Photos from a Moment
from 2012
All these photos were featured on the home page during 2012.
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Southland Sweepstakes Invitational 1976
Tom D'Eath driving Gone Heavy was out in front & rolling. Larry Lauterbach driving the "original" Edelwiess (not the birch boat) got wet down in the first turn, but came roaring back to take the money in 5 laps. Billy Gwynn was working hard that day.
Photo by Murdock

Driven by Kirk Rogers
Mahogany & Merlot event at Lake Chelan 2012. visit Miss Merion Bluegrass website
photograph by Chistine Gleason

Cabover VS Conventional
Tim Williams in his Ron Jones, Sr. Curious Yellow & Ray 'the Legend' Labrie in his Colcock 266 Fugitive

Lake Sammamish 2012
Tastin' n Racin' 
Nick Badoloto in E-70 the Agitator | Tim Parker in the E-291 Calypso |
Alan McDonoho in the N-70 Aquanut
Photo taken by Mark Sharley

"Turning the vintage boys loose"
GP-1001 DINOMYTES Roger LaPierre O/D | H-202 HEAVY DUTY Ron Snyder driver & Gary Vore owner
GP-200 LAUTERBACH SPECIAL Dave Richardson O/D | GP-317 IRISHMAN  Bill Fisk O/D

Dayton, Ohio 2012
Phil Kunz found his old Cunningham built hull that he raced many years ago. John Jenkins restored it and is piloting it above.

Start of 280 class 
National Championship
Dayton, Ohio 1980's
Photo by Rich Willim's wife

Start of heat one for the 850 class
National Championships at Tonawanda, New York 1982 
Bob Thomas - T-N-T Special Y-115 (Tate’s first Kelson Hydro) | Dick Delsener - South Paw Y-6 
The Lauterbach was the only conventional hull entered with a full field of 12 boats. This was the first of 3 Nationals won by Dick Delsener and his South Paw

Mac Jordan in his Miss Sapphire (outside) | Ronnie Hearn driving Rodney Brogden's Kitty-B
Hampton 1966
Photographer unknown | photo from the Lisa Hearn Adkins collection.

John Jenkins shop
End of 2011 - Beginning of 2012

Miss Goodwin 3-N
Lake Goodwin, Washington September 1960
Owned & driven by Doug Whitley. A great read about the story on how Doug and his boat ended up making the trip to Cape Coral, Florida for the 1960 Nationals and how Billy Schumacher got to drive it and won the National Championship & set a World Speed Competition Record of 73.710 mph. This and other neat stories on
Thanks to Doug for all your hard work as the APBA V&H chairman.

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