Hellzapoppin II

Now here’s an interesting Gold Cup boat that has been stored for 50 years & recently acquired by Mike Michaud.

hellzapoppin_side_01Powered by a Ranger 12 cylinder air cooled airplane motor. We put a page together. Read more about this unique boat here.

1976 – talks about Hydroplane racing at an Olympic event

The heck with rowing boats…..GPs…Now that would have been crew.

Olympiad GP-100 is a Jon Staudacher built hydro that is being restored by Harry Holst in Canada. We just posted a media sheet on her on the website in the boats section.

What’s also interesting is a newspaper article which is also posted on his webpage regarding talk of boat racing at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games.

Anybody remember?

Miss U.S.

First test run of Miss U.S. at the Pepsi Racing Power Cup Challenge in South Dakota on June 16, 2012. Built in 1958, the Lauterbach Unlimited hydro has been fully restored by owner Jay Armstrong. The video shows the pre-race drivers meeting, the launching of Miss U.S., the initial test run and the after race inspection and evaluation. A fun 16 mins worth that should bring back memories of the first shake down runs all restored boat owners enjoy.

After some minor adjustments, Jay and crew shuffle off to Buffalo to run it again with Jack Schafer at the wheel.

….and a quick video after the run at Buffalo. Its a very nice piece showing Jack, and a whole lot of people very happy to have witnessed his run in U-36. Piolt Jack Schafer is a friend of owner Jay Armstrong. Jack has extensive driving experience from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.:

Jay’s media/spec sheet on the Miss U.S. is here on TVH


K&C Hopper Racing Team

Hi Motorheads,

 The initial stage of getting Gas-Hopper back in running order and possibly back on the water this year is under way.

 I have been noodling how to put the Raceboats that have been donated to Kids & Classics Boatshops Museum to highest and best use. The ACBS Toronto Chapter has made Raceboats the theme for their Gravenhurst show this year and we are racing to have Gas-Hopper running by then – at least.

 Also in our fleet we have a Glen L Thunderbolt with a Chevy 348 W engine in it, we have much of the hardware off Hippity Hopper (which was stolen) and a Glen L TNT.

 There may be another Dave boat available – I’ll check on that – it will involve a trip to the US with a flat trailer to get it.

 Here’s my proposition:

I would like to build a bit of a racing fleet around Gas-Hopper to honor Dave Norton who was one very interesting guy!

 It’s likely that Raceboats will attract certain kids to our youth programs that sailing and rowing may not. Dave was really just a kid himself – seems perfect.

 This division or team within our K&C non-profit organization might work together to create the story of Dave in a novel way. The Camper when restored mechanically and externally would house the story and go with the team to events (short straw drives). The boats that are added get done up in team livery.

 Create a website etc to promote both the Dave Story, keep the team in touch, fundraisers, etc

 Your suggestions would be appreciated..Would you consider helping & how – (you might be far from here). How did you know Dave? can you help with his story (which is every other racers story in a sense). Here are a few recent pictures attached:


Malcolm Black
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