Scripps V-12 in a Riva

Dear Friends,
Here is our latest and perhaps the last article in our series following the journey of Perlita Too. But please stay tuned as we may have an interesting piece of news.
A special Thank you to all the wonderful friends we made at Riva days ~ please lets keep the conversation going.
And be sure and watch what Woody Boater will be saying about Perlita Too.
Cheers to all.
James Ferris & Caroline Di Diego
Perlita Too ~

Heavy Hauler

Three very poor pictures of the Heavy Hauler as I found it in Seattle .

Bill Smart,  Boise, ID

I r’cd this pic June 3, 2011 — I wonder how it has progressed…anybody know?

Franny Conenny’s online photo album

Dave Wagoneer forwarded the following:

Fran Coneeny raced in nearly all the limited classes.  He started in the 48s and worked his way to the J class.  Many of his boats carried the name Ulua Kai.  Fran is one of those drivers who doesn’t get the recognition he justly deserves.  A very competitive driver, Fran kept his boats in pristine condition.

The photo album is here.

webmasters note: I highly recommend everyone checking out these pics / news articles in detail. There is much history here. I especially enjoyed seeing all the different tow vehicles he had over the years. Awesome equipment. Sure would be great to add most of these pics to our database so the search engines can find it better. If someone can get the family’s permission, would like to do that. Anyways, for now – I placed a link on our LINKS page to get to this photo album under the vintage boats & folks, under Mr. Conenny’s name.

Miss Reno U-00

I love the vintage site!  I’m just getting into it, mostly to try to locate some of my family’s old boats from Tahoe in the 50s-60s.

I’ve been digging around for info on Miss Reno U-00, because of an old photo I’ve got, and I can’t hardly find anything.  Is there something I’m missing?  Did her name change, or did she sink?

Thanks 🙂    Rocky Mullin

Early Cruiser race – Detroit?

40' Liggett

My brother Rich is restoring one of these. It is a 40′ Liggett & gorgeous brass castings of the DYC club in the interior. His was called American Lady . That owner was CEO of a Brassier Mfg Co. The cruiser was also owned by commodores of the Detroit Yacht Club.
Note the racing #’s on the sides of the hulls.

Bill DeGlopper

Detroit Yacht Club cast hardware

Mahogany & Merlot videos

Mahogany and Merlot cabover heats Saturday and Sunday
Kathy Bolam will post more of the other classes soon, so keep looking at YouTube, under bolamfamily