why not have a fast lake racer too

Merlyn Culver, famous Yankee Doodle owner/driver, in his Lauterbach that he got in trade and put a Mercury outboard on. The hydro started out life as a 266 cubic inch class with a flathead Ford. You can see where the exhaust holes were patched up. When Merlyn got it, he was retired from racing and the Ford was shot. He converted it to outboard himself for fun. This might be the only outboard Lauterbach ever. Keith Brayer

In about 1958 I picked up this boat in Urichsville, Ohio. It was in a barn. It belonged to Lou Butler and another man from Zanesville that owned a Floral business. This was their next boat after the Wicken’s Barracuda. There was no engine but the boat was complete and on a high wheel trailer. I put a 256 cu.in.Stude V-8 engine in it but never ran it in competition. It was tail-heavy with this motor placed to use the existing shaft, engine rails etc. At about 85 MPH it wanted to ride too high. This was our first hydro after years of runabouts. The following spring I took the boat to Merlyn Culver’s boat house ( BRAD’S) on Indian Lake next to his cottage. He stripped away all of the cowlings, shortened the afterplane about 6″ and added the high transom for the big  6 cylinder Mercury outboard. It was another of his fastest boat on Indian Lake projects. Merlyn was one of my mentors in boat racing. The following year Jon Culver and I bought a pair of 18′ Raysoncraft Sk runabouts. His had a 383 Plymouth and mine had a 392 Hemi. Merl then parked the Lauterbach and raced everyone on the lake with the SK Rayson. He was the ULTIMATE hot rodder with fast boats and faster cars. The hydro is pictured in front of his cottage.
Rob Kaufman

Hydro Art Prints

Classic Hydro Fans,
I have a new website, http://www.hydroartprints.com, that features highly detailed prints of Classic Unlimited Hydroplanes. If you like the old boats, take a look. There is always a new rendering in the works, so you might see one of your favorites appear. Thanks!
Alan Ameel

Flying Dutchman

My name is Kim. My father built and manufactured The Flying Dutchmen Racing boats in Miami, FL in the early 1960s and later moved to Ohio. He raced professionally for many years. We have 100s of pictures and movies. My Dad is in bad health now at the age of 65. He was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease this past year. I just wanted to locate some old pictures of his boats and possibly someone still has one stored away somewhere. It would make him feel so good to see that somewhere across this United States that someone still has pictures or even an original boat. Please let me know. My Fathers name is William M. Blough SR. and he owned Aqua King Boats in Miami where he also Designed and Built The Flying Dutchmen.
Thank You, Sincerely, Kim Seal

looking for info on IFA Wartburg

Hello, a year ago I stumbled over some pictures of an inboard hydroplane on the internet. I forgot to add the site to my favorites and now I can’t find it. It had a rather unusual engine (even for us Europeans) a three cylinder 2-stroke engine from an IFA Wartburg, which is a German car from the era when Germany was divided. This one was manufactured in East-Germany. I haven’t seen this type of engine in a boat before, or in another context either for that matter. I had hoped that someone knew of the website, and could give me an address. I am a member of The Classic Race Boat Club in Sweden, and I am restoring an outboard hydroplane that was made for the Crescent Race Team in the sixties. I haven’t got my hands on a Crescent engine yet so I will make do with a Yamato for now. I’ll attach a few pictures of my boat and a sister boat I saw at a classic race this summer. I won’t race this summer but I’ve taken a license for next year (2007)
Thank you for the best Hydroplane site on the internet.
Best regards, Magnus Nybom from Sweden

Restoration outboards

I finished up a Mk55 in the Spring 2006 and used it on my Wild One II which I finished the fall before. Got a 10hp Wizard and a 1929 Johnson K45 that came with a pointed nose cone as though maybe some body raced it way back. Went to Quincy in the Summer for the OF Chrisner Memorial, was a great trip.

