The latest issue of the UNLIMITED NewsJournal is on their website.
A good read this month as they take a look back with a conversation with Jay Murphy, driver and team manager of the Breathless team.

Followed up by an article on what happened to the Breathless and Breathless II.
…and then followed up with a conversation with Mitch Evans and his story about refurbishing Breathless II.

Also some neat pics in this issue:

Riva Italy – Classic Racing

Hello Vintage Hydroplanes,
This summer I campaigned the Lady Payne in Riva.

The people from the Ferretty Group told me after the Race “ La Musica “ from Lady Payne with that open exhaust.
1. Lady Payne    Chevy 6300
2. El Biso VI       Celli BPM 8000
3. Timossi          BPM 8000

Best Regards
Rolf Gersch