About Dayton Hydroglobe
The idea of making Dayton, Ohio the "Indy" of boating competition might have seemed like a pipe dream 16 years ago, but today it is reality. With the help and sponsorship of American Aggregates Corporation, the City of Dayton Division of Parks and Recrea- tion, the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, Montgomery County, and hundreds of volunteers the one-time gravel pit has been transformed into Eastwood Lake, Dayton's Hydrobowl.
Thousands of participants and spectators now come to the Gem City every August to participate in the Hydroglobe. The participants come from all walks of life ranging from doctors, lawyers, factory workers, corporate officers and
even housewives. All boats competing in the National Championships are registered members of the American Power Boat Association. But, believe it or not, most if not all of the drivers are amateurs.
The unusual design of the Dayton Hydrobowl (Eastwood Lake) provides safety and aesthetic beauty to the racing facility.
The lake, because it is set 20 to 30 feet below ground level, eliminates much of the problem of wind which is extremely dangerous to boats traveling at high rates of speed. A natural amphitheater, for spectator viewing, is formed by the sloping banks surrounding the lake. Because the lake is naturally spring fed, the possibility of hitting any floating or submerged objects is greatly reduced. This is important because the smallest object when struck by a speeding boat can cause a boat to desintegrate. The overall park and lake facilities are constantly maintained and supervised by the City of Dayton Division of Parks. Thus providing clean modern public facilities for spectators and participants and park security insures safety and assistance if needed. This year, 8-10 August, there will be nine classes of Inboard National Championships and one class of the Pro D 700 cc, Outboard National Championship. Drivers from 24 different states and Canada are joining the Hydroglobe this year hoping to win their own division. All of the hard work put into the Hydroglobe is well worth it when you think of all of the benefits derived from it. The unique and exciting event has drawn national recognition that will continue to help promote tourism in Ohio and interest in the Dayton area.

1200 cc Hydroplane. Class Designation T.
Dayton Hydroglobe Record 64.609 MPH, 1979
T-35 Driver Ed Thompson Baltimore, Maryland

T Class: 1200 cc
T -2 Lil Hillwind Marcus Poulin, Orange, CT
T -20 Boss Cat Gerald Kelson, Seattle, WA
T -22 Constant Pressure Thomas Bush, Lake Hopatcong, NJ
T -34 Hallucinating Tiger Mark Gudvangen, Whittier, CA
T -35 T.M. Special Ed Thompson, Baltimore, MD
T-39 Liquid Plumber Bill Branhan, Newton, OH
T-44 Junkyard Dawg Joe Shulte, Phoenix, AZ
T-51 Short Circuit Dan Archbible, Pisgah. OH
T-54 Wahoo James Batchelor, Bowie, MD
T -55 Moms Worry Too Mike Weber, Grose Pointe Park, MI 
T-66 Homer Fred Benzinger, Cincinnati, OH
T-72 Salisbury Stake Donald Craig, Salisbury, MD
T -78 Sunrise Greg Long, Danville, KY
T -79 Sunrise Greg Long, Danville, KY
T -82 Scarlet Lady Joseph Jenkins, Pasadena, MD
T -88 Hastier Tom Love, Loveland, OH
T -89 My Mistake David Shaw, Patterson, NJ
T -90 Lil Leprechaun Ann Fitzgerald, Rio Grand, NJ
T-105 Miss Galewood Charles Green, New Carlisle, OH 
T-247 Paper Cup Bobby Isaac, Pasadena, MD
T -777 Double Eagle Pamela Adams, Mays Landing, NJ


