VOL. 17, NO. 9
New Records at Chestertown
Two new records were set at Chestertown, Md., Aug. 10-11, as the fourth annual Chester River Power Boat Regatta offered what officials and experts termed the "finest in speed boat racing."
The marks were set by Victor Bupp of Mt. Wolfe, Pa., in the 44 hydro event, and Andrew Lemeshewsky, of Norfolk, Va., in the 280 class.
Bupp sent his Tach-1 over the five-mile course at an average speed of 50.279 mph to break his own record of 49.505 set over the same course two years ago.
Lemeshewsky, a Navy flier in his first season of boat racing, piloted Wildcat around the course at a speed of 72.757 mph to better the previous record of 72.493 set at St. Petersburg by Ron Hearn driving Miss Peaches.
The afternoon of racing provided numerous thrills as at least four boats flipped. In one mishap, Jack Brown, from Langley Air Force Base, spun out of the second turn of the 280 in Blue Angel and two following boats ran over him. Brown was treated at the Kent and Queen Anne's Hospital, where six stitches were taken in his scalp. He was back racing on Sunday, however.
The popular Skeeter Johnson of Cambridge, Md., in the equally popular Wa-Wa Too, was also a flip victim.
About 70 different boats participated in the two-day event, which is sponsored annually by the Chestertown Chamber of Commerce and the Frank M. Jarman Post, American Legion.
Separate trophies were awarded each day, with the presentations Saturday taking place at the pits and on Sunday at the Legion Home.
Calvert C. Merriken, Jr., was the general chairman and A. S. Turner, Jr., the race chairman. Al Bauer was the referee.
Mr. Merriken said it would be impossible to list individually all who contributed to the success of the regatta but assured all that they had the sincere thanks of the committees for their untiring efforts, before, after and during the affair.
Among the distinguished guests present were APBA Chief Counsel W. A. Smith and Mrs. Smith, who were impressed with the way local officials handled the regatta. "It was one of the best managed boat races I have ever attended," Smith said.
44 Hydro -
Tach I, Victor Bupp, Mt. Wolf, Po., 1-1 800 points; 
Calamity Jane II, Harry Nichol, York, Pa., 2-2, 600 points; 
Da-Ro-Be, Bob Overdorf, Montgomery, Pa., 3-3, 450 points.

48 Hydro -
Bad News, Lewis Dorr, Monchester, Po., 2-1, 700 points; 
Betty Gal V, George Loeb, Norfolk, Va., 4-2, 469 points; 
Road Runner, Art McDougall, Alexandria, Va., 1-withdrew, 400 points.

145 Hydro -
Wanton Duchess, Bill Brown, Richmond, Va., 2-1, 700 points; 
Red Top, George Cusick, Cambridge, Md., 1-3, 625 points; 
Lil Lectron, Willard Wilson, Wilmington, Del., 4-2, 469 points.

150 Hydro -
Spook, Bob Walter, Dublin, Pa., 1-3, 625 points; 
Ulua-Kai II, Francis Coneeny, Carney's Point, N.J., 2-2, 600 points; 
Fancy Free, Frank Vernon, Woshington, D.C., I-withdrew, 400 points.

Ski Rac. Run. -
Hanky-Panky, Earl Gilbert, Washington, DC., 1-3, 625 points; 
Wildcat, Russ Hamlin, Hazlet, N.J., 3-1, 625 paints (point tie broken by total elapsed time); 
Lil Reb, Andy MacNichol, Short Hills, N.J., 2-2, 600 paints.

280 Hydro -
Hurricane, John Mason, Bethesda, Md., 3-1, 625 points; 
Neptune's Lounge, Bob Maley, Warmleysburg, Pa., 2-3, 325 points; 
Wildcat, Andrew Lemeshewsky, 1-did not start, 400 points.

266 Hydro -
Apache, Mike Thomas, Harvey Cedars, N.J., 1-1, 800 points; 
Miss Washington D.C., Jack Brawn, Longley Field, Va., 3-2, 525 points; 
We-Jo Too, Watson Lewis, Baltimore, Md., 4-3, 394 points.

