A Class Modified 135ci/150ci/2.5 Litre Modified
E Class Stock 280ci/5-Litre Stock
F/NM Class Modified 225ci Div. 1 /266ci/5&6-Litre Modified/National Modified
GP Class Modified
H Class Modified 7-Litre Div. 1
J/GNH Class Stock 7-Litre Div. 2/Grand National Hydro
L Class Modified 91ci/98ci
N Class Modified 225ci Div. 2 & regular 225ci thru-'75) 4 & 6-Litre
S Class Stock 136ci/145ci/2000cc/2300cc/2.5 Litre Stock
T Class Stock 44ci/72ci/1200cc/1-Litre Stock/1.5-Litre Stock
U Class Modified unlimited
Y Class Modified 48ci/850cc/1&1.5-Litre Modified
CM Class 3-litre (Canadian)
CQ Class 6-litre (Canadian)
CJ-SJ-KJ class
Drag, Tunnel & Misc.
E & F Service Runabout
Gold Cup
Jersey Speed Skiff
K & SK Racing Runabout - SS Superstock
PODH (Pacific One Design Hydroplane)
International Classes (boats built outside of North America)
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T Class                                                                                                     Stock Class - 44ci/72ci/1200cc/1-Litre Stock
Bad News
Y/T class hull with Crosley 44 ci | Built in 1962 by Darr | Owned by Nicola DaBica of Wolfeboro Falls, New Hampshire
media sheet

44 ci class hull with stock Crosley | Built in 1957 by Burgard & Meyers | Owned by Bob Moore of Red Bank, New Jersey
This was one of three boats built that started the 44 cu. in. hydro (stock) class. Known today as the 1 litre (stock) class.  The only other 44 hydro known to exist is owned by Art Apy of Wolfeboro, NH.

Jinx T-5
T class hull with Homelite 60 ci | Built in 2010 by Murdock | Owned by Ralph Massey of Sharptown, Maryland
media sheet

Junkyard Dawg T-44
1200 cc class hydro | Built in 1976 by Dick Sooy | Owned by Joe John Schulte of Lowell, Michigan
media sheet

Lil Miss Hillwinds T-2
1200 cc class hull with 3kc, 1200cc Toyota | Built in 1977 by Dick Sooy | Owned by Willy Noonan of Louisville, Kentucky
It was raced under the names, starting with the first, Bones, then Lil Miss Hillwinds, then  Mathmagic, and finally, Homer. Built in 1977 by the late Dick Sooy of Mays Landing, N.J. We believe this cabover is the last race boat ordered by the late Guy Lombardo for a member of his family. He died before the boat was finished and therefore never took possesion. The boat started with restoration by Dick Harris in a fair state of disrepair.
media sheet

On The Rocks T-89
1.5 liter hull with Toyota | Built in 1976 by J R Kexel, Sr. from Sooy design | Owned by Dennis J Kexel of Groton, Conneticut
While living in Berwick, PA, my Dad and I were members of the Port Indian Racing Association. My Dad also built a 145 class Sooy hull we raced.

Scraps T-59
1200 cc class hull with 1200cc Toyota | Built in 1983 by Tom Franken | Owned by Lisa Bruce / Tom Franken of Cincinnati, Ohio
media sheet

72 ci class hydro with Crosley 72ci | Built in the 1950's by Victor Bupp (driver), Pete Myers, &  H. Burgard | Owned by Jeffrey Bupp
I have a lot of photos of the hydros back in the 50's and early 60's and a pile of trophys and a 44 ci.hydo that burgard, tilman myers and my dad victor bupp built may be the Tach-1. There was some home made movies of the races from the 50's i beleive they are still at my dads.

Y Class                                          Modified Class - 48ci/850cc/1 litre Modified/1.5-litre Modified
Aimless Lady Y-24
48 ci hydro with Crosley | Built in the mid to late 1950's by Ted Jones | Owned by Ray Maloney of Key West, Florida
I bought this hull from Marty Niles and Jack Prince in 1972. Prior to that, little history is known. I raced mostly at Miami Marine Stadium and later owned and drove a 280 Lauterbach. Restored it in 1999 and it was featured on the June 1975 Issue of Propeller.

Alley Cat
48 ci class hydro | Built in ? by Joe Schulte and Ted May | Owned by Joe John Schulte
Alley Cat is a 1965 Eastman designed (Piranha copy). Bill DeGlopper new owner??

Century 21 Special Y-3
850 cc class hull with Sunbeam Imp 4 cyl | Built in 1979 by Don Kelson & Modern Pattern, Seattle | Owned by Steve Hill of Carrollton, Kentucky
This is Steve David's retired world's record holder. Set the record in the Kilos in 1981 in Moorehaven, Florida at 102.257. Steve won over 50 races with it. Jim Appley, original engine builder has restored the Imp engine. Always looking for photos, clippings, trophies, pins , ribbons, articles & anything related to this boat. Born as High Upkeep Y-43,  Jim Sellers later ran as Bankwalker Y-44, Bobby Murray Jr.
webpage | media sheet

Double Trouble 48-Y
48 ci class hull with Crosley 4 cyl | Built in 1960? by Darrel Olson from Ted Jones blueprints | Owned by Randy Mueller of Gig Harbor, Washington
media sheet | webpage

Fickel Filly Y-116
48 ci class hull with Crosley | Built in 1961-2 from kit (same as S.E. Sunny Jones) | Owned by Joey Danches of Miami Beach, Florida
Also raced (started in Gold Coast Marathon, Miami to West Palm Beach in Miss ZSA- ZSA 
A-18 class runabout, 4 cylinder Grey motor. Placed first that year in A class runabout class winner 1958 Gold Coast Marathon. In 1960, also owned / raced 48 cu hydro boat name Poor Boy Y-116, later renamed Fickel Filly, then built new hydro 48 cu in. named / raced in Orange Bowl Regatta. Owners - David Brook & Joey Danches. Driver Joey Danches.

Full House Mouse Y-116
48 ci class hull with Crosley | Built in 1953 by DeSilva | Owned by Bob Foley of Escondido, California
Former owners:  Sonny Meyer, Mickey Remund, John Lyle. | 3rd at 1960 Nationals (Remund) | 4th at 1961 Nationals (Remund) | 2nd at 1975 Winternationals West (Foley)  | 5th at 1977 Nationals (Foley) | Set World Speed Record for 48 cubic inch hydroplanes, Five Miles in Competition, 67.720 mph at Salton Sea, CA on Novenber 6, 1954 (Meyer) | A good short course boat, the "Mouse" was best at Long Beach Marine Stadium. The boat is in "as-raced" condition (last time out was the 1979 Western Divisional) and has been promised to the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum in Seattle.  They already have my nemesis, Darrell Olsen's Double Trouble 48-Y.
media sheet | webpage

Gizzy Whomper  Y/T
850 cc class hull with Geo | Built in 197? by Don Kelson | Owned by Peter Hackett of Tonawanda, New York
media sheet

Hang In There Y-55
850 cc class hull with pushrod Fiat 850 | Built in 1971/72 by DeSilva | Owned by Bill Walti
This was Jack Schafer, Jr.'s first inboard. His Dad was the owner of the famous Such Crust unlimiteds out of Detroit, and Jack, Jr. started out racing outboards.  Jack and his crew chief Gerry Stiles spent the 1972 season developing the boat, working mainly on balance. Unfortunately, the boat crashed at San Diego (late fall of '72) and blew out the front end (it started life as a shovel-nose conventional). Jack gave me the remains and I drew up plans to make it a mid-cockpit pickle-fork. I worked on the reconstruction for a while but eventually the 850cc class withered and died (in S. California anyway) and the boat, true to its original name, has been hanging in the rafters of my carport for many years. This boat was registered as Impecunious Mouse Y-599 but has never been in the water since the day Jack crashed it. I took ownership on June 2, 2010 from Bob Foley who had it hanging in his carport for years.

Hoddys Quirk Y-73 
850 cc class hull with modified Sunbeam Imp | Built in 1980 by Ron Jones Marine | Owned by Harrison Quirk (Hoddy) of Ware, Massachusetts
This hull was raced actively from 1980 to1996. Ron Jones rebuilt the sponsons and bottom in 1986. This was the last wood boat to come from his shop I was told by Ron. Engine was Sunbeam Imp 901 cc modified for alcohol and was run from1980 to1991. In 1991, engine was changed to Chevy Sprint 1000 cc from 1991 to1996. Currently has 1000cc Sunbeam Imp modified for alcohol in the boat. Boat is like new condition.

Honk Y-73
48 ci class hull with 48 ci Crosley | Built in 1960 by Kenny Ingram - Harrison Quirk | Owned by Harrison Quirk of Ware, Massachusetts
This hull was built in 1960 from plan by Kenny Ingram of California. It was raced as a 48 cu.in. hydro from 1960 to1970. The engine was changed from a Crosley to a Sunbeam Imp in 1970. Boat was 2nd in nationals twice and won the eastern divisionals twice. Boat was sold to a fellow in Ohio in 1970 and was later discovered by Tom D'Eath in Michigan in 1997. Boat is being restored by Harrison Quirk and the engine will be a Sunbeam Imp.

Jersey Mosquito
1-litre class hull with Toyota | Built in ? by ? | Owned by Doug Havell, Jr of Westmilford, New Jersey
Boat was purchased in 1985 from George Thorne, 1 litre was installed and raced at Greenwood Lake in 1986. Raceboat was in storage since. The "mosquito" is in great shape and will hopefully be ready next year. The Mosquitos original numbers was Y-34 it also was a kneeler. I do not know the year it built, but George Thorne did race it in the 70's and 80's and claimed to hit the 90 mph range. The boat is 14 ft and currently has a 1 litre Toyota engine that I installed in 1985. I did race it, but I only made it to the first turn and sheered a drive shaft. The boat is being converted back to a kneeler and will be showing its original colors.

The Lip Ship Y-269
Y class hull with Honda 900cc | Built in 1980 by Lauterbach | Owned by Richard Delsener of Eastpointe, Michigan
Pickle-Fork design.  Powered by a Honda 900cc car engine.  Driven by Butch Kropfeld and Tom D'Eath, it's the 1981 Eastern Divisional Champion. I currently own two Lauterbach 850's. (The other is South Paw Y-6).

Little Big Man  Y-52
48/850 class hull with Crosley | Built in 1964-65 by Ramsey | Owned by Steve Maloney of Tallahassee, Florida
I raced this boat in the early and mid 70's mostly at Miami Marine Stadium. Previous to that it was owned by Hal and Cal Wingess. It was APBA National High Point Champion in 1966, 67 and 68. The name at that time was Wait for Me. I am presently restoring it and hope to have it in the water soon.

Miss Seattle, Jr. Y-49
Colcock & Hickling hulls from very early on. whereabouts unknown.

Paper Cup Y-247

T/Y class hull with Datsun 1300cc | Built in 1970 by owner using his own design | Owned by Tom 'Murdock' Isaac of Eldorado, Maryland
media sheet

Red Witch Y-4 & Y-91
48 Hydro & 850 cc Hydro with 48 cu. in Crosley | Built in 1948/49 by C. Mulford Scull | Owned by John F. "Jack" Van Deman, Jr. of Cheraw, South Carolina
This hull was built and raced by C. Mulford Scull as the Shooting Star.  Mully Scull suffered a heart attack while racing and passed away in the boat. It was sold to Lou Franco of Toranto, Canada and purchased by my father Jack Van Deman, Sr. in 1957.  My father raced the boat in 1958, then retired from active driving.  In 1960 or 61 my father started Everette "Skip" Gillam racing in the 48 Hydro Class and in Skip's 2nd race he won the C. Mulford Scull memorial race in Pleasantville, NJ.  I began driving the boat in 1963 and it was raced into the 70's when my father and I retired it to concentrate on our 150 Hydro.

South Paw Y-6
850cc class hull with Sumbeam Imp. | Built in 1978 by Lauterbach | Owned by Richard Delsener of Eastpointe, Michigan
National Champion - 1982, High Point Champion - 1984, World Champion - 1984.In 1984, the South Paw won 17 of 24 events. The last conventional hull to win an APBA sanctioned event in 1994 at Rocky Fork, Ohio.
media sheet

48 cu in class hull with Crosley | Built in 1958 - Sonny Jones kit | Owned by George Price of Warrenton, Virginia
media sheet

1 litre hull with 900 cc Toyota | Built in 1972 or later by Jon Staudacher | Owned by  Jack H. Keen of Colorado Springs, Colorado
Conventional boat, raced primarily in Louisiana, may have been owned by John Ballera of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Boat stored last ten years in Tennessee. Purchased from Joe Marshall. Hull was converted to cabover. It's now being restored to original condition as vintage hull.

L Class                                                                                                                                 Modified Class - 91ci/98ci
The Topper L-91
91 ci hydro with Alfa Romeo | Built in the early 60's by Colcock | Owned by Steve Roskowski of Mooresville, Indiana
Engine is an alcohol injected Alfa Romeo.  Hull is 14' Colcock.  I think it is an early 1960's boat.

S Class                                                                                 Stock Class - 136ci/145ci/2000cc/2300cc/2.5 Litre Stock

Blue Chips S-07
145 class hull with 144 ci Ford Falcon engine | Built in 1965 by Harold Ruark | Owned and driven by Jed R. Wolcott of Fort Lauderdale Florida.
National S-Class champion in 1967 while owned by Jack Sweeney and driven by Willard Wilson | Rebuilt in 2005 by Tom D’Eath | Engine by Mustang Specialties of Pompano Beach FL |  | The S-07 Blue Chips appears regularly at APBA Regions 5 and 6 vintage events.

Bob Cat S-68
hull not found, but historical webpage worth a read on Bob Walters, Bob Cat S-68 and Spook A-39

Cavalier S-86
136 class hull with Ford V-8/60 | Built in 1950s by henry Lauterbach | Owned by Wally Rowland of Havre de Grace, Maryland
media sheet

Chain Reaction S-13
145 class hull with Ford Pinto 2000cc | Built in 1970s by Jon Staudacher | Owned by Anne Glasgow of Wheeling, West Virgina
media sheet

Cold Rod S-6
I don't have any info on this boat.