850 cu. in. Hydroplane. Class Designation Y. 
Dayton Hydroglobe Record 68.571 M.P.H., 1979. 
Y-43, Driver, Jim Sellers, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Y Class: 850 cc
Y-11 Pole Cat Russell Dodge, Seattle, WA
Y-20 Boss Cat Ed Kelson, Seattle, WA
Y.34 Jersey Misquito George Thorne, Oak Ridge, NJ
Y-49 Tail Wind Ivan Hudspeth. Denver, CO
Y-66 Sure Bet Polly Reiss, Chargrin Falls, OH
Y -68 Super J. Too Jim Appley, St. Petersburg, FL
Y-85 Littlest Lou Ethel Long, Danville, KY
Y-89 Anti Stick Mark Tate, Canton, MI
Y-150 Rejuvenation Brent Franklin, Tonawanda, NY
Y -269 Lip Ship Lee Hertz, Southfield, MI
Y-289 Low Friction Joe Tate, Canton, MI
Y-484 Guess Whos There Timothy Pickton, Ft. Lauderdale. FL 
Y-681 Sisco Ed Perry, St. Petersburg, FL
Y-707 Arabian Cajun Wesley Nickens, Prairieville, LA


145 cu. in. Hydroplane. Class Designation S. 
Dayton Hydroglobe Record 73.464 M.P.H., 1979. 
S-145 Lil Lectron, Driver, Willard Wilson, Wilmington, Delaware.

S Class: 145 cu. in.
C7-17 L'e Toile Filante Dennis Gauther, Valleyfield, Quebec
CS.19 L'eToileFilantell PierreTheret,Valleyfield,Quebec 
CS-80 Bo Jeans Bruno Brossoit, St. Timothee, Quebec 
S-1 Hi Jacker Stu Shane, Harve DeGrace, MD
S-12 Fools Gold Don Gold, Royal Oak, MI
S-16 Guston James Batcheloc, Bowie, MD
S-26 Flying Eagle Bobby Cronin, Lawrence, MA
S-27 Miss Dover George Williams, Jr., Dover, NJ
S-30 Chicken Ship Harlan Williams, Parkersburg. WV 
S-31 Buck Shot Tom Jeanette, Fairhaven, MI
S-32 Bad Habit Hank Kosciuszko, Harper Woods, MI 
S-33 Suddenly Dave Bender, Huntington Beach, CA 
S-37 Hush Puppy Joseph Shull, Mt. Ephraim, NJ
S-38 Miss Hillwinds Nick Cerino, Milford, Conn.
S-39 Challenger Dan Archible, Pisgah, OH
S-43 Little Miss Lou Charley Long, Danville, KY
S-46 Lucy Baby Frank Davis, Cincinnati, OH
S-47 Ecstasy Dutch Squires, Lakewood, CO
S-49 Super Hook Lee Hertz, Southfield, MI
S-55 Yaller Dawg Joe Schulte, Watervliet, MI
S-64 Rapid Transit Richard Harris, Cincinnati, OH
S-67 Sho-Nuff John Shewbrooks, Concord, TN
S-72 Satisfaction Truman Ambrose, Aberdeen, MD 
S-81 Cincinnati Kid Bob Lutz, Cincinnati, OH
S-86 Carpet Bagger Sam Peters, Louisville, KY
S-92 Little Joe Joey Kreitzer, Dayton, DH
S-106 Easy Luvin Lucile Smith, Bloomington, MN
S-115 Pipers Alley Bryan Barlow, Grosse Pointe, MI 
S-117 Paper Tiger Tom Mitchell, Orland, PA
S-128 Twyster Tom Yeager, Brainerd, MN
S-135 Sling Shot Mark Tomashot, Kettering, OH
S-144 Dianes Dilemma William Noonan, Louisville, KY 
S-145 Lil Lectron Willard Wilson, Wilmington, DE 
S-149 Ike Rich Dittrich, Minneapolis, MN 
S-150 Free Spirit Larry Mitchell, Norristown, PA
S-151 Movin On Gary Chism, Ft. Thomas, KY
S-160 Lil Doug Doug Thompson, Joppatowne, MD 
S-161 Le Spirit Marcelle Belleville, Santa Ana, CA 
S-165 Tor Gre Torby Barker, Grand Island, NY 
S-175 Burgundy Blues Charles Green, New Carlisle, OH 
S-181 Agitator Russel Bennett, Royal Oak, MI 
S-201 Hot August Night Dave McCabe, Olympia, WA
S-222 Feel So Good Walter Egli, New Baltimore, MI 
S-250 Sarges Barge Mike Weber, Gross Pointe, MI
S-440 Sophisticated Lady Ray Dong, Troy, MI
S-4B1 Gizmo Bill Morrison, Maysville, KY
S-505 Vella Jacket Mark Armand, Madison, IN
S-555 Afternoon Delight Rick Alexander, Kettering, OH
S-761 American Express George Kovach, Tonawanda, NY
S-77B Quick Silver Frank Connolly, Northfield, NJ
S-811 Dougs Wanton Duchess Doug Brogden, Newport News, VA
S-880 Runnin on Empty Tommy Dewees, Norristown, PA