HK Madcap 1948 Speeditwin stock C Service (not Alky)
I have completed a project and have attached pixs. It’s not an IB project, but I have provided info on an IB project  (S class, slowly underway). I have always been involved in OB projects as the DeGloppers, anyways, here is the final version.  Keep your prop in the water! Stuart Mills

Homemade built outboard hydro sets record in 1961

The attached photo is from 1961. It is my father in his hand built outboard hydro, testing in the IntraCoastal Waterway, in Jupiter, Florida. He set a UIM World Record for Outboard Pleasure Craft /Outboard Unlimited on December 31st, 1961. Ted Jones told him that if he could “Fly” the Transom as high as the Bow, he’d really have something. Dad told me “It never would “Prop Ride”, but Carl Kiekhaefer’s Factory boys could not touch him in OPC SU. Hugh Entrop set many Outboard “X” World Records, but Frank G. Brown III set the UIM World Outboard Speed Record for OPC SU.  Dad still has the original UIM Certificate. It states: World Speed Record, December 31st 1961, Boat # U5, Hull: Homemade, 
Speed 72.89nm, 117.30km, SU Single Motor Pleasure Craft. Frank G. Brown IV

Australia displacement hulls

In Australia displacement hulls were the most popular and during the 40’s, to the early 70’s one of Australia’s best builders of clinker constructed boats was Frank Lewis in Sydney. I have attached a shot of a 17 ft Skiff of timber construction showing the graceful lines of this type of hull performing as designed, that is riding high and clean on the water. The shot also shows the Lewis finish that had the deck and cockpit finished to cabinet making quality. This boat was built in the mid sixties and was being driven by a well known driver in Australia during this period Russ Neville, at an Australian Championship event. I hope you find the photo as interesting as I. Regards , Graeme Morley.
Editor’s note – beautiful boat……I really like the way it’s deck is trimmed out too

Penetrating Oils

Machinist’s Workshop MagT recently published some information on various penetrating oils that is very interesting. Some of you might appreciate this. The magazine reports they tested penetrates for break out torque on rusted nuts.

They are below, as forwarded by an ex-student and professional machinist. They arranged a subjective test of all the popular penetrates with the control being the torque required to remove the nut from a “scientifically rusted” environment.

*Penetrating oils ……….. Average torque load to loosen*

No Oil used ………………. 516 pounds
WD-40 ………………… … 238 pounds
PB Blaster ……………….. 214 pounds
Liquid Wrench ……………127 pounds
Kano Kroil ……………….. 106 pounds
ATF*-Acetone mix…………53 pounds

The ATF-Acetone mix is a “home brew” mix of 50 – 50 automatic transmission fluid and acetone. Note this “home brew” released bolts better than any commercial product in this one particular test.

A local machinist group mixed up a batch and they all now use it with equally good results. Note also that “Liquid Wrench” is almost as good as “Kroil” for about 20% of the price.

Steve from Godwin-Singer says that ATF-Acetone mix is best, but you can also use ATF and lacquer thinner in a 50-50 mix. *ATF=Automatic Transmission Fluid

What’s happening on TVH website

Here’s an update on one of my winter projects – housecleaning the entire TVH & PKP websites. Most of this stuff — you may not notice any real changes on. My hope is to have webpages look correct between photos and text and it shouldn’t depend on whether you are viewing the websites with a cell phone or a 65″ TV monitor. I’ve noticed many of the pages on the website had the text & photos ‘splattered’ all over the monitor with no rhyme or reason or had text scrolling across the entire width of the monitor which makes reading a real challenge. I don’t website build for a living…just fun, so I guess I am living and learning this stuff the hard way (my usual route, do it wrong the first time, then spend gobs of time fixing my mistakes).

  1. Photo Albums section is done.
  2. The former Boats section & Owner’s Directory have been combined. Now it’s just called boats.
  3. Official Race Programs section is done.
  4. vintage events & reports is done. These are webpages on past vintage regattas from 1998 through 2010.
  5. Drivers, Owners & Builders section is removed. That data was consolidated into other areas of the website, mainly viewer’s photo albums or put in the boats section.
  6. The monthly Calendars section is done. You shouldn’t notice any changes here.
  7. Photos from a Moment section is done. Same thing, you shouldn’t notice any real changes.
  8. the Models section is done. Same deal, nothing new just all the webpages cleaned up & fixed.
  9. the former Latest Updates section has been replaced with this bulletin.
  10. the APBA Vintage & Historic section r’cd a little housekeeping & is done.
  11. APBA History – new section on the website started. I took the historical parts of the APBA and started this new section which consists of the speed records (all records were consolidated) and the articles From the Vintage Notebook have a new table of contents to make finding articles easier and feature any of the “VINTAGE HOT BOAT of the MONTH” pics I had (wish I had more). The other 2 sections, Propeller Magazine scans from the early 1960s were cleaned up, as well as the Gulf Oil 100 MPH club member’s list of who achieved that goal.
  12. Directory – racing folks – cleaned up & updated. We have 156 folks listed to date.
  13. Where are they now? – cleaned up & all listings consolidated on one page.
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