Ecstasty S-47
145 class hull with Ford Pinto | Built in 1978 by Jon Staudacher | Owned by Dave Triano of South Lake Tahoe, California
This S bottom design hydro was originally built for Dutch Squires and campaigned by him in the 1979 & 1980 season. 
media sheet

Eight Beat S-134
136 class hull with Ford V-8 "60" | Built in 1946 by Tommy Hill | Owned by Don Sea of Martinez, California
media sheet

HI-Q S-94
136 class hull with Ford V-8 "60" | Built in 1957 by Charles  Lloyd | Owned by Bob Moore of Red Bank, New Jersey
I have owned this boat since 1962 and raced it up to 1971. The boat & engine (1937 Ford V-8 "60") are just as they were "back then", although the boat has been restored and the engine rebuilt.
media sheet | webpage

High Society S-96
S class hull | Built by Dick Sooy | Owned by Bill & Mark Steinfield
In 1955, Bill had 3 different hydro's during the time he raced, 2 Sooy's and 1 Lloyd. His most successful campaigns were in 1958/59 with a 1954 S-Class Sooy powered by a V8 60 Page Hamilton engine. In 1959 Bill finished 2nd in the APBA National Point Standings and won quite a few races including wins at New Martinsville and Elizabeth City.

J.P. S-256
S class hull with Ford Pinto 2000 | Built in 1966 by Elroy Spicker | Owned by Jack Merrifield of River Canard (Windsor) Ontario 
Gene Whip, Dayton, OH was original owner. It has also campaigned as the The Mogul, T Cat, and Bobcat. Under these names it ran 150 Modified. Then was repowered to 145 stock hydro. Bill Hardy, Wyandotte, MI bought it around 1980 and raced it as $Bill S-275.  In '82 he was thrown out and subsequently sold it to Steve and Mike Garey.  They renamed it J.P. S-256. The Garey brothers switched off driving in '83, '84 and '85.  Best finish was 3rd in Madison, IN. It was silver and black until '87 and then repainted white with red lettering. It was raced most of the '87 season and a cracked engine block took it out at the '87 Trenton, MI race. It was then sold to Jack Merrifield. Restoration is being considered at this time.

Jenalure CS-8
S class hull with Ford Pinto 2000 | Built in 1985 by Gaeten Latour using Haworth design | Owned by Alain Primeau of Valleyfield, Quebec 
media sheet

The Judge S-103
145 ci class hull with Ford Falcon | Built in 1966 by Will Farmer | Owned by Dan & Debbie Joseph of Wheeling, West Virginia
media sheet

Krrazy Chief S-79
S class hull with 2.3 Ford Pinto | Built in late 80's by Phil Grahm | Owned by Douglas Havell of Hewitt, New Jersey
2.5 stock class, 2.3lt Ford. Hull is a combo of a Karlsen and Staudacher designs. Bottom and Pugh cell was installed 1995. Currently being raced. If you have info please let me know. It must have seen some action, has some scars.

Lil Lightning S-22
145 cu in hull with Ford Pinto 2000 cc | Built in 1979 by Jon Staudacher | Owned by Bob Abbott of Chateauguay, Quebec
media sheet

Lil Lectron S-145
145 cu. in. hull with Ford Falcon 144 Cu. In. & Ford Pinto 2000 cc | Built in 1968 by Ron Jones | Owned by Hank Kosciuszko of Harper Woods, Michigan
This hull was originaly owned by Willard Wilson as Lil Lectron. It raced from aprox 1968 to 1981 owned by Willard Wilson. During that time it held the closed course speed record for five miles in competion from Aug 1969 to Aug 1975.  Uping the record 5 times in that span of time. From 70.810 to 76.661. Also, this hull was the National Champion 6 times.  1971 - 1972 - 1974 - 1975 - 1976 & 1979. This is probably the most famous of Ron Jones Sr's rear-engine hulls. The hull was sold to Randy Conflitti and raced as Hay Boy!  Later it was sold to James Jackson. The new number was S-101.  The last time the boat raced was in Cumberland, Ky were it flipped.  Doing extensive damage and riped off all cowlings and sinking. James Jackson was the driver and came out in much better shape than the boat. The hull has sat outside for about the last 11 years. This will be a big project but well worth the time and effort when it is through. I will be restoring it to it's 1978 paint job with a Ford Pinto engine. 

Little Fission S-420
S class hull with 145 Ford Pinto | Built in 1971 from Schroeder design (we've been told) | Owned by Brian Joseph of Wheeling, West Virginia
Little Fission came in excellent condition.  All hull paint and graphics are original.

mcKnightmare's return S-30
145 class hydro with 144 ci Ford Falcon | Built in 1962 by Charlie Lloyd | Owned by Bill McKnight of Fort Lauderdale, Florida
I bought the hull, hardware, and period trailer from Joe Marshall in Knoxville, TN. September 2003.
media sheet | webpage

Midge 19-S
136 cu in hull powered by Ford flathead "60" | Year built and builder unknown | Owned by Marvin Jones of Los Banos, California
Sold in 1959 to someone in San Diego area.
media sheet

Midnight Special S-47
S class hull with Ford Pinto | Year built and builder unknown | Owned by Butch & Jackie Dreher of New Memphis, New York
media sheet

Pinto Express S-31
S class hull with Ford Pinto | Built by Jon Stadaucher | Owned by Alan Ganger of Spokane, Washington.
media sheet

Pixie CS-5
S class hull with Ford Pinto | Built in 1984 by Russell Haworth | Owned by Ross McCracken of Dorval, Quebec
media sheet

Playtime S-69
S class hull with Ford Pinto | Built in 1970 by Jim Davies, Sr. | Owned by Jack H. Keen of Colorado Springs, Colorado
Looking for any information on this boat.

Proud Mary S-50
1957 Lloyd hull that had a Falcon 6 cylinder and ran a Michigan wheel. 1973 brought a total rebuild by owner | Raced: Region III & Region IV
Accomplishments: Third Place Region III High Points 1972 | Owner/Driver was Dave Guetzlaff, Sr. of Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Red Rocket S-177
S class hull with Ford Pinto | Built in 1979 by Dick Sooy } Owned by Jim 'Pop' Warren of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
media sheet

S class hull with Chevrolet Corvair | Built in 1968 by Bill Bunn from Ruark design | Owned by Tracey Coleman of Gambrills, Maryland
media sheet

Rudy Toot S-168
hull destroyed, but first boat was a rare Fred Wickens design. Rudy Toot Too was built by owners with the design based on Jones. Interesting historical info.

Scrappy 88-S
136/145 ci class hull with Ford Falcon | Built in 1955 by Al Silva | Owned by Bob Sliva of Fort Bragg, California
media sheet

Skedaddle S-68
Lowell Simmons purchased plans for this Roberts design S-class hydro from an ad in Propeller. Starting in 1982, and in two years he constructed the boat in his Muncie, Indiana shop. Breif racing history.

S class hull with 2000 cc Pinto | Built in 1955? by Rich Hallet | Owned by Kevin Braun of Lakeside, California
I am looking for some history on this boat. All I know is it was raced in the southern California area by Guy Delveccio.

TipBack S-50
S class hull with 145 Ford Falcon | Built in 1960 by Will Farmer | Owned by William Mehan of Manchester, New Hampshire
Restored by Muller Boatworks in 1995 - Engine by Bryan Milazzo
media sheet

Thunder Chicken
S class hull with 145 Ford Falcon | Built in 1960 by Charles Fyffe | Owned by Jack H. Keen of Colorado Springs, Colorado
Thunder Chicken is a S class hull purchased from Bob Musson of Dayton, OH in Sept. 2001 less engine-decks removed when purchased-complete restoration is underway-built in 1960 by Charles Fyffe and raced as the S-12 and S-74.  Is being restored with Falcon engine and repainted in original colors as last raced.

Wanton Duchess S-811
S class hull | Built by Will Farmer | restored by Larry Lauterbach | Boat was the first and only of Farmers new 145 class design | Owned by Dave Wagoner.

Water Ball
136 class hull with Ford V-8 "60" | Built in 1954 by Rich Hallett | Owned by  Richard Lindstrom of Samoa, California
I purchased this hydro in 1957 from Jack Shaw in Klamath, CA. It is my understanding Jack Shaw and Melvin Ccott of Eureka purchased 136 hallett hydros at the same time(1954) and entered a few races at that time. When I purchased the hydro, I cleaned up the hull and replaced the engine and raced it at Lake Meritt in Oakland, Lake Washington in Sacramento and D Lake in Oregon. The last race in Sacramento, I damaged a sponson so I parked it, sold the engine a few years later and the hull has been in storeage until Feb. 2000. The plans are to build a stock 60 and a modified engine later.

Whistlin' Dixie S-85
hull whereabouts unknown. This hull was the former Lil Mogul & Cincinnati Kid.

Wild One S-?
S class hull | Built in 1968?| Owner is looking for info on this unique hydro

Yaller Dawg S-44
145 class hydro | Built in 1964 by Ron Jones | Owned by Joe John Schulte
Quite possibly the oldest Jones cabover in existance.
webpage | media sheet

S class hull with 2300 cc Ford/OMC engine | Built in ? by Marcel Belleville | Owned by Jack H. Keen of Colorado Springs, Colarado
Belleville hull with  2.5 litre. Purchased Sept. 2001 from Jon Church of Southern California. Has not raced for past four years. It is undergoing inspections/upgrade and installation of safety cell.  (719) 683-4778

A Class       Modified Class - 135ci/150ci/2.5-Litre Modified              |    CM Class       3-litre (Canadian)
Alouette Angel A-100
A class hull | Not much info on her, but a beautiful hydro.

Alky Too A-69

A class hull with a 2.5 litre modified engine | Built in 1960 by Young & Marlor | Owned by Ron Young of  Kelowna, B.C. Canada
This racing hull was designed by William Young to be a 135 ci. class . After the Flat head Ford "60" was installed and working great the APBA rules allowed the use of the 150 ci Ford falcon engine in less than 72 hours the falcon engine was modified and adjusted to fit this racing hull . This racing hull also driven by the designer William Young to many many 1st place trophys in the Pacific Northwest. William Young designed and built scores of three point hydroplanes in the years from 1949-1969.

Avenger A-30
150 cu. in. with 2.5 litre modified Chevy ll | Built in 1970 by Ron Jones, Sr. | Owned by Randy Wold of Spanaway, Washington
The Avenger was originally owned by Ken Furniss of Ogden, Utah. She was Region 18 High Point Champion for many years, National High Point Champion in '71,'74, and '75 and Western Divisional Champion in '71 and '74. Avenger was restored by Phil Mitchell, Bob Leckner and Fred Shearer.
media sheet | webpage

Bachelor I
150 class hull with a 136 Ford Flathead | Built in 1959 by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by Scott Courts of Pleasonton, California
Bought in 1996 from Tom D'Eath, it originally was commissioned to be built as 136 ci class hydro by Bob Baxter of Maryland. In the mid 60's Roger D'Eath successfully raced it as PSSST! and then Bachelor I.  As Bachelor I, it won the 1969 Orange Bowl Regatta in Miami. Roger sold it the Huey Long who campaigned it well into the 70's. Sold to an unknown owner in Kentucky. Tom  D'Eath recovered it and sold it to me. Rich Willim of Detroit did a fantastic job building a 136 ci Ford  Flathead engine (Rich raced the flatheads with success while many a racer moved on to the Ford Falcon engines). Currently restored as My Darling Lolita.
media sheet | webpage

Belle A-66

Belle was built sometime in the early to mid 1950's by Fred Wickens originally as 135 cu in. class hydroplane. The boat ran a Ford Flat Head up to 1963 when the class engine change to 150 cu. in. was implemented. From then on we ran a Ford Falcon motor with 12:1 aluminum dome pistons, Isky roller cam and three Zenith down draft carburetors. Multiple speed record holder and three National Championships. Whereabouts unknown

Big Chief A-11

2.5 Litre Modified class hull with Chevy II | Built in 1972 by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by Dave Richardson of Wellesley Island, New York
This boat was built for "Bud" Wiget, the world famous outboard racer in 1972. It was named by his wife to reflect his partial Native American heritage. This boat was later sold to Hugh Long of Danville, KY who campaigned it for many years. Some notable race victories were at the 1980 Madison Gold Cup, 1982 Governor Cup in Illinois, 1st Annual New Richmond Regatta in 1982. The hull has recently undergone extensive restoration by Larry Lauterbach while the owner keeps a workshop with several original engines.
media sheet

Bluewater Special
2.5 Litre hull with Datsun 240Z (2400cc) inline six | Built in 1974 by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by Chris Hall of Hampton, Virginia
This boat was originally the Coal Cat, and was redone by Larry Lauterbach over the winter. The original Bluewater Special was destroyed, (although not totally), at the Red Bank Regatta in September 1978. The Bluewater started life as the Sreemin' Meemie, a 280 owned by Chuck Kittell from Miami. It was changed to a 2.5 Litre in 1976 and won the first heat of the Nationals. We purchased the boat in November 1976 and our first race was at Miami in February 1977. The boat won the 1978 summer Nationals and was the 1978 High Point Champion. Overall, we won 22 races out of 31 entered before the accident!
media sheet | webpage

Came To Play A-150
150 class hull with Buick V-8 | Built in 1968 by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by Bill & Judy Fisk of Williamson, New York
media sheet | webpage

Competition A-66
2.5-litre hull with 2300 modified Pinto | Designed & Built 1983 by Harold & Bill Morrison | Owned by Bill Morrison
Hull is based on the S-bottom Staudacher using Bill Roberts and Stu Shanes construction techniques. Cowlings are from Don Kelson.1994 National Champion. 1994 National High Point Champion. 1994 Hall of Champions

Cumon Baby 15-A
The first Cumon Baby hull was built 4 years earlier in 1951 by Frank Neely (than the CB below) and was the second A-class hydro to break the 100 mph mark setting the Mile Straightaway Speed Record of 101.254 mph on Oct. 19, 1953 by Duane Allen at Salton Sea, California. Went on to campaign under Tex & Glo Gal. Whereabouts unknown.

