Harold Ruark

Harold L. Ruark, 93, formerly of Cambridge passed away with his family by his side Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at his home in Salisbury.

Blue Chips S-07
Jack Sweeney Rumson, NJ
Tor-Gre S-165 The last conventional, front-engined hydro campaigned by the notarious Barker Family of Grand Island, New York. The hull was built by none other than the great Harold Ruark. Alias: Tor-Gre S-165 Date of Birth: 1965 Builder: Harold Ruark Length: 13.5′ Occupation: stock 135 cu in class (S).
“Budget Buster” A-33 & E-30 Drivers Ray Lynn Jr. & Sr. Built 1962 by Harold Ruark powered by a Buick V-8 Ray Lynn Sr. running as E-30 won the 1970 Red Bank National Sweepstakes Trophy in this hull.

Miss Bardahl

bardahl58Miss Bardahl
I am not sure if that is Mira Slovak or Norm Evans driving but they were the two who drove Miss Bardahl in 1958.
Ted Koopman photo at the 1958 Presidents Cup. Ted was a great photographer back at that time who shared his photos with the racers.
This photo & caption submitted from our good friend, Gary Todd. Gary has a great photo album on the website with over 200+ photos of his own photographic work. Surf in and check it out.


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Just a note for anyone who has a webpage on TVH’s website. I r’cd an email from someone who spotted a person who was incorrectly identified in a photo caption & wanted to correct the names on a historical photo posted on a boat’s webpage. This person tried contacting the person who now owns & restored the boat, by clicking the name of the person on the bottom of his webpage, but the email address is no longer valid. That person then sent me an email and I made the correction on the photo caption. He also had some other tidbits of info he wanted to get to the owner.
Folks – check your email address for accuracy on this website. Not a big deal at all for me to change out an email address on a webpage. I hate to see anybody missing out on making a connection or gaining more insight on your boat’s history, simply because of an old email address that is no longer valid.
Phil Spruit – webmaster


Fun reading in the Unlimited NewsJournal February 2015 Edition. Part 3 of Ship Schott interview recalling the days of crewing on an unlimited team.