Inboard Boat Racing
Australia's First Jet Powered Hydroplane
by Graeme Morley
Australian Powerboat Racing - Post WWII
by Graeme Morley
Don Wilson takes 2 races in 1956
from BOAT SPORT magazine May 1956
History Of The Calvert Cup
by Fred Farley
1964 Story from National Boat Racing Yearbook
Long Gone
by Ray Jackson
Lucky Driver
by Johnny Sweet
Miss O'Neil & Knudson U-14
Newspaper article & photos by Bob Foley
Miss Supertest III
A quest to win the Harmsworth Trophy for Canada
Miss X
by Andrew Embleton. A story on South African's Bobby Brothner's attempt at the world water speed record.
Pacific Northwest Racing
by Randy Wold
Racing around Hampton, Virginia in the 1950s
by Lewis Redding
1973 article on Earl Wham - Courtesy of Powerboat Magazine

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