Cumon Baby 15-A
135-150-2.5 class hull with modified Falcon | Built in 1953? by Frank Neely | Owned by Randy Wold of Spanaway, Washington
National Champion 1956, 1958, 1959 - Frank Neely. National Champion 1961 - Jack Salmon. National Champion 1966 - Wayne Thompson. 5 Mile Competition Record: 80.717 mph - Wayne Thompson. Mile Straightaway Record: 101.254 mph - Duane Allen - 1953. This boat was the 2nd 135 class boat in history to break the century mark. (Need documentation on this record). Kilo Straightaway Record - 111.962 mph - Wayne Thompson
media sheet | webpage

Fancy Free A-40
Five hydros in all ran under this name by Frank Vernon. One of them has been located and is being restored by his son.

Flying Debris A-6
136/135 cu in class hull with 1937 Flathead V8-60 | Built in 1955 by Wise Brothers | Owned by Rich Willim of Carleton, Michigan
Campained as Flying Debris from 1955 - 1966 by Wise Brothers, then George English.
media sheet

Flying Turns A-156
136/135 cu in class hull with Flathead V8-60 | Built in 19?? by ?? | Owned by Jim Turner of Steetsboro, Ohio
Looking for history on this hydroplane.

Gemini A-711
A class coventional with Chevy 2.5 litre | Built in 1972 by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by Dick Harris of Okeana, Ohio
Campaigned as A-55 Little Victories as 2.5 litre modified. This is the original GEMINI round nose built for Walt Carter. It sits on the original trailer and has the original metalflake blue and clear seat cover on the Lauterbach seat. The motor is the late Durb Kings injected 4 cylinder Chevrolet. Restored, it will carry Walt's A-711 number.
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Gemini A-711
2.5 cu. in. hull with Datsun 2.4 litre | Built in 1979 by Henry & Larry Lauterbach | Owned by Teresa Hoffman of Clifton Park, New York
Gemini was built by Henry & Larry Lauterbach in 1979 and first raced in February of 1980.  She is the first and one of only four pickle-forks built by the Lauterbachs. Gemini won the Eastern Divisionals in 1980, 1982 and 1986.  She is one of only three 2.5 litre modifieds to have averaged over 100 mph for a 5-mile heat. I purchased the hull from Larry Lauterbach and I purchased the current Chevy 400 cubic inch engine from Tom D'Eath in August of 2001.  Larry installed the motor and refinished the boat in October and she made her APBA Vintage debut in Cypress Gardens, Florida in November of 2001.

Glory Cat A-22
A class hull | Built approx 1967 by the late Bob Meyers of Cincinnati, Ohio | Was owned by Dick Harris of Okeana, Ohio
Bob owned the boat all of its racing career. It orignally had a 6cyl. Falcon for power and later a fuel injected Chev. 2.  It's 14' 7" long.  It's a conventional hydro. 
This hydro was sold Jan 2003.

Hilton Hyperlube A-555
A class hull with Chevy ll | Built by Ed Karelsen in 1961 | Owned by Randy Wold of Spanaway, Washington
1st owner: Jim Emel Hydrostatic A-555 | 2nd owner: Jimmy Benson Hilton Hyperlube A-555 | 3rd owner: Jimmy Elias Stinger, Fools Gold, Pizza Man A-555. Most commonly known name was Hilton Hyperlube A-555. This hydroplane is a rear engined hull with a vee drive through a gearbox.The driver knelt to drive this boat and used a hand throttle like an "F" outboard hydro  or similar craft. Accomplishments:  1967 APBA National High Point Champion - Jimmy Benson and 1-2/3  5 mile Competition Record of 80.142 - Jimmy Benson. This record was broken the same weekend by Wayne Thompson in the Cumon Baby 15-A at another race site @ 80.717 mph. Jimmy Benson never received his record accomplishment because of this.


Hot Stuff
135 class hull with V-8/60 Ford Flathead | Built in 1947 by Tommy Hill Detroit, MI | Owned by Peter Sloan

Hot Flash A-21
A class hull with 1972 Pinto | Built in the early 1960's by McCrea | Owned by Marv Hart of Clayton, New York
originally a 135 class

Little Chris A-42
Leroy Little with his fast Falcon powered 150 cu in hydro. He also built the Joya-Mia 16-E. He built his own fuel injection, cast props and intakes, etc. 

Mahogany Rush A-5
2.5-litre class hull with 2.5 modified engine | Built in 1984 by Lauterbach/Wissman | Owned by Mark Long of Danville, Kentucky
Last conventional hydroplane to be raced. First conventinal to have reinforced cockpit. 1989 High Point runnerup. Region 6 champion.  A-5 came from the Bachelor One that was once my father's.

Man O' War A-87
A class hull with Ford Flathead V-8 "60" | Built in 1950's? from Champion plans | Owned by Brian Dumais of New Hampshire
The only history I was told was that it was built in the late 1940's in Elgin, Illinois. Looks to be from Champion plans that were available back then.
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Midnight Special
135 cu in hull built in 19?? by ?? | Owned by Butch Dreher
early model hydroplane. We are looking for history.

Mr. Bud / Madam Blue
Mr. Bud was built by Ed Karelsen in 1976 for Don Mashburne. Two national Championships and numerous speed records.0

135 cu in hull built in 1953 by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by Steve Lewis
early model Lauterbach; one that used a wooden dash and cowlings made from aircraft drop tanks.

Mom's Worry A-55
150 ci class hull with Ford Falcon | Built in 1965 by Weber | Owned by Mark Weber of St. Clair Shores, Michigan.
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Moonshine Baby A-54

Mr. Mac
Angus MacDonald and his hydro. whereabouts unknown. 

Skip A-61
150 class hull homemade built in the late 1960s or early 70s?. Owned by Tommy Becker of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Something Special A-41
2.5 Litre Modified class hull with Chevy II | Built in 1986 by Lauterbach | Owned by Brian Joseph of Wheeling, West Virginia
Hank Lauterbach campaigned as Something Special. Hugh Long campaigned as Big Chief. Floyd Waterson campaigned as Big Chief. John Pepe working with Larry Lauterbach restored the boat as original.
media sheet

Southern Style A-1
150 class hull built in 1968 by Lauterbach for Tom D'Eath | Owned by Tom D'Eath of Florida.
Three National Championships and 3 speed records are just some of the accomplishments.


Stardust A-72
150 class hull built in the late 1950s? by Rich Hallett and was owned by John Patterson.

Sweet Pepper A-91
A class hull | Built in 1980-82 by Lorne Liddycoat | Owned by Dave Johnson of Madison, Indiana
media sheet

This-A-Way 39-A
135 ci class hull with Ford Falcon | Built by Don Kelson using 1957 Chuck Hickling designs | Owned by Duane Yarno of Lynnwood, Washington
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Who Cares A-104
A class hull with Ford Flathead V-8 "60" | Built in ? by ? | Owned by John Behrens of Davenport, Iowa
My boat is in need of restoration and information on its history.  I'm looking for assistance in locating a nosecone, steering components and photographs of the boat in early years or literature about restoration.

Yankee Doodle V A-21
Fred Wicken's designed and built 3-point hydroplane. Keith Brayer was building a copy of this famous hull. As far as he can tell, only four of these hulls were built around 1946-47 before Ventnor's lawyers told Fred to pay a licensing fee or knock it off. Fred stopped building three points until Ventnor went out of business around 1954. 

N Class Modified Class - 225ci Div. 2/regular 225ci (thru-'75)  4 & 6-Litre          |     CQ Class 6-litre (Canadian)
Bolam's Express N-22
225 class hull with 229 Chevrolet V-6 | Design by Don Kelson and built by Michael D. Hanson in 1981 | Owned by Bob & Kathy Bolam of Hayden, Idaho.
media sheet | webpage

Challenger N-881

225 class hull | Built by Will Farmer in 1969 | Owned by Pete Miller of Norristown, Pennsylvania

Close Shave II N-73
225 class hull with 221 ci (1947) Ford Flathead 6 cyl | Designed by Dick Sooy and built by Loren Charley in 1957 | Owned by Loren E. Charley of New Albany, Indiana
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Country Boy N-8
225 class hull with 215 Buick | Built in 1971 by Henry Lauterbach | Was owned by Tom & Jacqueline Bertolini of New Baltimore, Michigan
1977 High Point Champion & 1975 National Champion
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Gas Hopper CN-100
225 hydro with 1940s Ford 6 cylinder | Built in 1945 by Jack Tieghe | Owned by Kids & Classic Boatshop Museum of
Glen Williams, Ontario.
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In Cold Blood
225 class hull with 280 | Built in 1969? by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by Nate Brown of Washington State
This boat was originally built for Charlie King. There is little significant racing history on this boat. Mitch Evans ran it in the 70's and 80's on the West coast as Outlaw (4 liter mod class). Hydro has a new deck and was pretty much ready for hardware and finish work, when Bob Jensen sold it to Mark Evans.  Mark then traded it off to me. Plans are to finish it up.

Justa Pest N-56
225 class hull with 215 Buick | Built in 1964/5 by Gene Benning using Ted Jones plans | Owned by Bill & Angie McTague of Batavia, Ohio
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'Lil Northern Star N-56
225 class hull with 215 Buick | Built in 19?? by Ron Jones, Sr. | Owned by Ken Grzesiak?
National Champion


Lucky Nickel

225 or 266 class | Built in 1960's, maybe built from Jones plans or kit | Owned by Scott Courts of Pleasanton, California
I have little understanding of the history of this hull. Maybe one of you will be able to fill me in on.

Miss Sapphire N-700
225 class with 215 Buick | Built in 1961 by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by Bob Hampton of Clayton, New York.
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Panda's Pride N-250
225 class with 1976 destroked Chevrolet small block | Built in early 1970's by either Karelson or Kelson | Owned by Rob Risch of Albany, Oregon
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Red Wulf N-41
225 class with 1962 Ford 221 V-8 | Built in 1977 by Dave Karelsen | Owned by Jeff Hadlock of Clinton, Washington
I bought this boat in January 2004 from Keith Dunlap in Everett, WA. It had been in his garage for 13+ years. Previously Red Wulf N-41 owned/driven by Kurt Louden in Region 10. Before that it was N-40 Mephostopheles Chariot driven by Mark Evans. Fiberglass over wood built by Dave Karelsen, Ed's brother. Any additional info?
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Snapper N-6
225 cu. in. class with 1948 Ford Flathead | Built in 1954 ? by Rich Hallett | Owned by Jerry Wortman of Big Sky, Montana
Ford flathead with Kong ignition, dual Strombergs with Edelbrock intake.  Sharp heads. I was told by owners son that Keith Black built the engine.
APBA web site lists John Witt in the 100 MPH club in 1958. Boat was raced in the midwest in the 50's by John Witt. Have a "Union 76" time trial slip showing 112 MPH. John was a Northwest airlines pilot and was killed in an auto accident in the mid 80's. My wife purchased the boat for me from his son in 1987.  It was in storage until 2004, when I ran it in Moses Lake, Washington. I hope to campaign it in 2005 in the Northwest. I would appreciate any information that others may have.
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Special Edition
225 class hull | Built in the mid 1960's by Ron Jones, Sr. | Owned by Jon Bartell of Ohio
Ron Jones built four hulls of this design, several of which were real fast at the time. It is a cabover with little stubby picklefork sponsons. This particular hull was built for Bob Best (Everett, WA) who campaigned it as Special Edition. This hull was later owned and run as Ed's Capade (Ed Sims) and Black Bart (Buell Wood).

The Specialist N-75
225 class hull with 305 Chevrolet | Built in 1976 by Ed Karelson | Owned by Wain Trotter of Barrie, Ontario
Raced from 1976-1997. The boat was originally owned and raced by "Racer Bob" Dabrowski from the Detroit area as a 225 called The Specialist.  I don't know specifics but according to Bob, he won quite a few races with it running a highly modified Buick 215 cid.  After Bob, the boat raced as a 225, 5 Litre and a NM.  The last person to race the boat was Bill Densten from Millville, NJ area as a 5 Litre/NM.
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Speculation N-100
225 class hull with 350 Chevrolet | Built in 1976 by Ron Jones, Sr. | Owned by Kester Hamiliton of Ottawa, Ontario
First honeycomb 225 built by Ron Jones, Sr.
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Summer Wine N-36
225 class hull with 225 ci Buick | Built in 1978 by Jon Staudacher | Owned by S-W Motorsports of Syracuse, New York
Summer Wine N-36 was campaigned by Randy Wolfe & family from Crete, IL. through out the Midwest & East Coast winning and placing in the top positions at various events in the 1980's. History still being accumulated.
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Tiger N-72
225 ci. class hull with 215 Buick Engine | Built in 1974 by Henry Lauterbach | was owned & restored by the late Carl Wilson of Grosse Pointe Pk., Michigan
Originally built for Sherman Polhamus of Miami Beach, Florida

Uncle Gummy 2-N
225 hydro with 1962 Buick 216 | Built in 1959 by Rich Hallett | Owned by Marion Beaver of Parker, Arizona
The Uncle Gummy has been restored and is currently resting at our family business, Parker Motor Company, here in Parker. A long line of Gummy's followed this boat including the famous Gummy's Ghost, Awful Gummy, Gummys Go-Go, Thundergummy, Gummys Holiday, & Grumpy Gummy. The Gummys amassed their share of 225 National Championships in 62, 63, 64, and 65. Uncle Gummy owns 1 Kilo speed record and 2 Competition records. Gummy's Ghost owns 3 Kilo records, the last one here in Parker of 124.110 mph.My PODH Little Beaver has also been restored. This boat won 8 consecutive National Championships from 1952-1959. When the PODH class was finished, it still held the Competition & Kilo Speed Records. I was elected to the Marine Racing Hall of Fame and was elected to the APBA Honor Squadron.

