The July issue of the UNLIMITED NewsJournal is now online

https://www. unlimitednewsjournal.net/ current-issue.html

July Edition of the NewsJournal Is Jam Packed

  1. Start with our exclusive in-depth reports from the Guntersville Testing session and the Tri-Cities session
  2. Chairman’s Comments from H1’s Doug Bernstein
  3. Remembering Chuck Lyford and Jim Hendrick
  4. 2017 H1 Boat Roster – What & Who’s Running and Who’s Not
  5. Watching the Hydros On the Radio by Lon Erickson
  6. Branding Done Right by Chris Tracy
  7. HydroFile by Lon Erickson

The pre-season testing sessions are wrapped up and the Madison Regatta is in the books now. We have a quick recap and will feature an in-depth race report from Madison in the next issue.

Later this month brings the start of competition towards the National Points Title race. See you at the races in the Tri-Cities and the HAPO Columbia Cup!

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