Sixty years of boat racing tribute for Don Kelson
Gang Green Returns  | Driver - Christina Kelson Kraus | Owners - Ed & Janet Kelson
Cat Ballou | Driver - Shawn Kelson | Owners - Dan & Debbie Gill
Cat's Meow | Driver - Jerry Kelson | Owners - Jerry & Terri Kelson

Bolam's Express | Driver - Ed Kelson | Owners - Bob & Kathy Bolam
Copy Cat | Driver - Don Kelson | Owners - Bill & Kathy Killian
The patriarch of the Kelson Family - Don Kelson is driving Copy Cat at 83 years young.
Soap Lake, Washington June 14, 2014 | Photo by Chris Denslow (click photo to see larger)
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This website is devoted to the limited class, antique, vintage & historic hydroplanes & raceboats.Our website has many pages filled with photographs & boat racing stories. We are much more than just inboard hydroplanes. All vintage raceboat owners & fans are encouraged to participate on this website and our sport. The site navigation is full of history. Be prepared to travel back with us in time.
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