F/NM Class                                                       Modified Class - 225ci Div. 1/266ci/305ci/5 & 6-Litre Modified/NM
Alter Ego F-1
266 cubic inch Flat Head Ford | Built in 1948 by Paul Sawyer/Rich Hallett | Owned by Gerard Chamberlin of Sutton, Ontario, Canada L0E 1R0
1949 Numerous Championships in the U.S.A. 1950 broke BOTH WORLD SPEED RECORDS referred to in 'Speed and Spray' as "The World's Fastest Limited Hydroplane" "15 MPH faster than any other limited hydroplane in the world at that time. World Record in Europe 115.045 MPH and in America 120.085 MPH. 1951 Sweeps International Circuit in Europe with wins at Milan, Italy, Turin, Italy, Zurich, Switzerland and American Champion. First Hydroplane designed with step sponsons and changed the design of hydroplanes in Europe, America and Australia. After many championships with Paul Sawyer was sold to Bill Braedon and brought to Canada.  After Bill's unfortunate accident Alter Ego changed Canadian owners 5 times, however, the damaged to the rudder bracket still remains from Bill's accident. The famous Canadian Art Asbury of Miss Supertest II viewed Alter Ego in Toronto when I had it on display and confirmed that it was Bill Braden's. I researched the name changes as Bill had renamed her Aerial. I was happy to see the response in Clayton, New York last year as she drew quite a crowd and I was discovered according to Guido Ramoni and Tom D'Eath that Alter Ego's hardware was all original even the Hi-J 12/21 prop in still intact after all these years. I discovered she was originally red and white and had noticed a dark red paint behind the cockpit. Alter Ego still needs to be repainted to the original colours and the tail fin can be easily removed from the rear cowl in order to return to her turtle back design. I restored the forward decking from birch to mahogony and aluminum plated 1/4 of the bottom rear portion. She has a 350 Chevy in her and is ready to race. Unfortunately, there are no Vintage Races in Ontario and I do not have the opportunity to let the general public view such a noted racing hydroplane.  It would be nice to have her some day return to the U.S.A.

Aqua Flyer F-333
266 class hull with fuel-injected 1957 Chevy 265 Corvette | Built in 1960 from Ted Jones Gold Cup plans | Owned by Alan Trotter of Dallas, Texas
This Ted Jones Gold Cup hull was originally from Huntsville, Alabama. The owner was A.B.Treffer, a former top Marine fighter pilot in the South Pacific in WWII, who had the boat registered with the APBA as the Water Flyer F-33 . The motor is a 1956 Chevy 265 engine which was originally built in 1957 for Durb King by Bob Schroeder's mechanic, Norm Berry in Buffalo, NY. The boat was later sold and moved to Columbus, Ohio and raced in the mid sixties to 1971 when the driver, Connelly Snowden had a fatal accident in Cinn. driving a 225 class hydro. The F-333 boat was then mothballed in Clintonville, Ohio for over 30 years by the crew chief and co-owner Dave Nicholson. Dave sold the boat and engine to Kevin Klosterman who then registered the boat as the Aqua Flyer F-333 in 2003. The boat ran for the first time at Louisville, Ky. at the Roar on the River event with Ron Snyder driving and later ran in several vintage events. The Aqua Flyer was sold to me in 2009.

Arcadian 169-F
266 class hull with Chevy 355 cu in. | Built in early 1980s by Marcell Belleville | Owned by Jim Dernoncourt of Allen Park, Michigan
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Barracuda F-77
225 cubic inch, Division 1 class hull with 265 Chevrolet | Built in 1946-1947 by Fred Wickens | Owned by Tim Settle of Brookville, Ohio
Raced from 1947-58. Raced in both F and H classes.1947-1953 Lou Butler - Zanesville, OH. 10-mile competition speed record set Oct. 3, 1948 at New Martinsville, WV.
1953-1958 Ray Smith - Eaton, OH (Smiths Speed Shop)
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Black Magic F-909
266 class hull with 265 CID Chevrolet | Built in 1959 by Conn Craft | It was owned by Jim Thompson of Horsham, Pennsylvania
Fiberglass copy of Lauterbach design.
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Blitzkreig F-64
280, 2.5 mod, 6liter, now Bill Gwynn 350 Chev | Built in 1976 from "Lauterbach" kit | Owned by Greg Isaac of Pasadena, Maryland
E-64 A-64 also. Boat was built from kit, with many phone calls to Portsmouth, Va. by Tom Isaac. Boat was all Okoume and spruce 280 cu. in. with 265 Chevrolet. The boat had limited success until 1982 when Mercury props, headers, and widened transom with full length air traps made the boat much better. At that time most 280s were Plymouth powered cabover hulls and as the boat started winning heats, there were constant protests. Engine inspections always proved the boat legal, but the decision was made to go 2.5 mod in 1984. With a Scat V-4 Chev, the boat was very fast, but dangerously loose riding. After Tom destroyed his 6 liter, the boat was lengthened and run a few times from 1989 until 1991. In 2003, the boat was pulled from storage and re-finished.
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Chucky Boy F-96
266 class hull | Owned & Driven by Bill Hodge.

Flying Tiger F-726
5 Litre class cabover hull with Chevrolet small block | Built in 1978 by John Gibbs | Owned by Philip Mitchell of Eden Prairie, Minnesota
1984 National Champion, 1984 National High Point Champion, 1 mile competition record 86.30 mph - Rod Zapf
media sheet

Going Thing 16-F
266 class cabover hull with Gerney Westlake power | Built in 1970? by Ron Jones, Sr. | 
Owned by Randy Wold of Spanaway, Washington
Driven by some of the most winningest drivers ever to pilot hydroplanes with an exceptional racing history.


Henry's Tenth
266 class hull | Built in 1952 by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by Dan & Debbie Joseph of Wheeling, WV
This boat was built for John Clennix of Nutter Fort, WV in 1952 by Henry Lauterbach. It never raced. It was tested once on the Kanawha River by Russ Kirkpatrick, but never had a name or number. The boat was stored in a barn in Nutter Fort after the owner had a stroke. Over 40 years later it was discovered by Mike Steffick, hidden behind a wall of hay bales. Steffick sold the boat to us in 2002. We took the boat to Larry Lauterbach to have it restored. It is virtually all original, and Lauterbach cowlings now replace the home built cowlings put on the boat by its original owner. Since it never had a name or number, the name Henry's Tenth was agreed upon by Henry Lauterbach as he believes it is the tenth hydroplane he built and the oldest of his hydroplanes still in existence. This was a great opportunity to honor the master hydroplane builder, who has been Dan's hero since he was a young boy. Larry took the boat to his Henry to have it autographed before the final restoration was complete, and this was the first time that Henry had seen the boat since he delivered it. On April 19, 2003, with Henry present, Larry successfully tested Henry's Tenth at Kent Narrows, Maryland. In March 2003, Henry's Tenth won the award for the Best Race Boat at the 16th Annual Mt. Dora Antique Boat Festival.
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Hippity Hopper CF-100
6 Litre (CF) hydro with Chevrolet 350 | Built in 1957 by R.E. Thompson of Hamilton, Ont. | Note hydro was stolen.
The original owner was Chuck Irish and the boat was called CHEETAH when he raced it in ’57 - ’59.

Jade Dragon F-888
266 class hull | Built in 1965 by Henry & Larry Lauterbach | Owned by Dan & Debbie Joseph of Wheeling, WV
The original hull was built for Gene Bramlett and the rebuilt hull was built by Larry Lauterbach.


Jersey Lightning F-717
266 class hydro with Chevrolet 283 bored out to 302 cu in | Raced in the early 1980s | Owner/Driver was Dave Guetzlaff, Sr. of Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Lady Payne CF-77
6 Litre (CF) hydro with Chevrolet 350 | Built in 1973 from Jerry Longtin plans by Harvey Payne | Owned by Rolf Gersch
of Germany.
Campaigned throughout Canada from 1973-1990.
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'Lil Miss Spokane F-25-1/2
266 class hull built by Henry Lauterbach in early 1950s.
Hydro was originally the Sunshine Baby III hull from Florida
which won the National Championship in 1954 & 1957. The boat then was originally powered by a flat head Mercury. This boat was the second 266 class hydro to be powered by a 265 Chevy. The boat was sold and brought out to Spokane area in 1958. Jim Douty raced her from 1961-1973 with the Chev running 6 Stromberg 97 carbs, then later, Hillborn Fuel injection.

Little Miss Maple Leaf F-29
F (225) class hull with Chev. 350 | Built in 1992 from 1934 plans from Hacker/Greavette | Owned by John M. Eidt of Harsens Island, Michigan
Boat was completed in 1992 as a replica of Harold Wilson's Little Miss Canada IV. Plans from an early MotorBoating Magazine for the boat Zipper were followed which was the original John Hacker design Greavette used. Chevrolet power was used for convenience. Boat has been used extensively for shows and cruising. It has participated in the Raceboat Regattas at Clayton, NY and the Gold Cup Regatta in Detroit. It has been a feature boat in Karyn Rodengen's raceboat calender and has been referred to and pictured in numerous books. Ride quality is surprising for an 18 foot hull and it comes alive in 1 to 2 foot waves.  Constructed using oukeme plywood and the WEST system by the owner and Tom Neff of Neff's Classic Boats.

Miss Canadiana CF-11
266 class hull with a Chevy 302 | Built in 1955/56 by Art Asbury and Jerry Longtin | Originally owned by Art Asbury of Dorset, Ontario & now owned by his nephews, Chuck & Borden Boothby
website view more photos of this hull and Art's racing career.

Miss Jean F-128
266 class hull | Owned by Dave Johnson of Madison, Indiana
The boat has no racing history so Dave has named the boat in honor of his wife. The boat was designed using 1970 Ron Jones plans and was originally built by Bob Delong for Jake Oriel. Jake was going to campaign it in the 225 ci class running Studebaker power. Now it's been restored as a F class hydro 

Miss Miami F-3
266 class hull | Owned by Todd Bohnet of Wilson Creek, Washington
Boat is in running condition and restoration is near completion. Campaigned as Ms. Right and Coffee Break. Wally Johnston had the boat for a short time in Montanna. Looking for more info. I can be reached at (509) 345-0211.

Miss Peg F-90
266 class hull with 265 Chevrolet | Built in 1957 or 58 by Ron Jones, Sr. | Owned by Jack & Nancy Hines of Dayton, Ohio
Boat was originally the Gun Shy, built for Claude Barracliff and Dean Jefferies of New Orleans, LA. Ennie Argence drove the boat to a win in the 1960 Nationals and a kilo record of 123.593 mph. As the Miss Peg, the boat was most famous setting a competition record, and national championship in 1968 with Wild Bill Buntin up. At the end of her career the Delta Lady blew a sponson in 1981 and languished in a Lousiana swamp until her rescue in 1996.

Miss Supersonic II
266 class hull built in 2005 by John & Scott Kirschner using Ted Jones plans from the 1950s. | Owned by John & Scott Kirschner
Built entirely of aluminum. 
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Miss Washington D.C.  F-999
266 class hull with Chevy 350 | Built in 1962 by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by Jon Bartell of Springfield, Ohio
Records -1964 World Speed Record 144.835 Driver Mike Thomas. 1965 Thomas was High Point Champion. 1966 won Orange Bowl Governor's Cup. 1967 Eastern Division Champion. Prop is a 12x22 2 Blade Mercury. The D.C. went to Italy in 1966 at the invitation of Count Mario Augusta. The D.C. was purchased in 1990 complete with all equipment and Lauterbach trailer.  She was restored in 1993 by Hydroplane Legend, Tom D'Eath. In spring of 2004 - A small block Chev balanced & blueprinted.  400hp @ 8000rpm.
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Just Passing Thru F-31
266 class hull with Ford 302 | Replica hull built in 2008/09 | Owned by Jim "Pop" Warren of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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One More Time F-17
266 class hull | Built by Karelson |
Owned by Todd Bohnet of Wilson Creek, Washington

Opechee F-222
266 hull with Chevy 350 | Built in 1965 by Hallett | Owned by Hal LeDuc of Commerce, Michigan
The boat was orginally owned & raced by Rob Kaufman of Georgetown, SC. It competed as I-69-F in South Eastern US. Also driven in competition by Steve Jones in 1969 at Mt. Dora, FL., and later by Max Sator in Morgan City, LA. Boat won a race at the Orange Bowl Regatta in Miami, FL. Boat last competed in the early '70's in Michigan and Ohio as Can't Wait when owned and driven by Mike Cashen, Jr. Restored to present condition and owned by Hal & Helena LeDuc and crewed by LeDuc family: Lynda, Dyanna, Hal & Caroline. We are currently running as a 6 litre.Opechee is named after a lake in New Hampshire with special memories. Opechee is an Indian name meaning "Beautiful Bird in Flight".

Rocky 34-F
266 class hull with 1956  Chevrolet  265 ci | Built in 1956 by Ted Jones/Ron Jones | Owned by Donald Malidore of Mount Vernon, Washington
I found this boat in 1994 in the Everett Herald free column. When I found the boat it had no deck however it has the engine rails, steering wheel and box. Also the linkage, seat shells, fuel tank and cowling. I have had to rebuild the right sponson and presently it is upside down awaiting sheet metal on the sponsons. I have found the engine and the rudder. I also have 13 trophys from the boats racing days and can make them available if needed. I also have a copy of the original agreement with Ron's Hydro Shop in 1956. Listing Ted Jones as the designer and Ron Jones as the builder for a cost of $950.