44 Hydro -
Da-Ro-Be, Bob Overdorf, Montgomery, Pa., 1-2, 700 points; 
Tach 1, Victor Bupp, Mt. Wolf, Pa., 4-1, 569 paints; 
Calamity Jane II, Harry Nichol, York, Pa., 2-3, 525 points

48 Hydro -
Road Runner, Art McDougall, Alexandria, Va., 1-1, 800 points; 
Bad News, Lewis Darr, Manchester, Pa., 2-2, 600 points; 
Kitten II, John Burchfield, Montgomery, Pa., 3-3, 450 paints.

145 Hydra -
Lil Lectron, Bill Wilson, Wilmington, Del., 2-1,700 paints; 
Bonanza, Steve Sharp, Havre de Grace, Md., 1-2, 700 points (tie broken by total elapsed time); 
Sandy K, Lemuel Thompson, Chester, Md., 2-3, 525 points.

150 Hydro -
Go-Gal-Go II, Carter Parrish, Port Deposit, Md., 2-2, 600 points; 
Sin, Charles Lloyd, Harrisburg, Pa., 3-3, 450 points; 
Rudy's Comet, Jack Brown, Longley, Va., 1-did not finish, 400 points.

Ski Rac. Run. -
Das Fireschpitten Laudinboomer, Joe Maybrown, Lang Beach, N. Y., 1-1, 800 points; 
Why Not, Dennis Smigiel, Massapequa, N. Y., 2-2, 600 points; 
Flat Busted, C. M. Harbin, Arlington, Va., 4-3, 394 points.

280 Hydro -
Hurricane, John Mason, Bethesda, Md., 1-1, 800 points; 
Rowdy, Don Waldorf, Va., 1-4, 569 points; 
Wildcat, Andrew Lemeshewsky, Norfolk, Va., 2-3, 525 points.

266 Hydro -
Apache, Mike Thomas, Harvey Cedars, N. J., 1-1, 800 points; 
Miss Washington D. C., Jack Brown, Langley, Va., 4-2, 469 points; 
We-Jo Too, Watson Lewis, Baltimore, Md., 5-3, 352 points.


APBA Safety Rules Work
By Jimmy Jost
Chairman, Safety Committee
A recent column written by Joe Dowdall of the Detroit Free Press, called Boats and Boating, discussed Unlimited racing, the Gold Cup, Unlimited drivers and the injuries sustained by some of the drivers. It was passed along to me and I
am pleased to have the following excerpts printed in the Propeller for the general information of all drivers.
"The drivers and doctors credit the safety rules of the American Power Boat Association for the relatively minor injuries suffered by drivers in the high-speed crashes. The APBA, governing body of powerboat racing, enforced its rule that Unlimited class drivers wear only 'approved' life jackets and helmets. 
"The life jackets have a roll collar which is designed to turn the wearer 'face up' in the water. As in Marvin Henrich's case, who is recovering from injuries received when Mariner Too blew apart in a high speed test run on the Detrc!t River, the driver is usually found unconscious."
The jacket, designed and tested by the engineers of the GenTex Corporation, covers the neck, chest, spine and kidneys. It is strapped on like a parachute harness so it won't come off even if it is ripped. A driver is strapped into it around the legs, waist, chest and neck.
"The back of the helmet, tested to withstand a steel propeller striking it at 7,000 revolutions per minute, protects the head and neck. Each piece of equipment must be fluorescent orange or red so it may be easily spotted from a helicopter or patrol boat. The two pieces cost about $100. And they have 20 testimonials to prove they are worth the price."
Bob Wanamaker, who suffered major back injuries recently when he was thrown out of his boat, also sent me some comments which will interest drivers.
"Forgot to ask if you wanted a good story on the advantages of the Gentex jacket. .. saved me during last mix-up. ..Broke a Keller throttle off with the chest pad and took the brunt of a flying DU on my back. ..and lived! Doctors are amazed that more internal injuries did not result due to the impact. Gentex sure did me a favor in this respect."
Makes me feel good to know that APBA's efforts for greater safety have not been in vain.

Les Brown, driving his Long Gone, and Lou Portalski in the Flood Brother's Greyhound, gave the spectators a thrilling finish in the SK event at Aqua Playdium, Lorenzo, IL, Aug 4. Brown won both heats to take the race, followed by Portalski.

High Point Standings
The following tabulation of national high points is based on summary sheets received at National Headquarters as of Sept. 6.

