Pacific Northwest Racing
By Randy Wold

American Lake. Circa - 1962(?)
Drivers from left to right:
Armand Yapachino (note Armand's driving uniform)
Jack Prengel
Ron Morrison
George Henley 
(George Henley closed out his racing career in the unlimited hydroplane Pay-N-Pak
He's been involved with jet powered river boats for years).
Driver's in the background:
Leroy Little and his son Chris.

Leroy Little is the builder-designer of the first cabover hydroplane, JOYA-MIA 16-E, in the Pacific NW.
Owner/Driver Armand Yapachino also helped with building her.

Leroy Little made and cast the aluminum exhaust headers 
for the Falcon engine and built the homemade fuel-injection. 

280's racing. 
Cabover on left is Armand Yapachino's Joya Mia. 
Armand still owns a 5 litre class, Karelsen design racing hull and it is also called Joya Mia.

The original Annies Dodge H-25
Photo taken in Eastern Washington

Irwin Jeffries YoYo H-5
A Chuck Hickling design. It was burned many years ago

The 150 Karelsen cabover is my other boat more commonly known as the Hilton Hyperlube A-555.
I believe this was Ed Karelson's first inboard hydroplane built originally for Jim Emel in 1961.

© Randy Wold

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