Roman Candle F-97
266 class hull with Chevy 302 | Built in 1961 by Jack Colcock | Owned by Gerald Davidson of Gilford, New Hampshire
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266 class hull with 1980 350 Buick Chevy | Built in 1972 from Lauterbach plans by Alan Blide | Owned by Bruce Tracey of Holland, Michigan
This 16' x  7' hull is direct drive driven running a Hi-J  8763-3179-20 1/2 prop. Raced from 1972 thru early 80s.

Skitter 46-F
266 class hull built by Rich Hallett in 1956 | whereabouts unknown.
The hydro was successfully campaigned by Don Ward from the mid 1950s through the mid 1960s.

Time Fly's F-100
6 Litre hull built by Jon Staudacher in 1982

Wa Wa too F-247
266 class featuring 3 hulls that were all built by Henry Lauterbach for Bill Ritner
The original hull was found and restored by Tom D"Eath. The other 2 hulls, whereabouts unknown.

Wha Hoppen III, F-23
266 class hull | Built in 1966 by 'Pops' Schroeder | Owned by Ron Taylor of St. Joseph, Michigan
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Who Dat F-87
266 class built by Henry Lauterbach for Don Wilson in 1960. For an International race, this boaat was powered by a Maserati. Later in life, the boat ran as Country Boy H-77 & F-33 and later as Columbus Miss and Fury. This boat was destroyed and the last owner killed in 1980. Sadly, we remeber this great boat and her owners.

Z-Z-Zip F-4
266 class hull was one of only 5 hulls built by Joe Guess. All very fast and extemely unique. This boat was powered by DeSoto with Crossram Fuel injection. This boat set 3 Straightaway Speed records in it's career. The boat was also campaigned as Iroquois Chief and Sea Biscuit. Tom D'Eath restored it in the 2003.

E Class Stock Class -  280ci/5-litre Stock
Agitator E-70
280ci class hull | Built in 1964 by Dr Wolf using Fred Wickens kit | Owned by Jon Courthright of Washington
To the best information obtained she must of been a Fred Wickens kit boat put together by a Dr. Deloite Wolfe from Missoula, Montana and built in 1964 and raced in the old Region 17. After the doctor had it, it was sold to Jim Mathew and raced out of Calif.  

Agitator E-173

280ci class hull with 265 Chevy | Built in 1956 by Charles Lloyd | Owned by Alan Radue of Clinton Twp., Michigan
Designed and partially built in 1956 by Charles Lloyd of Harrisburg, PA. Originally owned and finished by Frank & Ron Smith of Smitty's Marina in Lake Hopatcong, NJ.
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Airborne 101 Eagle E-511
280ci hull with Plymouth 273 | Built in 1971 by Ron Jones | Owned by G.M. Johnson of New Bern, North Carolina
The hull was the former Shady Lady & Plum Crazy.

Annabelle S E-74
280ci hull with Chevrolet 283 | Built in 1969 by Ron Jones Sr (originally a 225 class) | Owned by Kelly Hodgkin & Devin Mason of Seattle, Washington
media sheet

Bandit E-86
280ci/5-Litre class hull with GM 305 | Built approx. 1978 by Norm Berg | Owned by Brian Joseph of Wheeling, West Virginia
If you have any possible leads as to the history of the boat, please e-mail me.

Buccaneer E-101
280ci class hull with Plymouth 273 V-8 | Built in 1970? by Ron Jones, Sr. | Owned by John Leach of Washington.
Two time National Champion and numerous speed records set.

Budget Buster E-30
280ci class hull with Plymouth V-8 | Built in 1966 by Harold Ruark | Owned by Bill & Judy Fisk of Williamson, New York

Calypso E-291
280ci class hull with Plymouth V-8 | Built in 1958 by John Forbes & Bob Osbun using Buzzy Jacobson design | Owned by Steve Parker of Renton, Washington
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| website

Catapult E-280
280ci class hull with Chevy 305 | Built in 1985 by Headon | Owned by Mike Donaldson of Lake Orion, Michigan
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Country Stoves E-76
280ci/5-liter hull with 1967 Plymouth 273 | Built in 1978 by Ed Karelsen | Owned by Doug Woodward of Washington, North Carolina
I purchased the boat in 1986 from the original owners, Wayne Duncan and Paul Summers of Seattle, WA. It ran as the Duncan Engine Special between 1978 and 1986 although it was only raced about 4 times. After I bought the boat, I renamed it Chapter Eleven. I soon became sponsored by Country Stoves out of Auburn, WA. My brother and I raced the boat in Region 10 during 1986 and most of the 1987 season. We ran the Country Stoves until mid-summer 1987, when it was damaged at Lake Tapps, WA. (right sponson pretty well torn off). We spent the next 1-1/2 years rebuilding the boat with the help of Ed Karelsen. After the rebuilding process, the boat ran 4 or 5 more times till about 1991. It withstood a move from Seattle to North Carolina in 1994 and is still in very good shape.
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Country Girl CE-27
280ci/5-liter hull with 1978 Chevrolet 350 | Built in 197? Jean Paul Perrault (Maple Grove Quebec) using design by Perrault / Karlson | Owned by Jim Graf of Perth, Ontario, Canada
media sheet

Chuck Wagon E-22
280ci/5-Litre with 305 Chevy 300hp | Built in 1968 by Ron Jones, Sr. | Owned by Steve Wace of Brockville, Ontario
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Don't Tell Mom E-87
280ci class hull with 273 Plymouth | Built in 1971 by Ron Jones | Owned by Steve Drucker of Shrewsbury, New Jersey.
This cabover campaigned under the following names since new: Paula's Pet, Ms.Purolator, Shinndig, Quick Trick, Nervous Energy, Don't Tell Mom!.  The last name listed is the way I raced it for 3 or 4 seasons. I am trying to get any pictures of this boat or reel film. Steve Drucker 61 Patterson Ave. Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 732-530-2061.

Double Eagle E-78
280ci class hull with 1956 Chevy 265 | Built in 1994 by Dick Sooy | Owned by Forrest & Susan (Sooy) Elkins of Mays Landing, New Jersey.
webpage & media sheet

Evil Genius
5 litre/National Modified hull with 273 Plymouth | Built in 1983 by Bellville | Owned by Chex Mulholland of Sacramento, California
I bought this boat about a year ago and am slowly restoring it. If you have any info on Bellville boats please email me.

280ci class hull | Built in 19?? by Rich Hallett | Owned by David Boxrud of the SW part of Canada

Go Fast Boat
280ci class hull with 318 Chrysler | Built in 1960's by unknown builder | Owned by Jerome A. Near of Soldotna, Alaska
Boat was retrieved from a back yard, engine sat in the rain with plugs and carburetor off for years. Another engine, a 318 Chrysler was rebored and modestly modified and installed. Wood work improvement and cosmetic contributions added. Boat has aluminum bottom running surfaces. Prop is 12x21. Boat is used on occasional weekends just to make noise and scare the observers and drivers, and also ducks and loons. Best speed so far 80 mph at 6000 rpm. It will do more but the chicken factor is prevalent. No racing available up here.

Go Go Girl E-42
280ci class hull with 305 Chevy | Built in 1969 by Lauterbach | Owned by Ray Maloney of Key West, Florida
Formerly owned and driven by Teddy Baker as Bo's Back. Ran as a 280, 225, and 150.

The Gold Streak E-27
280ci class hull with Plymouth 273 | Built in 1978 by Ron Jones Marine | Owned by Steve Compton of Sammamish, Washington
media sheet | website

Hank's Prank E-111
280ci class hull. | Built in the late 1950s by Dick Sooy. Boat has never been found after my father sold it. The webpage will also feature all past boats that my father also campaigned under the same name.

Happy Buddha E-207
280ci class hull with 280 Chevy | Built in 1968 by Charles Lloyd | Owned by Ron Taylor of St. Joseph, Michigan
Harry Alaire was the first owner/driver of the Happy Buddha.
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Heatwave E-160
280ci class hull with 260 Ford | Built in early 1970s by Vance Whiteman | Owned by Harry E. Holst of Sauble Beach, Ontario
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Helter Skelter E-686
280ci class hull with Plymouth 273 | Built in 1968 by Jim Cunningham | Owned by Phil Kunz of Dayton, Ohio.

Honeybear E-116

280 cubic inch class hydroplane hull is a Rich Hallet design, but built by Jerry Gasper | Owned by Ralph Finley of Vallejo, CA.

The Italian Stallion E-119
280ci class hull with 273 Chrysler| Owned by David Greninger of Santa Rosa, California
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Intruder E-16
280 cubic inch class hull | campaigned by the Wilson Family throughout the early 1960s | whereabouts unknown

'Lil Soupee II
CE hill built in 1959 by Fred Brouse | Owned by Geoff Mead
Hull was the first Miss Vallefield.


Miss Bonnie E-11
Replica hull with Chev 350 | Built in 1999 from Champion Clarkcraft plans by Gary Cotter | Owned by Gary Cotter of Pinckneyville, Illinois
media sheet

Miss St. Felicien CE-1
Original CE hull with Chev 265 | Built in 1960s by Fred Brouse | Owned by Jimi McKee of Orillia, Ontario, Canada
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Moonshine Baby E-54

Ms. Leanne E-151
Original 280 cu in hull with 1956 Turbo Fire Chevrolet 265 CID, all matching numbers. Rochester 2 BBL carburetor with #64 jets.  Runs on pump gas.
| Built in 1960s by Charles Lloyd | Owned by Alan Radue of Clinton Twp., Michigan
The hydro was campaigned 1971-1976 by Randy Bushaw as Miss Leanne – E-151 Rumored to have 2 or 3 previous owners based on the paint color schemes found under the original cowlings.

The Last Farmer E-150
280ci class hull with 273 Plymouth | Built in 1974 by Will Farmer Richmond, Virginia | Owned by John Morsheimer
The boat was originally ordered by a gentleman in Grand Island NY that past away prior to receiving the boat, so John Sullivan of Grand Island, NY bought it. The boat was raced by John Sullivan and his friend Mike Yensen under the name RU Cirus. During its last race the motor in the boat blew up, after that the boat was left outside for years. Then it was sold to Denny Powers and was hung on the ceiling of the former Richardson Boat Company in Buffalo NY. HOW WE FOUND IT...In the fall of 1995 my Dad and I went in search of a 280 hydro to restore, and his friend Larry Downs from Buffalo, NY mentioned the boat, so Dad went to look at it. Next thing you know we went and picked it up. Once we got it home I contacted Will Farmer "the builder" to get some history on the boat. We sent Will some pictures, talked back and forth on the phone and Will explained to us that we had the last boat that he built, it was his one hundred and fiftieth boat.  At this point the boat's new name and number were founded The Last Farmer E-150. Then came the restoration project, new stringers, new bottom, new sponsons, new decks, new motor, new paint, 11 months worth of hard work and finally finished.

280 class hull with 265 Chevrolet | Built in 1954 by Chuck Hickling & Bob Ruess | Owned by Bob Jensen of Wilkeson, Washington
Much of the boat is disassembled. I got it in VERY poor condition and have been cutting new parts for quite some time now.

Just Enough E-501
280 cu. in. class hull with Chevy 305 | Built in 1966 by Cunningham | Owned by Bill Feikert of Mount Dora, Florida
media sheet

Quick Silva E-275
280 cu. in. class hull with 1965 Dodge 273 | Built in 1964 by Rich Hallett | Owned by Skip Govia of Hayward, California
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Pure Canadian CE-4
280 cu. in. class hull with 1985 Chevrolet 305 | Built in 1986 by Erin Carathures | Owned by Paul Hewitt of Brockville, Ontario
Canadian National High Point Champion - 1990
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Rubber Ducky III  E-869
280 cu. in. class hull with 273 Plymouth (then) 305 Chevy (now) | Built in 1977 by James Coan of his own design | Owned by James Coan of Smith Mountian Lake, Virginia
National High Point Champion 280 Class 1978 & 1980 (James Coan, owner/driver). My father James Coan has bought the boat back and is in the process of repainting to the original Rubber Ducky color scheme. Bill Coan (crew)
media sheet

Sabre Dance E-40
280 cu. in. class hull with 273 Plymouth | Built in 1975 by Jim Mowery of his own design | Owned by Jay Randolph of Deer Park, Washington
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280 cu. in. class hull | Built in 19?? by Will Farmer. | Owned by Wes Conklin of California
Boat was 1977 National Champion


Shockwave E-105
280/266 cu in class hull with 350 Chev | Built in 1972 by Alan Blide using Lauterbach plans | Owned by Dick Whyte of Center Conway, New Hampshire
media sheet

Sir Ron III E-4
280 cu in class hull with 283 Chev | Built in 1960 By Joe Albee using Ted Jones plans | Owned by Gary Vore of Centerville, Ohio
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Sorceress E-73
5 Litre class hull with 350 Chevy | Built in 1979 by Ron Frost / Jones design | Owned by Jack & Lori Cotton of Niagara Falls, New York
We know that the Sorceresswon a lot of races and special awards such as the Sportsman Award, but not sure what year. We were told that she won the Eastern American & Canadian Grand Nationals in 1983. We do not have a complete history & are hoping to obtain more information.
media sheet

Sin E-156
280 ci class hull with a 265 Chevrolet | Built in 1975 by Charles Lloyd | Owned by Dick Bonneville of New Cumberland, Pennsylvania
This was the last hyrdoplane built by Charles Lloyd. The boat was built as a 150 cu. in. class hydroplane in 1975 for Sonny Kohr of Florida and was originally powered by a Buick V8. It formerly was Chug-A-Boom A-43 & E-36. Charlie Lloyd built the boat from memory after he had sold his molds and patterns to a boat builder from New York. The hardware & cowlings came from Sonny's wrecked 150. At some point the boat was converted to a 280 cu. in. class and a Chevrolet V8 was installed. In the 1960's, I worked part time in the Lloyd shop, hung out with Mike Lloyd (Charlie's son) & crewed on Charlie's 150 cu. in. hydro, Sin. Part of the restoration will be done in the Lloyd shop which is now a general/automotive machine shop, race car & engine builder, owned & managed by Mike Lloyd. The boat is being re-named SIN and will carry the number E-156 in memorial to Charles Lloyd the builder and dear friend who's boats always carried this name & number. The "Last Lloyd" has returned home to the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area.
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Stingray E-11
280ci class hull with 273 Plymouth | Built in 1968 by Dick Sooy | Owned by Jerry Field of New Jersey
Boat was raced throughout the East by Mike Torigian in the late 1960's through early 1970's.

