In the year of 1994, Tom D'Eath was asked to head up the new Vintage & Historic Division of the American Power Boat Association. This newly formed division set course on building a class within the organization to help preserve the rich racing heritage of the APBA. Old racers came out of retirement to lend a hand. Restorations with old racing hulls were becoming popular & slowly the division started to grow. With just a handful of members this dedicated group of determined individuals started with just an idea. Today we have over 300 members worldwide. Our division continues to be the most rapidly growing category in the APBA since it's inception. Please support the old raceboats and the folks who made all the great history by becoming a member of the APBA Vintage & Historic Division.

APBA Vintage & Historic Division objectives
Striving to document the history of powerboat racing.
Preservation & restoration of race boats.
Promoting our vintage race boat regattas.

APBA V&H - information & forms   
  • Bylaws & Rulebook

Bylaws & Rules for the APBA V&H Division for 2015.

  • V&H Officials & Regional Representatives
A list of your officials and their contact information (last updated 1/13/15)
  • Medical History & Physical Exam
All V&H drivers must have this completed every 2 years to run at APBA events.
  • Helmet Requirements
APBA V&H Division Helmet Requirements for 2015
  • Membership

Link to get to 2015 APBA Vintage & Historic membership.
  • Driver's Meeting Agenda
Form to use for the driver's meeting.
  • Safety Inspection Checklist
Form required for each boat inspection. (NEW Feb 25 2014)
  • Safety Inspector Test
Required test if you want to become or renew to be a V&H safety inspector.
(NEW Feb 25 2014)
  • Safety Inspectors
Approved APBA Safety Inspectors.
  • APBA 2015 Vintage Schedule of Events

Come see the vintage hydroplanes and race boats run in 2015!
  • APBA 2015 V&H National Meeting
Read what transpired at the National Meeting in 2015.

General - information, ideas  & fun
Organizing a Vintage Event

Article by Dan & Debbie Joseph and Thomas 'Butch' Kropfeld.
Promoting Vintage & Historic

Article by the past Vice Chairman on V&H promotion.
Past V&H leaders
List of past V&H leaders whose dedication helped grow the APBA V&H division.
Log Book

There is no requirement that states you need to carry around a Log Book full of sheets. But if you would like to have one for fun - here's some neat forms you can use and other tidbits if you'd like to create a Log Book to tell your boat's story & continue to document your boat's history as it continues to thrill fans as you perform vintage flybys on vintage circuit!


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