2.5 Litre Hydroplane. Class Designation A.
Dayton Hydroglobe Record 82.229 M.P.H., 1979
A-60, Driver, Jim Kropfield, Cincinnati, Ohio.

A Class: 2.5 Litre
A-1 Blue SPL Earl Hall, Hampton, VA
A-4 Every Penny Chris Oliver, Gainesville, MO
A-5 Bachelor One Mark Long, Danville, KY
A-6 Why Jack Van Deman,Chersaw, NC 
A-11 Big Chief Hugh Long, Danville, KY
A-21 Coal Cat Bob Newman, Loveland, OH
A-25 Insomnia Bob Dabrowski, Ferndale, MI
A-36 In Cahoots Mike Ambrogio, Grosse Pointe, MI 
A-43 High Upkeep Jack Sellars, St. Petersburg, FL 
A-71 Slot Machine Jack Meyer, Louisville, KY
A- 75 Super Tiger Rod Zapf, Manhattan Beach, CA 
A-76 You'ns Jack Shewbrooks, Concord, TN
A-86 Bon Bon Dal Kremer, Bellevue, KY
A-96 Kiss 96 Phil Lipschitz, Cincinnati, OH
A-98 Vahallia Jerry Scheidt, Dayton, OH
A-151 Snafu VII Glen Turner, Rockwood, MI
A-211 Bob Cat Bob Ritz, Port Huron, MI
A-211 Gemini Larry Lauterbach, Virginia Beach, VA 
A-4OQ Harder Four Rich Hallet, San Jacinto, CA
A-650 Renegade Jay Root, San Diego, CA


225 cu. in. Hydroplane. Class Designation N.
Dayton Hydroglobe Record 91.417 M.P.H., 1979
N-1 Driver, Jim Kropfield, Cincinnati, Ohio.

N Class: 225 cu. in.
N-1 Country Boy Jim Kropfeld, Cincinnati, OH
N-3 Goody Wagon Jim Deel, Worthington, OH
N-7 Hot Ticket Pat O'Connor, DePew, NY
N-30 Nan Net IV Stover Hire, Syracuse, IN
N-34 Run-N-Scared Randy Hurst, Kankakee, IL
N-36 Summer Wine Randy Wolfe, Crete, IL
N-37 Warhawk Butch Kropfeld, Cincinnati, OH
N-4Q Linda Gail Glen Koutny, Palm Harbor, FL
N-56 Shooting Star Kenneth Helivig, Sarnia, Ontario 
N-64 Little Foss Lloyd Halsey, Hamilton, OH
N-75 Specialist Bob Dabrowski, Detroit, MI
N-111 Kiss 96 Phil Lipschitz, Cincinnati, OH
N-116 Prime Mover Alan Vordermeier, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
N-124 Expeditor III Wesley Carman, Freeport, NY 
N-130 Nan Net III Mark Cravens, Columbus, IN


280 cu. in. Hydroplane. Class Designation E.
Dayton Hydroglobe Record 76.857 M.P.H. 1975
E-37 Hire Voltage, Driver Stover Hire, Syracuse, Indiana.