Thrill Me E-247
280 ci class hull with 273 Plymouth | Built in 1971 by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by John Lawrence of Clear Lake, California
Campaigned as Rudy's Comet - Capt. Dumpling - Bad Company
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Tijuana Taxi E-102
280ci class hull with 273 Plymouth | Built in 1966 by Rich Hallett | Owned by Jay Marshall of Baton Rogue, Louisiana
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Vagabond E-103
280ci class with 265 Chevy | Built in 1964 by Dick Sooy | Owned by Jerry Ivy of Seattle, Washington
Walt Struzek was the original owner and driver.National Champ - 1965 - St. Pete, FL / National Champ - 1967 - Guntersville, AL / National Champ - 1969 - Morgan City, LA / Vagabond set the kilo record on September 24, 1966 at New Martinsville, West Virginia, at 107.071 MPH. Fully restored by Berkshire Wooden Boat of Pittsfield, MA.

Wildcat E-20
280ci class hull with 265 Chevrolet | Built in 196? by Henry Lauterbach. | whereabouts unknown
Lemeshewsky, a Navy flier in his first season of boat racing, piloted Wildcat around the course at a speed of 72.757 mph to better the previous record of 72.493 set at St. Petersburg by Ron Hearn driving Miss Peaches. Also won a National Championship.


Wild Card E-148
280ci class hull with 265 Chevrolet | Built in 1966 from Henry Lauterbach plans | Owned by Marv Hart of Clayton,  New York
First and last kit ever sold by Lauterbach

Yellow Streak
5-Liter hull with 273 Chrysler Mopar | Built in 1973 by Tempte | Owned by Jack Engelhardt
This early cabover design boat was raced in region 6 and became Region 6 Champion in 1980, under the name Lil Commotion.  It was stored for several years and acquired by JERT Racing of St. Joseph, MI in 1990. Following a complete restoration, it has run in the APBA Vintage Division at the Detroit Gold Cup, The Antique Race Boat Regatta in Clayton, NY, as well as various display and exhibition appearances.

J/GNH Class Stock Class - 7-Litre, Div. 2 | H Class Modified Class - 7-Litre, Div. 1
               GP Class Modified Class - "Big" Block
Advanced United
7-litre class hull with blown Chevrolet | Built in the mid 1980s by Lauterbach | Owned by Tom Bertolini of Michigan
This is the second hull built by Lauterbach after the first one was destroyed in Kent MacPhails attempt at a speed record. 

Annies Dodge 2

7-litre class hull with 392 blown Chrysler hemi | Built in 1968 by Dr.Ed Johnston | Owned by David Kancianich of Tacoma, Washington
Annies Dodge 2 was the third hydro built by Dr.Johnston. He used only hand tools to build all his boats. His last 7 litre was very fast and was even driven by the late great Bill Muncey.

Best Wishes 222-H
7-litre class hull with 350 sprint car motor | Built in 1959 by Ron Jones, Sr. for Bill Muncey | Owned by Doug Whitley of Washington

Bluewater Special J-1
7-Litre Div II hull with Chevrolet 454 | Built in 1978? by Jon Staudacher | Owned by John Harvey 
1981 | 1982 | 1989 | National High Point Champion & 1982 | 1989 | National Champion

Canadiana Grand Prix 222
Grand Prix hull Chevrolet big block | Built in 1964 by Jerry Longtin | Owned by Marv Hart of Clayton, New York

Catch Me If You Can TS-3
Grand Prix 2 seater reproduction hull Chevrolet big block | Built by Larry Lauterbach | Owned by Ed Sheilds

Chesapeake Lady J-12
7-Litre Div II hull with 427, L-88, 1970 Chev | Built in 1969 by Sooy | Owned by Gordon Jayne of Mentor, Ohio
media sheet

Chrysler Queen H-1
7 litre hull with Chrysler Hemi supercharged | Built by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by The Antique Boat Museum of Clayton, New York
Originally owned & driven by Buddy Byers of Columbus, Ohio

Copy Cat J-76
7-Litre Div II hull with Chevrolet 454 | Built in 1976 by Don Kelson | Owned by William Kilian of Newport, Washington
media sheet

Deepwater Special GP-247
Grand Prix hull with Chevrolet 427 Blown | Built in 1979 by Henry & Larry Lauterbach
webpage | media sheet

Dynasty GP 242
GP hull with 510 Chev supercharged | Built in 1988 by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by Robin Demers of Beloeil, Quebec, Canada
A 2 year restoration was required to get the boat as it was when it came out of the Henry Lauterbach shop.
media sheet

Eight Ball H-8
266, then 7-Litre hull with fuel injected 427 Chevy | original hull was built in 1954 by Jim Townsend

Edelweiss GP-444
GP hull with supercharged Chevy | Replica hull built by Larry Lauterbach | Owned by Bill Pearson of Minneapolis, Minnesota

Executif 3 GP-11
Grand Prix Hull class hull with Chevy | Built in 1987 by Jon Staudaucher | Owned by Jeff Buckley of Tega Cay, South Carolina
This hydro holds the current world record for the 1- 2/3 at 123MPH. It was owned by Michele Favreau.

Heavy Duty H-202
7-litre/GP class with  454 (468ci) Chevrolet | Built in late 1960's by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by Gary Vore of Centerville, Ohio
This hull was built and not commissioned until later. 1st owner, Ray Dziuerzik Hemi power. 1977 2nd owner, Lenny Ryden H202 Blown chev power. 1978 3rd owner, Dave Sutton. 1981 4th owner, Jim Burnham Miss B&H J-72. 1986 5th owner, Mark Kraven Bad Influence H-72. 1991 6th owner, Bob Larimore GNH-21 chev power. 1993 7th owner, Bill Winn H202 chev power. Restored by Dave Wrzesinski of Houghton Lake, Michigan. Dave and his son Scott did a great restoration job.
media sheet

Hot Stuff J-37
7 litre hull with 1985 427 Chevy | Built in 1982 by John Staudacher | Owned by Jerry Waldecker of Brighton, Michigan
Jeff Hale, my crew chief, is a very intense competitor.

The Irishman GP-317
7-litre J/GP class hull with 427 Chevy | Built in 1971 by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by Bill & Judy Fisk of Williamson, New York
media sheet

Lauterbach Special GP-200
GP class hull with Chevy big block | Built in 1976 by Lauterbach | Owned by Dave Richardson of Wellesley Island, New York
media sheet

Mercury H-11
H class hull with 404 Fageol Twin Couch | Built in 1948 by Apel Ventnor | Owned by Ike Kielgass of Renton, Washington

Midnight Miss GP-17
GP class hull with Chevrolet 478 cu in | Built iin 1973 by Lauterbach | Owned by Graham Coddington of Brisbane, Australia
media sheet

Miss DeSoto H-1
7 liter hull with 1958 Chrysler 392 cu in | Built in 1958 by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by Butch Bailey of Tipp City, Ohio
I fell in love with this boat in 1959 when I was 13 years old. It was really exciting watching Buddy Byers or "Uncle Frank" drive the boat like a bat outta HELL. Finally by chance, I found out at a old timers drag race event that there was a old hydro rotting away in McHenry, Il. Once I saw the photos, I knew that it was the long lost 7 liter. With the help of the talented Jack Hines it was restored and made it's maiden run at the 2009 Wheeling event.
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Miss Dinomytes GP-1001
Grand Prix class hull with Chevrolet 502 | Built in 1986 by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by Roger Lapierre of Governeur, New York
'91 North American Champion, '88 Canadian Champion, '88 American Champion, and '88 World Champion.  Boat is all original as raced, tow vehicle and all.
media sheet

Miss Heidelberg J-18
7 liter hull | Built by Ron Jones, Sr. | Driven by Warren Wolbert in the 1970s. The boat campaigned under the name Redskin.

Miss Gangway
7 liter hull with 1958 Chrysler 426 cu in | Built by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by Lyle Dinsmore of Grand Island, New York
media sheet

Miss Lu Lu J-33

7 Litre class hull with Chevrolet 383 | Built in 1968 by Charlie Lloyd. Heavily damged and rebuilt by Watson Lewis in the mid 1970s | Owned by Kevin McGregor of West Bloomfield, Michigan
media sheet

Miss Merion Bluegrass
7-litre class hull | The original hull was built by Ken Kimbrough from Dr. Ed Johnston's plans. | owned by Kirk Rodgers of Spokane, WA

Miss Windy H-909
7-litre class hull with Chev 396 | Built in 1966 by Jon Stadaucher & Dave Wrzesinski | Owned by Roger Hinsdale & Jerry Winston of Spring City / Knoxville, Tenessee
webpage | media sheet

Moonshine Baby H-54
7-litre class hull with Ford 427 | Built in 1960 from Ted Jones design by Jim Moore & Dallas Kremer | Owned by Phil Spruit of Minneapolis, Minnesota
7-litre class hydroplane that was built from 280 class blueprints. The original builders extended the hydroplane design 3 feet (to 19'). The hydroplane campaigned from 1961-1976. The boat was totally rebuilt by current owner from 1996-2001.
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Nordic GP-25
GP class hull with Chrysler Hemi | Built in 1981 by Henry & Larry Lauterbach | Owned by Larry Lauterbach of Chester, Maryland
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Oh Henry J-60
7 Litre hull built by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by John Pepe.

Olympiad GP-100
7 Litre hull built
in 1975 by Jon StadaucherOwned by Harry E. Holst of Sauble Beach, Ontario.
webpage | media sheet

Royal Canadiana 22

7-litre class hull orignally built in 1963 by Jerry Longtin & Harvey Payne for Aubert Brillant | It is being rebuilt by Harvey's son, Don and his brother-in-law Bernard Wood.

Streaker J-55
J class hull with Chevrolet 427 | Built in 1972 by Jon Stadaucher | Owned by Jim 'Pop' Warren of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
media sheet

Sunshine Baby H-57
7-litre class hull with Supercharged Chrysler 392 Hemi | Built in 1959 by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by Hayden Harris of Michigan
A wonderful historical webpage on Ray Gassner and ALL four of the Sunshine Baby hulls. This hull won the 1962 National Championship and his F class hull won 2 National Championships.

U Class                                                                                                                                              Modified Class
Atlas Van Lines
Unlimited class hull with Allison 1710 | Built in 1969 by Staudacher | Owned by John Freeman of Alexandria Bay, New York

Gale V U-55
Unlimited class hull with Allison 1710 | Replica hull built in 2004- ? | Owned by Bill & Judy Black of Neosha, Missouri
webpage | media sheet

Hurricane IV 2-G
Unlimited class hull with Allison 1710 | Built in 1948 by Fred Wickens | Owned by Dr. Ken Muscatel of Mercer Island, Washington
media sheet

Miss Bardahl U-40
Unlimited class hull with Roll-Royce Merlin | Built in 1962 by Ted Jones | Owned by Dixon Smith of Seattle, Washington
Miss Bardahl is a 30’ long, 7000 lb unlimited hydroplane race boat.  Powered by a 3,000 HP Roll-Royce Merlin aircraft engine. Racing between 1962 and 1965, the team won an unprecedented 3 APBA Gold Cups, 3 National Championships, 1 World Championship, set lap, race and heat records (some which stood almost a decade), and introduced new technology that revolutionized the sport while running a record 57 consecutive heats without an engine failure.
webpage |
media sheet | go to the Miss Bardahl website

Miss Madison U-6
Unlimited class hull with Allison V-1710 V-12 | Built in 1959 by Les Staudacher | Owned by Randy Mueller of Gig Harbor, Washington
webpage | media sheet

Miss Thriftway U-60
Unlimited class hull with Allison V-1710 1944 V-12 | Built in 2003-04 from Ted Jones - Les Staudacher designs | Owned by Vashon Unlimiteds, LLC of Vashon, Washington The Allison engine has been re-built to aircraft specifications with new pistons from Arias Pistons. The hull has been constructed from full scale plans drawn by Ron Jones, Sr.  who derived them from the original loft drawings by the hulls original designer, his father Ted Jones.  All materials and construction methods have been directed by Ron to match as close as possible those used in the original hull. The original hull was a Gold Cup winner in 1956 and 1957.
go to the Miss Thiftway ebsite

Miss U.S. U-36
Unlimited class hull with Allison V-1710 1943 V-12 |
Built in 1957 by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by Jay Armstrong of Papillion, Nebraska 
media sheet

Notre Dame U-7
Unlimited class hull with Roll-Royce Merlin V-1650-9 | Built in 2011 by owner & crew | Owned by Jim Grams of Livonia, Michigan
webpage | media sheet

Scooter Too U-10
Unlimited class hull with 1944 Allison W-24 3420 cubic inch/4000 hp | Built in 1955 by Bart Carter | Owned by Gary Larkins of Auburn, California
Original 28' x 11' hull under restoration. Power is through a 9:1 gearbox. The Allison W-24 had two superchargers which the ratio was doubled on for the Scooter Too. Henry J. Kaiser, Scooter Too won both heat races in the 1956 Lake Tahoe Silver Cup only to have a prop break while leading the main event. Honolulu Mile, Al Regus, 186 mph.

Gold Cup

Baby Bootlegger G-5
One famous boat

Delphine IV G-31
Gold Cup hull with Crusader 350 | Built in 1979 from Horace Dodge/George Crouch design | Owned by John Skinner III of Queensbury, New York
Reproduction built by Bill Morgan from original plans. I have a beautiful scale model built by Bill Kammerer of Manasquan, NJ. Large collection of memorabilia including APBA Yearbooks and supplement from 1932 year of Gold Cup victory. 