Miss Bardahl, Bardahl Chemical Co., Seattle, Wash. 1300 
Tahoe Miss, Harrah's Club, Reno, Nev. 1023
Gale V, Gale Enterprises, Detroit, Mich. 750 
Notre Dame, Dr. Fraser McDonald, Detroit, Mich. 742 
Miss Exide, Milo Stoen, Seattle, Wash. 725

7 Litre
The Redskin, Ted Bowhay, Seattle, Wash...3094 
Miss Vitamilk II, William Brow, Seattle, Wash 2169 
Confusion, Dale Petersen, Seattle, Wash...1619 
Annie's Dodge, Ed Johnston, Spokane, Wash 1488 
Challenger, Jack Colcock, Sequim, Wash...1152

280 Hydro
Wildcat, Andrew A. Lemeshewsky, Arlington, Va. 6784 
Hurricane, John J. Mason, Bethesda, Md 6219 
Water Scamp, Ben Lange, Seattle, Wash...4750 
Beverly Ann IV, Sidney Johnson, Cambridge, Md. 3613 
Sayonara, Dale Burnison, Renton, Wash. 3215

266 Hydro
Wa-Wa-Too, Wm. A. Ritner, Sr., Gladwyne, Pa 4988 
Miss Washington D. C., Carl E. Henderson, Washington, DC 4396 
Apache, Michael Thomas, Harvey Cedars, N. J.3665 
Skitter, Don Ward, Torrance, Calif 2694 
Holy-Smoke, Earl Wham, Spokane, Wash 2600

225 Hydro
J. J. Special, Fred Wright, Seattle, Wash. 3819 
High Winder II, Ed Morgan, Jr., Trenton, Mich.. 2900 
Gee Whizz, Bob Johanson, Benton City, Wash 2575 
Miss Treated, William E. Legg, Seattle, Wash. 2346 
Cobalt, Justin C. Schaller, Detroit, Mich. 1300

150 Hydro
Avenger 6, Randy Meyer, No. HollywJod, Calif.. 3696 
Rowdy.. Paul H. Flohn, E. Orange, N. J 3140 
Ulua-Kai II, Francis Coneeny, Carney's Pt., N. J.. 3004 
Fancy Free, Frank E. Vernon, Washington, D. C.2994 
High Hopes, Jack Hess, Seattle, Wash 2800

145 Hydro
Lil' Squirt II, R. Bruce McDonald, Seattle, Wash. 6238 
Red Top, Robert E. Tuttle, North Port, N. Y 5500 
Fly'n Bucket, V. Paul Bequette, San Diego, Calif. 3890 
Lil' Lectron, Willard S. Wilson, Jr., Wilmington, Dela. 3669 
Little Deal, Ron Armstrong, American Fork, Utah 3038

91 Hydro
Southern Air V, F. C. Moor, Hialeah, Fla 700 
Gene Fleming, Sarasota, Fla 400 
Petunia, Sam B. Newman, St. Petersburg, Fla 394 
Dragon, Sam Crooks, Madeira Beach, Fla 300 
Ergo, Alan Robinson, St. Petersburg, Fla 296

48 Hydro
Southern Air IV, F. C. Moor, Hialeah, Fla 4825 
Short Snort, Lynn E. Montgomery,
Federal Way, Wash 4054 
Voodoo II, Jack Philpott, Seattle, Wash 2925 
Piranha, H. V. Eastman, Tustin, Calif 2800 
Kat-N-Nan II, Paul Bauer, Deerpark, OhiO 2725

44 Hydro
Tach-1, Ray P. Myers, York, Pa 6150 
Da-Ro-Be, Robert Overdorf, Montgomery, Pa 4432 
Bad News, Lewis Darr, Manchester, Pa 2969 
Calamity Jane II, Horace Burgard, York, Pa 2592 
Fayda I, Dan Bertolette, Norristown, Pa 1913

44 Run.
Gotta Go V, Ennie Argence, New Orleans, La 1600 
Angela D Frank Tullos, New Orleans, La 825 
Pinkie, Billy R. Overby, Metairie, La 675 
Miss-Take, Joe Hartdegen, New Orleans, La 600 
Lil Rebel, Fred Wichers, Jr., Gretna, La 169