E Class: 280 cu. in
CE-4 Miss Virgo Robert Theoret Valleyfield, Quebec
E-5 Its Quick Gary Fritz, Kenner, LA
E-6 Lark Vance Whitman, Lafayette, IN
E-7 Mr. Lucky Roy Wilson, New Orleans, LA
E-10 Moose Alan Schide, Dayton, OH
E-15 Siren Stone Jay Roesner. Winchester, IN
E-16 Bandit Ed Sharp, Largo, FL
E-22 Wild Fire Mark Kraus, Farmington Hills, MI
E-28 Tight Spot Anthony Resignolia, Patterson. LA
E-36 Toya Mia Neal Yapachino, Tacoma, WA
E-37 Hire Voltage Stover Hire. Syracuse. IN
E-39 Agitator Chic Langford, Dayton, OH
E-43 General "C" R. E. Field, Jr. Palm Springs. FL
E-43 Miss Patco Robert Craig, Key Biscayne, FL
E-45 Nudder Bo Wheeler Baker, Chester. MO
E-51 Hopelessly Devoted Pete Cooper. Eaton Rapids, MI
E-54 Gone Bananas John Cochanour, Warren, MI
E-63 Let-R-Rip Ed Weinert, Dayton. OH
E-66 J & B & Water Joey Kreitzer, Dayton. OH
E-68 Chopper Tony Sazone, New Orleans. LA
E-71 Red Baron William Albrecht Harper Woods. MI 
E-74 Hot Shot Doug Feister, New Baltimore, MI
E-97 Sumthin Else James Namen. Polson, MT
E-101 Buccaneer Brent Franklin. Tonawanda, NY
E-106 Mariner Larry Maurer. Edmonds. WA
E-108 Desperado Mike Lewis. Dayton. OH
E-117 Wet & Wild Earl Barras. Morgan City. LA
E-120 Hallucination Pat Gudvangen, La Mirada, CA
E-122 Hombre Mike Poppa, Dayton, OH
E-123 Uninsurable Rich Dittrich, Minneapolis, MN
E-129 Centsless David Gentz, Grand Island, NY
E-132 Sundance Kid John Jenkins. Mt. Vernon, OH
E-133 Ride On Mark Cravens, Columbus. IN
E-134 Easy Racer Mike Jones, Kent WA
E-134 Touch of Glass Warren Tyler, Watervliet MI
E-151 Liquid Plumber Bill Branhan. Newton, OH
E-158 Miss Dunkirk Joe Suski, Dunkirk, NY
E-189 Buckeye Kid John Taggart. Orlando, FL
E-201 Sky High Paul Reid, St. Anne DeBellev, Quebec
E-212 Deuces Wild Ray Miller, Bason Park, FL
E-227 Last Blast Too Perry Walter, Miami, FL
E-250 Eclipse Jim Eldridge, Fairborn, OH
E-270 Miss Skid Do Ronnie Riggs, Dayton, OH
E-303 Amesbury Miss David Lund, Amesbury, CT
E-400 Diamond Dog Randal Jenkins, Baton Rouge. LA
E-451 Miss Motech Chuck Kaiser, Dearbor, MI
E-550 Zig Zag Jack Meyer, Louisville, KY
E- 701 Miss Pat Peter Villone, Niagara Falls, NY
E- 747 Slippery When Wet Robert Herrington, Baton Rouge, LA
E- 777 Lil Witch Joe Hartegan. Chalmette, LA
E-888 Star Rider Mark Burghardt. Detroit MI


5-Litre Hydroplane. Class Designation F.
Dayton Hydroglobe Record 89.109 M.P.H., 1979
F-42 Little Miss Jenny Driver Gordon Reed, Grand Island, New York.

F Class: 5 Litre
F-6 Speckled Pup Jack Meyer, Louisville, KY
F-8 Nickel Rocket Bud Roper, Newport News, VA
F-17 Third Generation Mike Endres. Grand Island, NY
F-18 Diablos Gidget Daniel Doidge. Los Angeles. CA
F-1 B Golden Gidget Daniel Doidge. Los Angeles. CA
F-26 Fury Don Null. Ft. Wayne. IN
F-28 Lucky Drafter Rex Benidict. Seattle. WA
F-31 Miss Jamie Chuck Kaiser, Dearborn, MI
.F-42 Lil Miss Jenny Gordon Reed, Grand Island, NY
F-55 Shady Lady Bud Burns, Seattle, WA
F- 77 Stroh Boat Jerry Scheidt, Dayton, OH
F-1B9 Turn-Er-On John Turner, DePew, NY
F-191 Blue Streak Larry Murdock, Pompton Lakes, NJ 
F-233 Blind Crippled Crazy Ken Brodie, Grand Island, NY
F-421 Fantacy Howie Benns, Buffalo, NY
F- 726 Would Be James Auld, Brockville, Ontario, Canada