1946 original with 1942 Ranger 12 cylinder air cooled power | Built in 1946 by John Goodhue, Jr. | Owned by Mike Michaud of Acton, Maine. Phone 207-636-2519
webpage | media sheet

Miss Detroit III

Replica of 1918 single step V12 hydroplane. Built by Mike Michaud.
photo 1 | photo 2

Miss America VIII
One of Gar Woods famous boats

Miss Rosie U-235
1997 Gold Cup hull with 1998 Chevy 468 | Owned by Tom Costello of Coloma, Michigan
Miss Rosie is a replica boat loosely designed after Gail's Roostertail, the last stepped hydro to compete in the Unlimited Class. She was designed to be able to run on local lakes when muffled and has all the required safety equipment for pleasure running. The idea was to create a boat that looked like a old-time racers but can be used for pleasure boating.

Miss Severn
K Class hull with Rolls Royce V12 | Built in 1994 from Hacker designs by owner & New England Boat & Motor Co. | Owned by Gerald Davidson of Gilford, New Hampshire

My Sin G-13
Z.G. Simmons famous Ventnor hull

Gar Wood Speedster | Built in 1948 by Gar Wood | Owned for the past 26 years by William John of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Scotty G-17
Unlimited class hull with Packard engine | Built in 1929 by John Hacker | Owned by Mark Howard of Center Tuftonboro, New Hampshire
Scotty raced in 1929 for the Gold Cup and came in second overall. 

Packard Chriscraft
1922 replica with Chevy 454 | Built in 1998 by Mike Michaud | Owned by Mike Michaud of Acton Maine. Phone 207-636-2519
photo 1 | photo 2

Ventnor Hydroplane
Built in 1930(?) by Ventnor Boatworks | Owned by Roy Royal of Columbus, Michigan 
I have a two seat 1930?, 14ft. Ventnor hydroplane with a 4-60 Elto power head, original engine, the hull is cedar with mahogany decks. It has a 3 point type bottom. The boat came out of southeast Pennsylvania. As far as a racing history, I don't know the class it would of ran in or if it was ever raced. I restored it about 8 years ago. I have its original wood trailer that came with it. The boat now is located in Columbus, Michigan.

Wilgold III G-52 & Carenaught G-51
Photos and a bit of history about the boats driven by C. Roy Keys of Buffalo, NY from 1926 to 1931.

K Racing Runabout   |   SK Racing Runabout   |   SS Superstock
Can't Wait SK-169
SK Racing Runabout with Chevrolet 355 | Built in the early 1970's from Glen L plans | Owned by Rob Kaufman of Salem, Ohio
This hull was built in the early 1970s from a GLEN L. frame kit by Dennis Goodenough of the Janesville, Wisconsin. Original power was a full race 327 c.i. Corvette engine. The boat was only raced twice as the engine was not competitive against the 390, 392, & 396 engines of the top Chicago area drivers. The boat was then converted to ski towing and boat riding for the next 31 years. This boat is significant as it is the catalog model for this design. See GLENL.com Tornado plans. The boat is all mahogany frames and stringers, mahogany plywood planked, and then fiberglassed accept the varnished mahogany deck. Length is 18’ 8” x 7’ width x 24” max depth. Current engine is a Chev 355 ci V-8 with Casale V-Drive. Propeller is a steel Mascari (Italian) 12” x 14”.
webpage | media sheet

Crazy Thing SK
SK Racing Runabout built by Stevens in the early 1960s with Hemi power | whereabouts unknown | The boat was part of the Miss Crazy Thing racing team

Dago Red SS-90
SS Superstock with Chevrolet 427 | Built in 1968 by Stevens | Owned by Jim Costa of Coral Springs, Florida
Built and campaigned "Stevens Hull Chevrolet Power" by Jim Costa of Absecon, NJ. I moved to Florida in 1972 the boat has been indoor storage ever since.
media sheet

Fool's Gold
SK class hull built in 1961 by Rudy Raymous of RaysonCraft | Owned by Don & Jay Elias of Seattle, Washington
media sheet

Greyhound SK-77
Built in 1963 by Raysoncraft with 1969 Chevy 402 | Owned by Jim Flood
Lou Portalski drove for Bob & Dick Flood in the 1960's in the midwest and other areas. Won the APBA Championship in 1963, then powered by 392 Hemi. Now owned by Dick's son.

Heckel & Jeckel SK-66
Built in 1968 by Fred Wickens with Chevrolet 350 | Owned by Pete Hackett of Towanda, New York
media sheet

Krazy Kanaka K-67
K Racing Runabout by Schida with Chevrolet 427 blown | Owned by Jack Ferguson of Tacoma, Washington
media sheet

Maranatha SK-33
SK class Frah hull built in 1972 with Chevy Big Block | Owned by David L Carver of Washington, North Carolina
media sheet

Miss Psy-Cho-Motion SK-47
A NOA U1 hull with Chrysler 225 | Built in 1964 by Arnie Gray | Owned by Paul Lynn of Southington, Ohio
This boat was a 1964 prototype hull. It holds a 1964 NOA straightaway record of 91.263 mph. My Grandfather Wilbert Wilson's 1964 Arnie Gray prototype hull is now powered by a 1960 Chrysler 225 cubic inch six cylinder. HochKraeusen Racing Team has two of these in-line sixes which Wilbert saved for Miss Psy-Cho-Motion before his death in 1986.
media sheet

Shockwave SS-88
SS racing hull running modified 2012 Merlin | Chevrolet 496 | Built in 1961 by Bob Patterson | Owned by
Jerry & Donna Gilbreath of Coeur d'alene, Idaho
media sheet

Sizzler SK
SK Racing Runabout built by Stevens in the early 1960s with Hemi power | whereabouts unknown | The boat was owned & driven by Leroy Penhall.


Sunburst K-81
SS / K 1968 Patterson racing hull running modified Chevrolet 427 | Built in 1968 by Bob Patterson | Owned by Charley Hamill of Youngstown, New York
media sheet

SK class hull with Chevrolet 350 | Built in 1965 by Kellison | Owned by Ted Parkhurst of Hialeah, Florida
media sheet

SK class hull with Chevrolet 396ci-425hp | Built in 1970 by Wes-co Boats/Wes Fisher | Owned by Pete Cardozo, Jr. of Tavares, Florida
1970 Wes-co Boat Company 17' SK race boat.  396ci/425hp Chevrolet, Casale V-Drive, twin fin, with mechanical cavitation plate. Unfortunately, the race history of the boat is lost. Wes Fisher built over 400 of this type of flat bottom race boat in Wichita, Kansas from 1966-1978. Some were used as SK class racers, others became drag boats with blown alcohol motors.

Garvey    |    B Racing Runabout    |    E & F Service Runabout
     PODH (Pacific One Design Hydroplane)

Hebe O-60
Hydro/Racing 14' runabout hull with 136 ci. Ford V8 "60" | Built in 1933 by Somerset | Owned by Kerstin & Jeff Buckley.

High Hopes E-3
E Service Runabout with 300 ci Chevy | Built in 1964 by Billy Thomas | Owned by Jeff Thomas of Hayes, Virginia
My father Billy Thomas owned & built 2 fibreglassed hull Service Boats, High Hopes & High Hopes Too. I found the boat about 7-8 years ago. Please email or call me at 804.695.4991
media sheet

High Hopes Too E-32
E Service Runabout with 1967 300 ci Chevy | Built in 1964 by Billy Thomas | Owned by David Rogers of Alexandria Bay, New York  photo

Hurricane M-4
F Service Runabout | Owned by Keith Brayer

Jr. Prowler M-1
F Service Runabout with Cadillac 300 hp V-8 | Built in 1955 by Forest Johnson of Miami, Florida | Owned by Richard Jones of Huntsille, Alabama
World record holder '55, '56, '57 won at the Buffalo Launch Club. Boat is completely restored as originally raced by Gary Scherb of Mount Dora, FL and purchased from Gary in September 2006.
media sheet

Lady Bird
modified racing Garvey | Built in 1962 by Sam Grant | Owned by Charlie Cron of Forked River, New Jersey
Lady Bird was built for Purnell Rowe in 1962 by Grant Boat Works in Forked River, NJ. During the 1960's there were over 70 Garveys racing at the Jersey shore, and the "Bird" was the best of the bunch. Her record includes 72 consecutive race wins, 7 "world championships", 10 class championships, and to this day is considered the fastest Garvey ever built.

Little Beaver
PODH | Owned by Marion Beaver of Parker, Arizona
Little Beaver has been restored. This boat won 8 consecutive National Championships from 1952-1959. When the PODH class was finished, it still held the Competition & Kilo Speed Records.

Miss Bee Bee E-4
E Service Runabout | whereabouts unknown.

Sleeper M-2
F Service Runabout with Ford 390 | Built in 1931 by Chris Craft | Owned by Bill Burgess of Orlando, Florida
webpage | media sheet

Stardust E-21
E Racing Runabout that was Fred Wickens design | Built by Wes Knudsen of Provo, Utah circa 1958
Owned by Randy Wold of Spanaway, Washington
Many National Championships


Too Much M-12

F Service Runabout with Cal Connell Cadillac Crusader | Built in 1957 by Forest Johnson | Owned by Noel Blair
Numerous National Chanpionships and speed records.


Vina Mae & Peggie Joyce  
Neat historical page on a couple of fast B Racing Runabouts

Jersey Speed Skiff
Egg Beater JS-65
Jersey Speed Skiff with Chevrolet 327
Built in built in 1969 by Rob Catrell using Bender design
| Owned by Harold Scott of Ormand Beach, Florida
media sheet

Flyin High JS-78

Jersey Speed Skiff with Chevrolet 350
Built in 1980 by Dave Paraskevas, J&S Fiberglass Specialties | Owned by Bill DeGlopper of Grand Island, New York
1982 - APBA 1-2/3 MILE Competition Record holder. 68.632 mph set Feb 7, 1982 @ St. Petersburg, FL.  Driven by Dave Paraskevas. Rider Roger Harris. Built in 1980 for Bill Tetro, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Flyin High Race team campaigned the boat for a little more than 2 seasons during which  they set a new competition record, establishing JS-78 as the boat to beat & won the majority of the races they entered.
media sheet

Hot Ticket JS-25
JSS hull with 283 Chevy | Built in 1980 by Dave Paraskevas, J&S Fiberglass Specialties | Owned by David K Grant & John Horrigan of Grand Island, New York
Built for Kerry Krieger, Jupiter, FL as an orange & black gelcoat hull. Campaigned as Lack of Class JS-13. Later owned by Walt Beasley. Sold to Bruce Hardy, who renamed it TOMKAT, JS-526 and painted the big Garfield type cat on the bow. Other owners include Charles Cron. Bill Funk painted it blue/white, renamed it JS-25 Spare Parts too. Raced in APBA & in NJ speed garvey/ jersey skiff East Coast Racing League.  Renamed Hot Ticket.
webpagemedia sheet

Indian Summer JS-11
Jersey Speed Skiff with Chevy 283 V-8  325 HP | Built in 1981 by Jersey Kraft - G. Wolcott/R. Garratano | Owned by Rob Garratano of Oceanport, New Jersey
Won first race she entered in July,1981 and never looked back. Retired from competition in 1989 after setting 15 world records, (5 in 1 year) winning 3 Nat'l Hi-Point Championships, 5 Nat'l. Championships, 7 Eastern Divisional Championships and placing her builder and only owner/driver into the APBA Hall Of Champions 3 times. It was an extremely rare event for this boat not to win a race that she had entered. She is still all original.

Lasting Impression JS-70
Jersey Speed Skiff with 283 Chevy with Chris Craft conversion | Built in 1967 by George Wolcott /Jersey Kraft | Owned by Rob Garratano of Oceanport, New Jersey
She was the last wooden speed skiff built for racing and was campaigned for 5 yrs. mostly in Region 3 and 4. She raced as a consistant 2nd through 4th. place finisher. Her 4 yr. part time restoration was done by current owner and grandson of the builder to exact details of all parts, including the original engine still to 1967 APBA specs. She has been shown and run for the last 15 years winning many 1st. places and 3 "Best In Show" awards.

Miss Align JS-712
Jersey Speed Skiff with Chev 350 ci in | Built 1982 by J&S Fiberglass Specialties | Owned by Bill Mehan of Manchester, New Hampshire
Repowered by a 350 chev - Bryan Milazzo
media sheet

Pappa's Bundle JS-9
Jersey Speed Skiff with 350 Chevrolet | Built in 1996 by Bender/ Nowack | Owned by John Gast of Grand Island, New York
State of the art  full race engine built by Tom's Performance, the best of everything put into this motor. Sate of the art electronics. Has a velvet drive transmission. Boat is campaigned on the vintage circut. Purchased from Jeff Buckley in 2003 & total restoration completed by the current owner. Boat is named in honor of a E srevice run on 
the regular APBA  by my Dad, Johhny Gast during the 1950's.

Stormalong JS-88
Jersey Speed Skiff with 283 Chevy | Built in 1981 by Bud Bender | Owned by Rich DeGlopper of Grand Island, New York
1981 Jersey Speed Skiff, designed & built by Bud Bender. 16', powered by 1966 283 Chevy, restored by Frank Mizer of Brick, NJ. This boat campaigned as a member of the NJ East Coast Racing group.
webpage | media sheet

Suds JS-2
Jersey Speed Skiff with 1948 Gray Racing Fireball 225 6 cyl | Built in 1951 by Harold Seaman/ Seaman Sea Skiffs | Owned by Rob Garratano of Oceanport, New Jersey
She was commissioned to be built in 1950 for John Boland after a racing accident destroyed his previous boat. Most hardware, including her very rare Gray Marine racing 6cyl. engine with "tarantula" intake manifold, were salvaged from the accident and used in the Suds, which she still retains. Her first race was in July, 1951 and was campaigned until about 1955. Her designer and builder, Harold Seaman, is considered the "Father of the Jersey Speed Skiff."