Cracker Box
Hot Cinders, LeRoy Penhall, Anaheim, Calif 4700 
Rebel, Gary Robarge, Provo, Utah 3252 
Hot Box, Les Jeboult, New Westminster, B. C.. 2369 
Hot Mama, Bill Vlacich, Los Angeles, Calif 2119 
Buckshe, Max Douet, N. Burnaby, B. C. 2069

Jersey Speed Skiff
Jo-Carol Too, Dan Ardolina Long Branch, N. J.. 3525 
Jo-Ann, Joseph Julian, Atlantic Highlands, N. J.. 2625 
Restless, Peter Deppert, Hasbrock Heights, N. J...1390 
Blacky Carbon, Fred Zbranak, Linden, N. J...1300
Blue Chips, Jack Sweeney, Rumson, N. J 734

Ski. Rac. Run.
Greyhound, Robert Flood, Skokie, IL 3125
Lil' Reb, Alexander M. MacNicol, Short Hills, N. J...2779 
Das' Fireschpitten Loudinboomer, Joe Maybrown, Long Beach, N. Y 2594 Hanky-Panky, Earl Gilbert, Washington, D. C 2413 
Chic Sails, Fred Clute, Portland, Ore : 2359

B Rac. Run.
Lil' Bee, Ernie Rose, Patterson, Calif 3100 
Stand In, Natz Tabar, Westley, Calif 1650 
Slide Rule, Olen Miller, Modesto, Calif 1450 
B-Flat, Rollin W. Robinson, Modesto, Calif 1130
B Bop, John Fay, Healdsburg, Calif 619

E Rac. Run.
Riff Raff, Laurence Byward, Costa Mesa, Calif 2700 
El-Toro, Peter J. Mistretta, Chicago, III 2469 
El Matador, Charles Gerage, Chicago, 111 2400 
Daddy's Baby, Joe Poty, Whittier, Calif 2300 
Gypsy, Jack Leftwich, Provo, Utah 1750

E Ser. Run.
Second Mortgage, Ben Pumo, Miami, Fla..2807
High Hopes, W. S. Thomas, Gloucester, Co., Va 1625 
Dinah-Might, S. R. Boswell, Miami, Fla 1607 
Frustration, J. D. Wooldridge, Miami, Fla 1375
El Capitan, Wilfred A. Grusich, New Orleans, La 1152

F Ser. Run.
Scandal, Wm. Bourne, Coral Gables, Fla 4200
Oh! Mona, Del Daily, Miami, Fla. 2769
Miss Conncraft, Robert Conn, No. Miami, Fla 2175
Violator, Ted Brayer, Snyder, N. Y 800
Twister, Richard E. Kelly, Narberth, Pa. 400

Minimum $5.00
15 Cents Per Word
FOR SALE - 266, "Goof Grief," New and campaigned only in 1962. High points Region Six, second in Nationals. $2,500. Varnished mahogany hull, with cowling and tailpiece, Dodge (375 bhp on dynomometer) will Hillborn injection and Vertex magneto, Hallcraft gearbox, spare engine, trailer (electric brakes). Larry Kennedy, Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

FOR SALE - Dick Sooy's 280 Hydro "Susie". Terrific performer! Two seasons running, 20 wins, 9 seconds, 5 thirds, 1 fourth. Aver. 102.6 mph in kilo, one run 105.8 mph. Boat, motor and trailer with full cover in mechanically A-1 condition, $2,000. Dick Sooy, Dick's Marina, Northfield, N. J

FOR SALE -BRAND NEW 225. New engine, new hull, new trailer, ready to run. Full house F-85 aluminum Oldsmobile, Iskendarian cam, Forgetrue pistons, Edelbrock intake manifold. All absolutely new. Ted Jones designed. Hull is fiberglassed at stress areas. Handled properly, this machine can break world mile and competition records. Asking $3,000, will consider trade, auto, etc. Bill Muncey, Mercer Island, Wash.

FOR SALE - 280 Hydro "Intruder", Colcock hull, Chev. engine, Custom trailer, canvas cover, Hi J wheel. Boat in perfect shape, in and out. Price $1,600. Pictures available. Spellman "Poochie" Pellerin, Metairie, La.

FOR SALE - "Kiwi Too", 266 Cu. In. Hydroplane. New Schroeder hull, fresh engine. spare parts, trailer. Three races on hull. Good runner. $1,750. Quitting. Eric Nielsen, Geneva, Ohio

VOL. 17, NO. 9
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