7 Litre Division II. Class Designation J. 
Dayton Hydroglobe Record 86.331 M.P.H., 1979. 
J-332, Something Special, Driver, Nip Thomas, Hopkins, Minnesota.

J Class: 7 II Litre
J-16 Big Kat-N.Nan Paul Bauer, Cincinnati, OH
J.17 Secial Edition Jim Kropfeld, Cincinnati, OH
J-36 Windrift Terry Troxell, Tacoma, WA
J.37 Godfathers Advantage Victor Franklin, Ft. Meyers, FL
J-42 Miss Valvoline Dave Manning, Ashland, KY
J- 76 Copy Cat Peter Thompson, Bellevue, WA
J-79 Flyn Lo Ty Cobb, Baton Rouge, LA
J-100 Shazam John Prevost, Baton Rouge, LA
J.103 K-Jr. Charles Keller, Loveland, OH
J-317 The Irishman Steve Kuhr, Cincinnati, OH
J-322 Miss Misty Fred Shearer, Excelsior, MN
J-999 Pachanga Terry Browning, Virginia Beach, VA


7-Litre Division I. Class Designation H.
Dayton Hydroglobe Record 93.506 M.P.H., 1973
H-444, Driver Larry Lauterbach, Portsmouth, Virginia.

H Class: 7 Litre
H-56 Miss Jenny Gordy Reed, Tonawanda, NY
H.83 Blue Mule Anthony Stalder, Milford, OH
H-88 Hustler Bob Newman, Loveland, OH
H-444 Peanut Larry Lauterbach, Portsmouth, VA
H-777 Crazy Horse William Patterson, Gaithersburg, MD 
H-888 Black Widow Joe Hartdegan, Chalmette, LA


The 1980 PRO National Championship for class 700 cc hydro is dedicated to the memory of the late Jim Stone from Orange Park, Florida. Jim died of injuries received in the OD World Championships last April. He was the defending National Champion in this class and also holds the World Competition Record of 98.96 miles per hour. In 1978 Jim won the 500 cc hydro National Championship, national high point champion in 250 cc, 350 cc and 850 cc hydros and was inducted into American Power Boat Association Hall of Champions. Jim is greatly missed by the racers, pit crews, their families, and his fans.

National Champions for the past five years.
1975 Fred Hauenstein Oshkosh, Wis. Boat no. C-6
1976 Jerry Kirts Bristol, Ind. Boat no. H-l
1977 Jerry Kirts Bristol, Ind. Boat no. H-l
1978 Wayne Baldwin Sandia, Tex. Boat no. T -73
1979 Jim Stone Orange Park, Fl. Boat no. F-888

Speed Records
World Straightaway 1 kilometer 110.254 Wayne Baldwin -Sandia, Tex. 
World Competition 5 miles/3 laps 98.96 Jim Stone -Orange Park, Fla. 
National Competition 5 miles/3 laps 90.817 Bob Rhoades -Renton, Wash. 
National Competition 5 miles/4 laps 83.643 Barry Lewis -Renton, Wash.

Most motors in this class are Koenig built in West Berlin. Some drivers prefer the American built Merc-Quincy typically identifiable by the open tuned exhaust stacks. If water conditions are good the lightweight wooden gydros will reach speeds of up to 110 mph. The engines will develop between 130 and 150 horsepower at 9,500 to 11 ,000 RPM's. They use no gasoline. Thefuel is methanol with castor oil or a synthetic oil mixed with it to provide lubrication.
A maximum of twelve drivers can compete and the champion is the driver with the highest point total of two heats.

Thanks to John Nebelecky for providing this race program.