Wazzat JS-97
Jersey Speed Skiff with 1968 Chevrolet 327 | Built in 1981 by Nowalk/Switzer using Bender design | Owned by Jay Armstrong of Papillion, Nebraska
media sheet

Whizbang JS-69
Jersey Speed Skiff with 1995 Chevrolet 350 | Built in 1979 by Bud Bender | Owned by Kathy Schuler of Harrison Twp., Michigan
media sheet

Whizbang JS-81
Jersey Speed Skiff with 1959 Chevrolet 283 | Built in 1974 by Ken Germenhausen of Baron design | Owned by Kathy Schuler of Harrison Twp., Michigan
media sheet

Zippy Pickle JS-77 R
Jersey Speed Skiff with Chevrolet 350 | Built in 2001 By Ken Germershausen using Baron Industries design | Owned by Bill DeGlopper of Grand Island, New York
The original Zippy was one of the few green skiffs to compete in the APBA Inboard division. Competed in the Divisionals & Easterns held in Tonawanda, NY in the 1970's achieves: Original Zippy owned by Ray. Still researching history.
media sheet

CJ-SJ-KJ Jet Class
Public Nuisence CJ-23
Original hull with Chevrolet 468 cid | Built in 1979 by Beisemeyer | Owned by Jack Devlin of Lake Elmo, Minnesota
media sheet

Calif. Flatbottom - Jet Drive with 1976 BBC | Built in 1976 by Hondo | Owned by Bill Mehan of Manchester, New Hampshire
Berkley Jet

Bad News #13
Replica Glen-L hull with 3 cylinder - Stock - Johnson Stinger | Owned by Ty/Anne Glasgow of Wheeling, West Virginia 
media sheet

Bullet N-174
"A" hydro class with 1937 Johnson 9.5 hp | Built in 1952 by Fillinger | Owned by Bill DeGlopper of Grand Island, New York
This "A" hydro was owned & driven by Ray DeGlopper, Kenmore, NY. Ray was a founding member of the Niagara Frontier Boat Racing Assn. in 1939. He raced this boat for many years in the Northeast. The boat is restored, the motor original. Racing History: 1953, 2nd place at Canadian National Championships. Eastern Divisional Champ  NYS "A" Champ  1955 Class "A" Champ. Ray was a good friend of Chett Webb & bought Chett's Hellion. Both boats have been stored 40+ years & now are shown on the APBA & ACBS vintage circut. Both men are deceased & the family perpetuates their racing success by showing these race boats. Always looking for photos, articles etc on these boats.

The Hellion N-82
"B" class hydro with 1935 Johnson 16 hp racing | Built in 1950 by Fred Jacoby | Owned by Bill DeGlopper of Grand Island, New York
This "B" hydroplane belonged to Chett Webb, of Tonawanda, N.Y. Chet was Commodore of the Niagara Frontier Boat Racing Assn. He was a very successful driver during the 50's. Boat is original & motor has been restored to museum quality by Ken Meahl. Some of Chett's accomplishments with this boat include: 1953- Champ, President's Gold Cup Regatta  Middle Atlantic Champ  Eastern Divisional Champ  Midwest B King  Canadian National Champ, 11-21-53  NYS Regional Champ. 1954- NYS B Champ  Mid Atlantic Champ  Region 2 , Div 1 High Point Champ  1956 NYS High Point Champ  National Champ B  Northeastern Divisional Champ  Midwestern Champ  Canadian National Champ. 1957 Northeast Divisional B Champ. This boat is shown on the APBA Vintage circut, along with 40 of Chett's trophies, ribbons, certificates, & newspaper clippings. Always looking for more items about this boat to add to the display.

Miss Spanaway Marine
140 with 1963 Nissan | Built in 1963 | Owned by John Todd of Tacoma, Washington
Looking for related history or photos or footage of this boat.

O'Berry Marine - 60
1976 - Johnson RS (Racing Special) 149.4 ci (160 cu in) 90 degree V6 -  265 hp | original Mod U / OZ / F-1 tunnel hull built in 1978 by Renato Molinari (made in Italy)
Owned by Roger Hinsdale Spring City, Tenessee
media sheet

Peach #8
unlimited class with 1976 Evinrude | Built in 1970's by Reggie Fountain | Owned by Dave Curran of Sarnia, Ontario
media sheet

Terril Craft C-7
F-runabout APBA, "R" Class OPC | Built in 1969 by Wade Terril (California) of DeSilva design | Owned by James Bedette of Canandaigua, New York
media sheet

"B" Utility class | Built in 1966 by Hedlund Marine | Owned by Roger L. Werner of Greenwich, Connecticut.
This BU race boat, 56-H, was owned & driven by Stover Hire of Syracuse,Indiana during the 1960's. Stover was one of the most dominant drivers in the class for many years. He was National High Point Champion in 1963-1968 and 1970-1971. He was National Champion in 1961, 1963, 1965-1966,1967, & 1971. He earned US-1 honors in 1967, 1968, 1970, 1971, and was US-2 in 1963-66. Stover was inducted into the Gulf Racing Hall of Fame in 1964 & 1966. He was named to Yachting magazines All-American Racing team in 1966. The boat was restored in 1992. It now has it's original Mercury Mk 20H conversion motor, which was restored by Cooper Jess. Always looking for additional photos, clippings, trophies etc on this boat.

Original 1954 Coronado Craft 13' Outboard Runabout running a stock 1954 Mercury Mark 50 | Owned by Chris Yeager of Bangor, Pennsylvania

D-class outboard 11' hydro with Mercury KG-9 | Built in 1951 by Marsh Bros. | Owned by Jeff Buckley.
D-class Outboard Hydro with Mercury 1100SS with Super Speedmaster Lower | Built in 1958 Commando U2 | Owned by Jeff Buckley.

Drag, Tunnel & Misc.
Ace High
Drag class with 427 Chevy engine | Built in 1977 by Cole | Owned by Richard Grabowsky of Montclair, New Jersey
A 19' Picklefork drag hydro with a rail mounted 427 Chevy, Bassett water-injected headers, Casale V-drive, in & out box.

After You 362 BGH
TFH- then changed to BLOWN GAS with 426 Chrysler | Built in 1977 by MR. ED (Ed Wills) | Owned by Joe Hoppe of Kings Beach, California
This boat is one of approx. 6 boats made by Ed Wills.  Ed was a major sponsor of Charger and Sanger drag boats during the 60's and 70's. This hull is a shovelnose drag hydro, that was originally set up for top fuel.  The hull was deemed too short at 18'2". This boat is currently under restoration.

F class Inboard Endurance Tunnel with Chevrolet 265 | Built in 1956 by Ron Jones | Owned by Donald Malidore of Burlington, Washington

Wild One
No class or motor info available | Built in 1947 by Krentz Marine Railway | Owned by Neal Felton of Annapolis, Maryland
My plan is to turn her into a fast "grocery-getter"

International class                                                                        (boats built outside Of North America)
Berlin VI
German Displacement hull with BPM, 4 cyl racing engine. | Built in 1955 by Kurt Gersch of Wiesbaden, Germany
| Restored by Rolf Gersch.


Australian Displacement hull with BB | Built in 1977 by Thurger Boats of Australia | Owned by Ken Warby of Cincinatti, Ohio
media sheet

First Mate MH-40
Built by Frank McLeod (a well recognized New Zealand race boat builder) of a Lauterbach style. The frames were purchased by Reg Winters of Nelson, New Zealand in 1981 who went on to build the boat. Reg used the finest of New Zealand native woods to complete this well constructed hydroplane. Reg ran the boat with a 2.0 litre English Ford, 4 cylinder which he bolted on a home built turbo set up. 16-1/2' ft lengthpowered now by a Nissan 2 litre, 170 hp, twin cam, stock motor.

152 ci Ford Flathead 85 hp | Built in 1936 by Bruce N. Crandall | Owned by Johan F. Odvik of Stockholm, Sweden
50 Mph, double step streamliner. Built for the 1936 year Mälaren runt longrun competetion at lake Mälaren. Needs only slight restoration and recondition, plus engine overhaul. Flyers engine was once equiped with Ardun convertion kit. The Ardun parts was however stolen and never found. Flyer will hit the water again 2001!

Laura III
This boat had been purposely made to break the world water straight-away speed record of the SLO MO SHUN (178.497 MPH).
The LAURA 3 was built during the winter 1953/54, started the testing sessions during July & August and by October was ready to try to break the world record. Mario Verga from Milan, Italy was the owner of a silk factory in the Como lake area and was a very famous and winning pilot of the top hydroplanes classes in Europe.


Loustic II
One of the four LV class boats built by Dino Celli in the 1960's. This one was built in 1963. Gustave Chapron (french driver) 6 time European Championship in Lyon, France
François Bisbal (French driver): World Records - 5, 10 & 15 miles in 1964 in Paris

Liuzza Star
Runabout from the 1950's restored by Hervé Fressard from France. The boat is a Liuzzi, French construction, originally powered by a V6

Matthea VIII
1957 San Marco hull built in Italy, class 800 KG (similar to F class hydros) and was owned & campaigned by Chris Von Mayenburg from Germany. It originally had a Alfa Romeo type 159 supercharged V-8, 1500 supercharged from an official GP car. Von Mayenburg retired in the 1960, the boat continued campaigning with Switzerland drivers.


Miss Bedelia
LV class / built in 1961 by San Marco / powered by Alfa Romeo 1300 cc. Original driver/owner was Mr. Brunet of Italy.
Hervé Fressard of France restored her.
Power is an Alfa Romeo engine fed by twin webers.


Miss September N-75
3.0l V6 Ford Capri (British) 180ci V6 | Owned by Nathan Mills of Australia.
Jones design and is 15' 6" long. The hull was running 350 GM engine with 22% overdrive. Before that hull and motor configuration, there was a 202 straight 6 with lower gears.

My Betty S-66
Clark Craft plans | Owned by Anders Svenson of Sweden


Moschettiere V
This was the boat that took Ezio Selva's life in his fatal accident at Miami in 1957. Timossi hull, 800 kg. class, Alfa Romeo 159 engine, double supercharged, 8 cylinder in-line.


3 stepped, conventional racing hydro, the same as the Rafale you see in 2002 Retronautique. My friend Herve and Olivier Guerin
restored this 1930's built boat here on the old continent and this one is especially interesting.

Pecse a razzo

The hydroplanes new name translated in English - "Rocket Fish"


Vintage hydroplane owned by Herve Fressard. The only 100% French vintage hydro still working. This hydro is a 250 kg category, from about 1953. The 1300cc engine is from the 203 Peugeot model from 1950

Johnson Seahorse 22Hp outboard | Built in 1927 by J.N. Robinson | Owned by Johnny Hinch of Christchurch, New Zealand
Pit-a-Pat was raced by J.N. (or 'Old JN', as he was known) with various outboard motors, depending on the class of race. Lake Kaniere was the chief venue. The Lake Kaniere Yacht and Power Boat club still exist. This single step hydro was built from spruce imported from North America. No glue, all FHB screws. There was no reliable waterproof glue back then. This boat was raced successfully through to 1955, when JN built a 12'6" three pointer named Quickie. A design from Wilmington California. Pit-a-Pat was restored in 1996. There is no trace of Quickie.

Pulse 1 48
Racer 2000 running gasoline 1980 alfa romeo 2litre | Built in 1980 in Lucini, Italy | Owned by Sabbioni Mauro of Angera, Italy
This boat was originally built to beat the world speed record for 2.5 litre engine but the owner died on another boat. The boat was the first racer in Italy with advanced cockpit (rear engine). After the first lake trial with a Montreal 2.5 Alfa Romeo engine was decided to change the engine with a less powerful 2 litre Alfa Romeo 170 HP. In this condition the boat is restored. During the last race (Pavia -Venezia race) the top speed measured with a GPS was 170 km/h.

Quickie K4
B class Outboard hydro with Mercury 20H | Built in 1955 using Champion design | Owned by Grany Mathieson of Nelson, New Zealand
media sheet

1500 cc | Built in 1926 by Hubendink & CG Pettersson | Owned by Johan F Odvik of Stockholm, Sweden
All mahogany built, web technique. Then hull Thornycroft pat. Front rudder.  Needs heavy restoration.

Singer Miss
225 class with 4 liter | Built in 1934 by Eugene Eckfield/Eckfield Boat comp | Owned by Peter Lindmark of Kungsangen, Sweden
also called Reno.

Australian Displacement hull with Chev BB | Built in 1976 by Everingham Boats - Sydney, Australia | Owned By Ken Warby of Cincinatti, Ohio
media sheet

Wasp N-478  
3.75 litre class with RB30 Nissan 6 cyl | Built by Jones plans in 1966 | Owned by Brett & Wendy Howe of Gosford, NSW, Australia
Wasp is a 17' 6" Jones design conventianal hydroplane that was built in Sydney, Australia in 1966. The boat was originally fitted with a 3.5 litre Maserati V12 and ran 114.2 mph holding the record in Australia for more than 30 years for the under 3.75 litre class. The boat is now  fitted with an RB30 Nissan inline 6 cylinder engine powering the boat to just over 104 mph.

Waa Waa too
900 kg class hull with 355 ci chev | Built in 1967 by Henry Lauterbach | Owned by Peter Knight of New Zealand
We bought this back in 1976 from Jimmy Syford. It was called Hi Flyer. Then we raced it from 1976-1986, winning lots of New Zealand Championships in 2 Masport Cups. That is NZ unlimited championship. 6 litre, kilo record @ 146 mph. Then we built GPs. The boat carried on racing till 2001 when I brought it back into New Zealand. It raced as the Godfather.

English Built Inboard Hydro
1967 English hydroplane owned by Oliver Guerin of France. He acquired the hydroplane from Manchester, United Kingdom.



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