon Erickson
  6. Branding Done Right by Chris Tracy
  7. HydroFile by Lon Erickson

The pre-season testing sessions are wrapped up and the Madison Regatta is in the books now. We have a quick recap and will feature an in-depth race report from Madison in the next issue.

Later this month brings the start of competition towards the National Points Title race. See you at the races in the Tri-Cities and the HAPO Columbia Cup!

Whippet Class (from the 1930s)

Editor’s note: I received this email and pics from Roy Cooper. If someone has any knowledge, please respond here or let Roy know. 

I was wondering if anyone might know anything about a British hydroplane class dating from the 1930s known as Whippet Class racing. Please see pic of magazine article from that period.
Also,  an engine known as the Whippet from the same period (please see other two pics courtesy of Time and Tide Boats). We have been offered to purchase the Whippet engine but have little idea of  its rarity or value.

Any assistance you can give on this would be much appreciated.
Kind regards,  Roy Cooper
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Above two photos copyrighted by Time and Tide Boats Ltd.