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Paul Reid sent me a note that this hull was designed/built by Jerry Longtin who was famous for his CANADIANA hulls. Built circa 1946 and won Valleyfield in 1956 with Francois Lavinge at the helm. In looking at the L’Atomique you can see some of the same design DNA that would be later be applied to the future Canadiana designs, especially the rear cowl. Just looks way ahead of its time.
Cheers – Ross McCracken

Tomyann H-90

This is Joe Taggart’s 7 Liter hydro “Tomyann” that had 3 Mercury flathead engines.
It was reported that the front one was hooked direct and the rear two were connected via belt drives.
The belts kept burning up and the idea was scrapped and a Fageol bus engine was used instead.
Phil Kunz

Three V8-60’s
135 cu. in. x 3 = 405 cu. in. = seven liter